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9 Front Desk Receptionist Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your front desk receptionist resume must highlight excellent communication skills. Demonstrate your ability to interact professionally with diverse personalities. Showcase your organizational talents and multitasking abilities. Detail specific experiences that reflect your competence in managing administrative tasks effectively.

All resume examples in this guide

Do you struggle to find a job as a receptionist?

Are you a communicative and outgoing person?

Do you have expertise that proves your interpersonal skills?

Clients remember the person first and then the service itself.

After all, receptionists are the heart and the soul of some businesses.

Then, you should highlight your personality and expertise in a resume to get the position!

No worries!

We’ve found out how to write a top-notch receptionist resume and will show it to you.

Follow this 2022 resume guide and learn how to get the attention of recruiters!

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

John Powell, American pianist

The receptionist job market

The median annual salary for receptionists was $31,110 in 2020.

The employment of receptionists is projected to grow 4% in the next decade. This movement is slower than the average for all occupations, thanks to the hit of the pandemic.

About 134,000 openings for receptionists are projected each year over the decade. Most of them are a result of the transition to other occupations or retirement.

How to write a receptionist resume

When writing your receptionist resume, you could use the following approach:

As you already know, this position requires admirable verbal and written communication (emails).

Therefore, most of your information should be directly or indirectly linked to this soft skill.

How could you achieve this?

The goal is to include communication in the main sections of your resume: Experience, Summary and Strengths.

It is also vital to provide evidence for problem-solving skills.

Did you resolve inquiries and conflicts?

You should be consistent and demonstrate a good personality and positive attitude.

Are you a reliable professional: do you work extra hours when needed?

Did you schedule appointments or make phone calls?

Maybe it’s a good idea to convince the recruiters that you have extensive product knowledge.

Do not forget to mention hard skills like computer literacy, data entry and multi-line phone systems.

Prove that you are a go-getter and achieve your goals.

Did you take any additional courses or learn foreign languages?

They could be your golden ticket to winning the job!

To conquer the desired position, tailor your receptionist resume to the job description. It is a must!

Receptionist resume formats

You can choose between these three resume formats:

Depending on the years of experience and industry, the resume formats are:

  • Reverse-chronological resumes are perfect for professionals with some years of experience in a specific niche.
  • Functional resumes are designed for job seekers and career changers. However, they are less popular among recruiters.
  • Hybrid resumes could be used by both entry-level employees and seniors. They combine all the characteristics of the previous two formats.

Do not forget the style and layout! Here are some resume tips:

To make your resume stand out, you should definitely add References and Language skills!

top sections icon

Top resume sections

  • Detailed and logical experience bullet points
  • Consistent Summary section with valuable information
  • Convincing soft skills and specific hard skills
  • Languages & References will help you differentiate
  • Strengths that underline your communication skills
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What recruiters want to see

  • What is your overall experience?
  • Do you have evidence for high-performance metrics?
  • Do your previous employers acknowledge your contributions?
  • How did extensive product knowledge help you excel?
  • Did you work in a peaceful or dynamic environment and how did you perform?

Follow the instructions in the panel and build a cohesive job-winning receptionist resume!

The summary section that stands out

Your summary serves as the introduction of your resume.

As many people forget names right after they hear them, recruiters pay no attention to the vague summaries.

Therefore, it’s crucial to put valuable and accurate information tailored to the job description.

You should describe your personality, skills and experience in just 2-3 sentences!

Here is some advice on writing the perfect receptionist summary:

  • Short, easy to read and cohesive
  • Add communication and problem-solving skills
  • Emphasize quantitative data and achievements
  • Mention foreign languages that you can speak freely
  • Describe 2-3 duties/tasks that you performed in your previous position

What to avoid in your receptionist resume:

  • Repetitions and sentences that start with “I”
  • Vague and useless information that tells nothing about you as a professional
  • False statements and figurative language

Focus on building a compelling receptionist resume that will win every job!

