Freelance Writer Resume Examples & Top Advice

Freelance Writer Resume Examples & Top Advice

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Freelance Writer Resume Examples & Top Advice

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Whichever way you slice it, the struggle of finding dependable freelance writing work is real.

You might have to take low-paying writing gigs on Upwork or Fiverr until you “build your skills”.

Counter advice like “Zzzz! No one reads your resume” - isn’t uncommon to hear either.

But often Marketing Managers and Publications ask you for your resume.

And, in a world where evenRichard Morgan uses a resume, you should take freelance writer resume a lot more seriously!

A good writer will do his or her research about your organization to try to determine what type of writing you need and talk in depth about their relevant (and specific) experience to convince you that he or she is right for you.
- Kelly Wilhelme, Marketing Manager,Weidert Group

Your goal is to showcase your value by combining your talent, ambition, and personality into a fantastic document that’s tailored to your audience.

What you’ll learn here?

 ✔ Go through 10 freelance writer resume samples

 ✔ What resume header additions can take your resume from “eh” to effective.

 ✔ How to create a professional summary that explains why they should hire you.

 ✔ What sort of working experience stands out to hiring professionals.

 ✔ How to effectively showcase your skills and certifications.

Freelance Writer Resume Sample

Blockchain, SaaS Freelance Writer
+359 88 888 8888
NYC, New York
Freelance WriterHerman LLC
2016 - Ongoing
NYC, New York
Herman LLC is an online collective of creative and experienced writers from across the globe.
Generated over 100,000 views on my content in January and February 2017
Been involved in Academic writing since September 2015
Worked at Angle Express for 2 weeks as Educator & Assitant Manager
Freelance WriterGerhold
2012 - 2016
NYC, New York
Gerhold is a data management platform using blockchain to establish a more fair, accurate and efficient exchange of ad impressions and data.
Wrote and published over 100 pieces of list articles spanning quite a challenging variety of topics
Concurrently managed 4 writing projects with strict deadlines
Increased average salary per page from $4 to $7 in 3 months.
Covered subjects such as NWSL, MLS, Ligue 1, Premier League and MMA
Freelance Writer / ConsultantGrimes
2011 - 2012
NYC, New York
Grimes is a boutique firm of committed specialists that guide individuals in developing a unique personal brand and translating that brand into winning university and job applications.
I've helped generate over £6 million for my clients with my writing skills and consultancy
Published a series of world political columns for four newspapers late 2018.
Conducted interviews with VH1 stars for article content
I've consistently increased sales by between 10-25%
2007 - 2011
West Virginia
Bernier is the world's largest online marketplace for freelance services, beginning at an affordable cost of $5 per job performed
What did you achieve in this role?
Master of Advanced International StudiesThe Diplomatic Academy of Vienna
2006 - Ongoing
3.75 / 4.00
MSc, International EducationUniversity of Oxford
Most Proud Of
Certified ECSA
An EC-Council Certified Security Analyst(ECSA).
Certified MTA
Passed Microsoft Technical Associate exams for ASP.NET as well as for C#.
EnglishProficient (IELTS: 8.5)

For a deeper look into what’s the best resume format for you based on experience, check out our guides:

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How to write the best freelance writer resume guide

When you build a freelance writing resume, try to see if the organization you’re applying to requires someone deep into the niche, or is it fine otherwise.

Niche freelance writing jobs require your resume to:

  1. Display a deep subject matter expertise about the subject you’ll be writing on
  2. Years of months of writing experience within that niche
  3. Display if you’ve worked with a brand or recognizable name
  4. Give a sense of autonomous work and ease of collaboration
  5. Show Niche association memberships and awards

But, if you’re applying to a generic freelance writing gig, the following may help your freelance writer resume look good too:

  1. Association and experience of writing for any brand
  2. Display of working with a wide variety of clients or companies
  3. Working across different types of content (newsletters, blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, etc)
  4. Journalistic memberships and awards

Imagine you are applying as a freelance writer to OpenAI with your credentials of your freelance writing experience for Casino - surely, you’ll be rejected!

Once you know what type of freelance writing role you’re applying to, it’s time to transform your writing portfolio in an easy to scan resume.

Make your resume easy to scan with the right resume format

Have you been working with a wide variety of clients over the last few years? You can still use a reverse-chronological resume, but make sure that you show what you’re able to do instead of solely discussing when you did it.

Ahybrid resume format might be a better way to balance your skills and working experience with your prospective employer’s job requirements.

The top digital marketing director resume sections

  1. Writing experience
  2. Resume header/objective
  3. Education
  4. Soft and technical skills
  5. Certifications
  6. Cover letter

Don’t overlook your resume header

Name, location, email, title, and you’re done, right? Not exactly!

As a writer, choosing the perfect words and providing accurate information should come naturally.

Within a single line, gain the attention of hiring managers by exceeding their expectations.

Leverage your copy skills to go beyond the norm and customize everything(including the title).

In the example below, see how adding “Marketing Freelance Writer” to your title instead of “freelance writer” makes a huge difference.

Applying a more descriptive title ensures that their desired position is immediately understood.

2 beginner freelance writer resume samples - Header

Ally Wang
Marketing freelance writer
+359 88 888 8888
London, England
Ally Wang
Freelance Writer
+359 88 888 8888
London, England

If you do it right, before the hiring manager gets past your resume header, you’ll have them hook, line, and sinker.

PRO TIPIn this competitive industry, adding a personal website and/or certification shows that you’re ahead of other applicants.

