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It's difficult to communicate your work experience when you're self-employed. Here's everything you need to know about listing contract work on your resume.
Sep 8, 2022 2 min read

Because individuals who make a living from contract work are self-employed, their resumes will likely look unique to reflect their distinct experiences.

Whether you’re preparing to find a more traditional corporate position with your resume, or you want to show clients your previous experience, an up-to-date resume is a perfect way to present yourself in the best light.

In this article, you’ll learn how to list contract work on a resume, plus:

  • What is contract work?
  • Examples of contract work on a resume
  • Should you list consulting work on a resume?

What is contract work?

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An independent contractor is a self-employed individual who provides temporary work for clients. Similar to freelance positions, a contractor has the freedom to choose the number of projects to accept at any given time and is responsible for equipment, taxes, rates, work locations and benefits.

In contrast to a freelancer, a contractor may take on fewer long-term projects and work closely with clients and employers.

Examples of contract work on a resume

The following are examples of contract work you can put on your resume.

Contract work for a single client

Providing a series of targeted projects you have worked on is a great way to show that you are experienced in the field and you have flexibility.

You can frame the entirety of your contract position as a single job. Unifying your projects with similar skills is a simple way to write about the big picture.

Writer - Contractor
Remote (January 2022 - present)
Composed publish-ready articles and blog posts.

  • Created SEO-friendly, 1st-page content.
  • Managed quick turnarounds.

Group contracting work from a staffing agency

If you acted as a contractor for a staffing agency, you can capitalize on your consistency within the company and your flexibility with every project. You can highlight both your dependability and independence in this role,

Lawn & Tree Agents - Clearlake, CA
Built a repertoire of satisfied clients in the Clearlake area over three years of steady work.

Landscaper - Contractor
Northside Preparatory School, Clearlake (July 2020 - August 2020)
Surveyed the grounds and provided routine and emergency maintenance.

  • Pinpointed unhealthy trees.
  • Implemented care solutions to prolong the lifespan.

Landscaper - Contractor
Main Street Dentistry, Clearlake (September 2020 - September 2020)
Provided routine pruning and beautification for the property.

  • Maintained the appearance of trees and shrubs.
  • Performed precise edging techniques.

Should you list consulting work on your resume?

Consulting is similar to contracting and can be a constructive addition to your resume if applicable. Consulting projects show your entrepreneurial spirit and your self-starter, self-driven and self-motivated qualities. Creating a separate projects section is a good place to list consulting work.

Sales consultant
New York City (September 2019 - November 2019)
Provided expertise to small businesses: First Avenue Market and Dreamgate Books.

  • Doubled the productivity of sales teams.
  • Advised clients on successful hiring techniques.


Now that you know how to list contract work on a resume, head over to Enhancv’s Resume Builder for everything else you need.

By emphasizing the continuous skills you gained from contract projects, you can show that every job was a stepping stone on a single path to your next job.

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