Decisive Receptionist with 7 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Skilled in accommodating and assisting clients, writing emails and delegating tasks. Proficient in German and Italian. Admirable communication and problem-solving skills
Hard-working Receptionist with 1 year working in a fitness center. Adept at communicating with clients and resolving inquiries. Capable of working with databases, information management software and MS Office.
Charming professional with 5 years of experience as a Salon Receptionist. Always provide exceptional customer service. Extensive product knowledge and problem-solving skills. Admirable verbal and written communication, 99% customer satisfaction.
Energetic Medical Receptionist with 6 years working in a private medical center. Adept at assisting patients and working closely with doctors and nurses, experience in managing medical records. Skilled in responding to inquiries, data entry and scheduling appointments.
Optimistic Receptionist with 4 years working in a luxurious hotel. Skilled in managing staff, accommodating and assisting guests and answering phone calls. Good communication and time management skills, 99% customer satisfaction score.
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Pro tip

If you have no idea what to add to your summary, try brainstorming! Think of all the tasks and duties you performed and write them down. Even the details could present you as a motivated and energetic professional.

Receptionist resume experience recruiters search for

If you are a successful CEO with 10 years in the industry, building an Experience section is a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, not everyone could offer such expertise.

And this is fine!

Remember: it’s not about what experience you have, but it’s more about how you can sell it.

When it comes to building a receptionist resume experience, follow these rules:

  • Emphasize communication and problem-solving by providing metrics
  • Use action verbs and quantitative data
  • Mention extraordinary achievement/task/duty that you did perfectly

Obviously, you should tailor your experience to the job description.

Focus on providing data for verbal and written communication and problem-solving.

How did these skills help you achieve a high customer satisfaction score?

What software did you utilize to excel as a receptionist?

How did you help clients and what techniques/methods did you use?

Write down on a list of paper all your duties and then pick up those that speak volumes!

“Begin somewhere. You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.”

Liz Smith, English character actress

Receptionist Resume Experience Examples

Company Name
Company Description
  • Greeted hotel guests
  • Answered telephone calls
  • Wrote emails and assisted clients
  • Resolved inquiries

These experience bullet points have nothing to do with a good resume.

They show that candidates are diligent but inconsistent and irrational professionals.

To avoid rejection, try not to use such mediocre and useless sentences.

Company Name
Company Description
  • Ensured 100% customer satisfaction, resolving customer needs leading to positive feedback
  • Answered 100+ telephone calls and scheduled 70+ appointments weekly
  • Held 10+ email correspondences per day with clients
  • Accommodated and assisted 100+ clients daily

Of course, there are also exceptional examples-this is one of them.

The following bullet points provide value, show motivation and prove diligence.

And you should stick to this type of writing.

How to describe the duties of a receptionist on a resume

  • Pay attention to the following medical receptionist responsibilities:
  • Greet and check-in patients
  • Schedule appointments accurately and efficiently
  • Verify insurances using medical database systems
  • Verify patient insurance and demographic information in CHCS
  • Manage a front desk in areas of manual and computerized scheduling
  • Manage patients’ medical records
  • Assist in regulating patient flow, patient’s needs and family information
  • Book surgeries, assess patient needs and refer to appropriate medical staff

To fill up the gaps in the resume, you could:

  • Include Languages to show evidence for communication skills
  • Consider providing References from previous employers
  • Add courses/training related to communication and problem-solving
  • Add Passions to support your positive impression of a self-motivated individual on recruiters

Important skills on receptionist resume

As mentioned, it’s vital to focus on your communication skills.

However, consider adding hard skills like MS Office and Information Management Software.

Thus, you will find the right balance and demonstrate extensive knowledge.

And last but not least, tailor your skills to the job description!

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8 soft skills to include on a receptionist resume

Here you see other crucial skills like time management and organization.

Keep it real and write down those skills that you are confident about.

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8 hard skills to include on a receptionist resume

  • MS Office
  • Google Drive
  • Data Entry
  • Typing
  • Administrative skills
  • Information Management Software
  • Office Equipment
  • Product Knowledge

Key takeaways

  • Focus on giving valuable data, avoid vague and useless distractions
  • Emphasize the excellence of your communication and problem-solving
  • Tailor the whole resume to the job description
  • Add sections like References and Languages that will help you stand out
  • Support your soft skills with the technical knowledge required in the industry

Front Desk Receptionist resume examples

Explore additional front desk receptionist resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Entry-Level Front Desk Receptionist

As an Entry-Level Front Desk Receptionist, your main role is welcoming visitors to the office. It's important to have a strong background in customer service and to be organized, communicative, and able to solve problems. Being able to handle multiple tasks and address customer concerns effectively is key. Show your experience with office equipment—like computers, printers, and photocopiers—and how it has helped your daily tasks, like scheduling, record keeping, and phone answering. Your professional behavior affects the whole office, so cite examples where your good manners led to things like increased client satisfaction or repeat visits. Rather than just listing your skills, give examples of them in action, like managing guests, calls, and admin tasks all at once, following the 'skill-action-result' format on your resume.

