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Digital Marketing Executive Resume Samples + Expert Tips for 2021

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-04-21

It has to be said, there’s more than a little ego involved in being a senior digital marketer aiming for an executive position. The problem is, this ego can easily prevent you from getting hired.

Ultimately, the company CEO is almost certainly going to be deeply involved in hiring you. All the impressive metrics in the world aren’t going to matter if the CEO doesn’t think you have the right attitude.

That said, a digital marketing executive resume is going to have different rules and expectations compared to all the resumes you’ve had before.

So, throw out what you think you know about how to create an effective digital marketing resume because you’re playing by executive level rules now.

A traditional executive’s resume graphics should take a backseat to data. Each resume should be curated or tailored to the person and the opportunity. You want to have a bespoke resume.
- Cydnee Dubrof, managing director ofThe Dubrof Group

This guide will teach you:

 ✔ What the core focus of your digital marketing executive resume should be

 ✔ How to write an effective professional summary for an executive role

 ✔ What you should be mentioning in your experience according to a seasoned marketing executive

 ✔ What you need to do to appeal to both headhunters and CEOs when tailoring your resume for a role

 ✔ Which skills you’ll be expected to include

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