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A dream job just opened up.

They asked for your resume and...

You panicked. You just want to show them that there’s no one better than you out there.

So you wrote how you single handedly grew web traffic to over 100k per month, about your Facebook ads experience and certifications.

Then, you get the mail “We’re Sorry…”

But you were perfect. What happened? Toby, with fewer skills and experience than you, got the job...

You know what really happened though?

Behind the scenes there was a swamped recruiter. After reviewing 100s of bad applications they glanced at your resume, read your professional summary, though “seems a bit vague” and tossed your resume.

They never even looked at your experience.

That’s one of many unspoken rules that we are going to talk about in this guide.

Caution: Life changing advice ahead!

Our recruitment consultants look for someone who has a healthy mix of creativity, logical thinking, a team player, problem-solving skills, good organizational and project management skills.
- Louise Bunyan, Global Online Marketing Executive, Morgan McKinley

Fortunately, we (and the experts we talked to) have stepped on plenty of those resume landmines. This guide will share all of that advice with you so you can get your next digital marketing specialist job.

Here’s what you’ll learn here:

 ✔ How to choose the right resume layout to match your experience

 ✔ What two critical things make your resume header stand out

 ✔ The question your resume summary needs to answer

 ✔ What tricks make your digital marketing experience powerful

 ✔ Which skills and certifications you should emphasize on your resume

We’ll start by looking at a digital marketing specialist resume sample.

Digital marketing specialist resume sample

Margery Pike
Facebook, GA, & Ads Certified Digital Marketing Specialist
Linkedin.com/margiepike3, Twitter.com/margiepike3
Manchester, UK
Digital Marketing Specialist
Carroll2016 - Ongoing
Manchester, UK
Carroll is the world's largest non-profit youth-run organization.
Optimized the EMEA blog within template limitations, leading to a 250% increase in conversions
Achieved 50% lower of overall cost per customer acquisition in 2016
Rolled out a 150+ screen digital signage system for external and internal communication
Launched new landing pages with 50% higher conversion rates
Digital marketing specialist
Manchester, UK
Lessard is a food & beverage company managing restaurants.
Obtained an 826.87% ROAS in the first month of an AdWords campaign for a client targeting a new market
Organised a 150+ person customer event (maternity cover role)
Managed 3 different clients, updating their content and SEO visibility on a daily basis
Generated additional $1.2M yearly revenue by developing online sales and self-service platform
Digital Marketing Specialist
Lessard2009 - 2013
Hong Kong
Lessard is a Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer founded in 2013. The company has manufactured in China, research and development centre in France and Korea.
180+ blog articles published on digital marketing
led Spotlime App from 0 to 125k app installs in 8 months
Launched a user generated campaign for Cricut that received almost 200 entries on its first day
Digital Marketing Specialist
Bouchard2008 - 2009
Manchester, UK
Bouchard is a global leader in the civil engineering sector, with more than 70 subsidiaries around the word, and a turnover of 500M €.
A/B tested subject lines, increasing open rates by 29%
Made and automated 25 sales funnels
Junior Digital Marketing Specialist
Ledner Group2005 - 2008
Manchester, UK
Ledner Group is a young fashion company that produce accessories for men.
Created and promoted 35 client websites
Increased revenue in the direct marketing channel 150% in one calendar year
Drove email marketing and website re-marketing that increased email subscriber list by 77% in 9 months
Participated in the development of brand film experiences for JanSport's 2017 Media Plan
BS, Management and Information SystemsThe University of Manchester
1999 - 2001
Manchester, UK
5/2016 - Ongoing
Milan (MI)
Revoilution is a oil mill to make fresh olive oil
paid social media campaigns | 20€ CPA
email marketing A/B test | 15€ CPA
7/2016 - Ongoing
Como (CO)
It's a news&events website focus on Como area
content management | +25% CTR in 2 months
Facebook campaigns | -35% CPC in 2 months
Merletto Handmande
8/2016 - Ongoing
Milan (MI)
Craft ties and bow ties made with the best fabrics
content management and social campaigns
branding activities | PR & product placement
Facebook Certified Buying ProfessionalLicense 321-101
Google Ads Search, Display, Video Certification, ProgrammaticCompletion ID: 31920101
Google Analytics Certified IndividualGoogle Analytics Academy

Looking for related resumes?