By Role

Front Desk Medical Receptionist

The role of a Front Desk Medical Receptionist largely involves the administration and human interaction hence soft skills and administrative skills are crucial. Make sure your resume highlights your skills in maintaining patient records, scheduling appointments and handling patient queries. Showcase your interpersonal skills such as empathy, patience, conflict resolution and communication. Have instances or examples which display your skills; for example, 'efficiently handled and resolved patient scheduling conflicts'. Include technical skills like proficiency in medical software, and experiences with HIPAA guidelines and medical terminologies. Your resume should reflect a balance of human and administrative skills.
View Front Desk Medical Receptionist Resume

Hotel Front Desk Receptionist

The Hotel Front Desk Receptionist role requires hospitality and administrative skills primarily. Expertise in hotel management systems, booking platforms and integral daily operations should be highlighted on your resume. Soft skills like impeccable communication, problem-solving, multitasking and customer service are highly valued. Use real experiences to demonstrate these skills, such as 'improved guest satisfaction by efficiently handling their requests and concerns'. Proven record of working in high-pressure environments can make your resume stand out. A clear demonstration of people skills and administrative efficiency is key.
View Hotel Front Desk Receptionist Resume

School Front Desk Receptionist

A good School Front Desk Receptionist is usually the first point of contact for students, parents, and staff, blending aspects of education and hospitality. It's beneficial to have knowledge of the educational sector and experience in administrative responsibilities. Handling emergencies effectively can give you an edge, so mention any first-aid or crisis management certifications and their utilisation. Being fluent in school management software can make scheduling and record-keeping tasks more efficient. Instead of simply listing soft skills, give specific examples of how you've collaborated with students, parents, and staff for improvements. Keep the focus on how your skills have enhanced the functionality and efficiency of the school's front desk.

Front Desk Manager

A Front Desk Manager's resume should display strong leadership and administrative skills. Focus on your experiences with team management, training staff, handling customer complaints, and managing day-to-day operations. Include technical skills like expertise in CRM systems or hotel management software. The mentioning of your achievements in the form of numbers or percentages such as 'increased guest satisfaction by 20%' can provide quantifiable evidence of your capabilities. Showcase your problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure as these are important for the role.
View Front Desk Manager Resume

Front Desk Supervisor

As a Front Desk Supervisor, highlight your supervisory skills: coordinating team schedules, training new hires, and resolving complex issues. Talk about your experience with administrative tasks like documentation, billing, and reporting. Emphasize your skills in customer service management software or relevant tools. Pair your skills with achievements, such as 'implemented a new CRM system that improved efficiency by 30%'. Show instances of successfully managing teams and improving service quality to shine on your resume.
View Front Desk Supervisor Resume

Front Desk Agent

The resume of a Front Desk Agent should focus on customer service skills, administrative skills, and prowess in handling challenging situations. Make sure to mention your abilities in managing reservations, check-ins, problem-solving or up-selling hotel services. Demonstrate your soft skills like effective communication, ability to work in a team, problem-solving and adaptability. Highlight experiences with hospitality software and mention examples of positive guest interactions.
View Front Desk Agent Resume

Front Desk Coordinator

The role of a Front Desk Coordinator revolves around maintaining smooth operations and delivering exceptional customer service. In your resume highlight your expertise in appointment scheduling, office management, record-keeping and customer service. Stress on your multitasking abilities and experience in coordinating with various departments. Feature any specific software you used to manage these tasks. Provide achievements that show your effectiveness in the role, for example 'schedules managed resulted in a 15% increase in work efficiency'.
View Front Desk Coordinator Resume
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