Should I include a resume summary or objective?

For freelance writers just breaking into the writing world, consider employing a resume objective. This requires you to balance your skills with the requested skills of prospective employers.

Did we mention that a resume objective needs to be 1-2 sentences long? Not to worry: As a writer, you’ve got the exact words to do it!

So how are you going to get your freelance writer resume to the top of the pile?

Freelance writer resume summary samples

Freelance copywriterwith 5 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry seeking position at Ulta Beauty to increase conversions and traffic via content marketing campaigns.
I’m an experienced freelance copywriter who is seeking a position at a B2C cosmetics company.

In the first example, you can clearly spot the length of experience and what kind of value you intend to provide

How to write a freelance writer resume objective

For writers with a broader range of experience, a resume objective is probably a better fit.

These 4-6 sentences can extend to previous experience, certifications, and any other information that’s relevant to the job offer.

Just like your resume summary, it’s vital to include pieces of quantifiable experience. Think about ROIs, organic traffic rates, membership rates, and more.

Seasoned SEO copywriter with 5 years’ experience at multiple online cosmetics retailers. Researched and utilized keyword research (e.g. Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner) to produce 40 pieces of content each month.
I’m an SEO copywriter with multiple online cosmetics companies. Over 5 years, I was responsible for producing original content and advertisements to boost organic traffic at Ulta Beauty.
Make sure you answer everything employers ask for—if you can't follow these simple instructions, how can you follow instructions for a basic writing assignment?
- Syed Farhan Raza, CEO,The Inbound Crew

How should you frame your freelance writer resume experience?

Freelance writer resume experience samples

Freelance WriterBirchbox
06/2014 - 06/2019
New York City
Company Description
Contributing writer authored 30+ content pieces for Forbes on Career and Coaching
Freelance writing lead for Alphabet, responsible for managing Webby award winning daily column features
Exclusive feature writer for Inc. Magazine from last 2 years
PRO TIPStart your bullet points with action verbs like “curated” and “assisted” and “spearheaded” to catch attention.
Freelance writerBirchbox
06/2014 - 06/2019
New York City
Company Description
Responsible for hiring managing a team of 4
Wrote 30 pieces of great content each month
Holiday 2018 newsletter was the most successful company article of 2018

For prospective employers, skills and values should be as measurable for both the applicant and the employer’s side.

The “wrong” section isn’t clear about the employee’s successes – anyone can write “great content”, but not everyone can prove it.

See what kind of a difference metrics can make?

What to do - freelance writer no experience resume?

If you are a freelance writer, trying hard to make it big, tweak your resume to focus more on the writing work you did as a part of your portfolio.

Make sure that you’ve got relevant portfolio pieces highlighted with your resume to cover for the lack of experience.

To compensate for the lack of brand name association, try to list the business outcomes of your work instead. Things like virality, recognitions, etc cover well when you lack in experience.

Does your freelance writer resume need an education section?

Well, that depends.

Companies don’t hire copywriter based solely on their literature degree, but having a relevant background in specific fields might help push your resume over the edge (especially true if your alma mater is well-known).

We’d recommend keeping things simple and removing extracurriculars, your GPA, or anything extraneous.

Your education section should include:

  • University/college name plus its location
  • Degree type, plus your major and any related minor(s)
  • Graduation year

Which skills should I include?

Before you start planning your resume, you should have already created a list of your many skills. This will allow you to create the best bespoke freelance writer resumes with ease.

Some of the most basic skills include “excellent grammar” or “ability to stick to deadlines.” As a SEO or technical copywriter, however, you’ll need a lot more details than that.

Be careful: Claiming to be an expert in too many fields can make you sound “too good to be true.”

11 Soft skills to include on a freelance writer resume

  1. Research
  2. Writing
  3. SEO (e.g. writing, editing, optimization)
  4. Data analysis
  5. Keyword research
  6. Communication
  7. Organization
  8. Follow deadlines
  9. Creativity
  10. Bilinguality
  11. Independence

6 freelance writer technical skills

  1. Coding languages: HTML/CSS/JS
  2. CMS Tools like WordPress, WIX, Magento
  3. Keyword research tools: Semrush, Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner, Ahrefs
  4. Email marketing tools: MailChimp, Constant Contact
  5. Social media management tools: Buffer, eClincher
  6. Design tools: Photoshop, FrameMaker

How to include your certifications on your resume

Though your resume should mostly depend on your on-the-job experience, certifications are excellent ways to illustrate your skillsets while showing prospective employers that you’re the best candidate.

If you only hold a few certifications that are relevant to a specific job advertisement, consider placing them in your resume header instead.  

PRO TIPNotice that job advertisements keep citing specific certifications? Consider studying them if you lack experience!

5 Certifications for a freelance writer resume

  1. Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP)
  2. Content Marketing Institute Online Certification
  3. Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer
  4. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
  5. Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC)

Do I need to include a cover letter with my writing resume?

If you’re a freelance writer, you already know that cover letters are almost always required to land an interview.

In only a few paragraphs, it’s crucial to show that you’ve taken the time to understand the position, outline your related skills, and share your portfolio (if possible).

Treat each cover letter like a writing assignment and you’ll do great!

How to create the best freelance writer resume

  • Always look at your resume from the hiring manager’s perspective: What do they want? How can you make yourself the best choice?
  • Create a bespoke writer resume for every application.
  • In your resume summary or objective, apply quantifiable metrics wherever possible.
  • Use certifications to boost your strength in areas outside of your core expertise.

* Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Use this Freelance Writer resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself.

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