Start by choosing the right resume layout

A paper CV isn’t going to impress and especially in the digital industry, making that extra effort does get you noticed. With a digital CV, you are giving yourself a better chance of getting an interview.
- Joanne McDonagh, Digital Marketing & Content Specialist at Rezoomo

There are two directions to go here.

If you’re a digital marketer with years of work experience, a reverse chronological resume is ideal. This layout puts your work experience and accomplishments front and center.

But if you are either:

  1. An experienced marketer with diverse experience
  2. Or, have very less experience with a ton of side projects, freelance work, etc.

Then you can’t simply use a reverse chronological resume layout.

It’ll be messy, hard, and frustrating for a recruiter to find relevant information in just a few seconds.

They are most likely to move on to the next resume and reject yours.

Nothing beats a hybrid resume if you have too much to show.

How Mark landed a job as a digital marketing specialist with no experience

Mark has no formal marketing education, nor have any professional experience. He’s only worked on a couple of marketing projects during his university.

When Mark shared his side of the story he told us “My hiring manager rejected nearly all candidates (some maybe better than me) that applied. I was later told during my interview that my resume stands out from nearly every other applicant. And, I was shocked! All I did was just to use the template provided by Enhancv. Never thought it would change my life.”  

Unknowingly, Mark ended up selecting a resume layout that was clean, nicely designed an aesthetically beautiful.

Hiring manager was able to find Mark’s skills in building landing pages using Leadpages and saw that he had an Inbound Marketing certification - all because of the right resume layout, designed intentionally to highlight the right sections.

Digital marketing specialist resume sections to consider

  1. A professional objective or summary
  2. Digital marketing work experience
  3. Relevant skills (with examples to back them up if possible)
  4. Certifications
  5. Education
  6. Something to show personality like “most proud of”

Don’t miss your chance to catch a marketing director’s attention

As a marketer you already know how everything you put on a digital screen has to mark an impact or it doesn’t deserve a place at all.

Your goal should be to do the same with your resume too!

Resume headers are practically invisible if they have a lot of irrelevant information, or are mundane.

Catching their eye starts with your resume header.

Besides the obvious things (include your email and phone number, keep it professional, you know the drill) there are two elements that really make the difference for digital marketers:

  1. Certifications
  2. Links

Certifications show you’ve got skills and are self-motivated enough to get them certified right off the bat.

Then, links show that you’re a serious professional engaged in the digital marketing world.

I check their social profiles to assess: Their network, the content they share, [and] what they follow. Imagine hiring a digital account manager with 180 LinkedIn connections? That's a big no-no!
- Sneh Sharma, Founder & CEO at Ittisa

In other words, include some professional links. This could be LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, a personal website, anywhere you can show a passion and interest for digital marketing.

Melissa Popovic
GA, Adwords, & Hubspot Certified Digital Marketing Specialist
+359 88 888 8888
Linkedin.com/melissapopovic79, Twitter.com/melissapopovic79
Providence, RI
Melissa Popovic
Digital Marketing Specialist
+359 88 888 8888
Providence, RI

As a general rule of writing a digital marketing resume:

  • Bad resume headers will list nothing more than your identity
  • Average resume headers will have a Linkedin profile
  • Good resume headers will show them your personality and will make you memorable

The goal here is to make sure that a hiring manager leaves this section after learning something impactful about you.

If that doesn’t happen, you’ve failed as a marketer to convince them that you’re good.

How to write an effective digital marketing specialist resume summary

Your personal profile summary should read: ‘Your clients need to hire me because…’ Nail this and you’ll nail your dream job.
- Simon Lewis, Co-founder, Only Marketing Jobs

Simon really nails it there. Your summary should be like a quick movie trailer for the rest of your resume. But it should also be a clear answer to the biggest question a hiring manager has “why should I hire you?”

Remember, your resume summary isn’t just a general statement, it should be written directly for that hiring manager. Be specific, confident, and show that you can get the results they want.

Have a look at these two examples to see what we mean:

Seasoned digital marketing manager with 8 years of experience building and implementing strategies focused on content-driven SEO, email marketing, and Adwords largely for small to medium sized ecommerce sites. Had led small to medium teams to achieve sales and traffic increases of up to 68% within 9 months.
I’m an experienced marketer who has worked on every aspect of digital marketing for a variety of clients. I’m looking for new career opportunities in digital marketing management.

Work experience is at the core of a digital marketing specialist resume, how should you include it?

For digital marketing specialists, it’s not really about the years of experience.

