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Sep 8, 2022 2 min read

Sport coaching employs over 270,000 people in the US and has been steadily growing each year. While the industry itself has been on an uptrend, it is somewhat dominated by men and areas such as basketball are lacking in coaches. With this in mind, Casey’s coaching resume could not have come sooner.

Casey has been working as a basketball coach for the last four years and has done so across three countries: Ireland, Northern Ireland and The United States. Her passion for the industry knows no bounds and has seen her involved in some of the most inspiring basketball organisations in the world – PeacePlayers International for one. For her, a coaching resume is used for securing coaching opportunities and as a record of her experience. Here’s what we’ve learned about coaching resumes from Casey’s example.

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The best way to bolster your coaching resume is to get involved everywhere you can. From local teams to international organisations, Casey has been a coach in a variety of settings. You can find relevant experience just about anywhere. As we see in her resume, whether its high-school or an international organisation, the skills remain the same. Research to see if there’s a local team in your area, or volunteer with a youth club. The more experience you can show, the easier it will be to secure a more lucrative coaching job.

2. Opportunity not locality

One thing that makes Casey’s resume stand out is her history is global. Speaking to her, she says that some of her coaching experience was offered to her while she was living elsewhere. This shows us that like with most jobs, you can broaden your coaching horizons by looking outside of your local area. Remote working as a coach is possible, too. Perhaps you could volunteer as a consultant or host one-on-one meetings with teammates to help strategize.

3. Action is key

Coaching is a hands-on activity. Casey brings her action-oriented sensibility across by including a photo from a former coaching gig. The same can be said for any coaching project. You should demonstrate your action in any way you can. This can be linking to your website that has videos of your coaching, or even including an action-photo like Casey did.

4. Bring your personality

For coaches to be effective, they need to mesh well with a team. This means recruiters of coaches need to see who you are to determine if you’ll fit with the team’s culture. Casey ensures that her personal side is shown by including her life philosophy in her resume. There are other ways that your personality can be brought in your resume: detail your favourite books, provide a personal summary, include a Most Proud Of section and more.

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Overall, the key learning from Casey’s resume is that we can learn from an example and apply it to our own situation.

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