Marketing directors and hiring managers want to see that you have the right experience for the position.

Even though it's tempting to hire the most experienced and highest educated talent, it's important to match the person to the work environment.
- Katharina Pohl, Head of Marketing (Asia) at Cotton On Group

Beyond that, they want to know you’ve gotten results.

Ideally, your resume experience will take what you say in your resume summary and will expand on it with results, innovation and proud achievements.

In short, your experience section should be saying “I didn’t just spend the last 7 months working at my last role doing nothing. I was innovative, proactive, and a true achiever. I am the go-getter that your marketing team really needs!”

Have a look at these two examples to see what we mean:

Digital Marketing SpecialistExpress Marketing
06/2015 - 09/2018
Houston, TX
Company Description
Implemented a content-driven SEO strategy which boosted site visits by 250% in 8 months while increasing total sales by 65%.
Led a 6 person team to write 10 articles and obtain an average of 8 quality backlinks per week.
Created an email marketing strategy which increased repeat buying from 20% to 35%.
Digital Marketing SpecialistExpress Marketing
06/2015 - 09/2018
Houston, TX
Company Description
Created and led a successful SEO strategy.
Led a marketing team to ensure the success of campaigns
Conducted relevant keyword research
Improved email marketing efforts.
PRO TIPDigital marketing is constantly changing, so don’t give off an “I know everything about X area” vibe. Instead, focus on making it clear that you’re knowledgeable and constantly learning more.

Does a digital marketing specialist resume need an education section?

Marketing changes at a very high pace. While your formal education isn’t going to prepare you for that, when you resume has to go through multiple gatekeepers, software, and strong competition - listing that education could be a deciding factor.

Some organizations exclusively hire from Tier 1 institutes while others only hire marketers that have a degree in management. Which means that listing your education becomes extremely important.

Make sure you list the following your Education section:

  1. Your marketing degree or related programs
  2. Your GPA (only if it is greater than 3.2)
  3. Year of graduation
  4. Your specialization

Which digital marketing skills should your resume include?

When you’re asking this question, the key word to remember is “specialist”.

Whether you’re looking to show a deep specialization in a single area or are going for more of a T-shaped marketer profile, you need to highlight the skills you specialize in within your resume.

Of course, you can’t merely just depend on your skills — that’s only half the job. The other half is communicating what’s important to stakeholders. This means being able to talk about big-picture business objectives, not just about how cool AngularJS is.
- Clay Cazier, VP of Search Strategy at PMX Agency

Depending on your specialization, here are some skills you’ll want to consider:

5 Digital marketing specializations and their top skills

  1. Social Media Marketer
  1. Strategic planning
  2. Buffer
  3. Writing
  4. Community management
  1. Content Marketer
  1. Writing
  2. Research
  3. HTML
  4. Content promotion
  5. Inbound marketing
  6. Content strategy
  1. SEO
  1. Moz, Ahrefs, Hubspot, etc.
  2. Screaming frog
  3. SEO optimization
  4. Linkbuilding outreach
  5. Writing
  6. SEO strategy
  7. Data analysis
  1. PPC
  1. Creativity
  2. Data analysis (US employers expect excellent Excel skills)
  3. Adwords
  4. SEM
  1. Email Marketing
  1. Mailchimp, Drip, or similar
  2. List building
  3. Writing

Just remember, while hard skills can be learned, it’s much more difficult to pick up soft skills. That’s why many hiring managers emphasize the importance of soft skills like creativity, independence, and communication as cornerstones of a great digital marketer.

How to include your certifications on your resume

Any Google certifications you can get will be a huge differentiator — Google Analytics individual qualification, in particular.
- Clay Cazier, VP of Search Strategy at PMX Agency

As Clay makes clear, Good (and other) certifications are a big deal on a digital marketing specialist resume. Even if you have some work experience with that same area, getting a certification shows employers you go the extra mile.

While which certifications have the greatest impact will depend on your specialization, these are the top 10 across all digital marketing.

Our list of the top tricks for the best digital marketing specialist resume

Ultimately, all of our advice boils down to these critical points:

  1. Demonstrate deep knowledge in one or two areas of digital marketing.
  2. Use certifications to demonstrate your experience, even in your resume header.
  3. Make sure your summary clearly explains why they should hire you.
  4. Show you have the energy, drive, and curiosity to keep up with everything happening in digital marketing.

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