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Jun 15, 2023 4 min read

About me

Well hello there! I’m David Martinez, a seasoned product manager with an affinity for good coffee, the Agile methodology, and well-managed SaaS products. With over 10 years of experience under my belt, I've navigated the dynamic waters of the tech industry, balancing user needs, and company finances like a trapeze artist at a local circus.

No two days in my life are the same, unless you count the invigorating aroma of my morning brew. Working in tech is much like taming a lion, it's wild and unpredictable, but oh-so-rewarding when you get it right. And the secret to getting it right? A little charm, a dash of wit, and a well-crafted resume.

Why I decided to apply

Now, why would a well-established PM at Oracle decide to make a leap to Microsoft? Simple. It's the same reason we tech folks compulsively update our software - for new opportunities and to be a part of something bigger.

There's also a childhood story here. Picture little David, eyes glued to the glowing screen of his first computer - a Microsoft PC. I was fascinated, enchanted, and hopelessly hooked. Years later, I saw the job posting at Microsoft and thought, "Why not bring it full circle?" It was time to give back to the platform that kickstarted my tech journey.

Anatomy of a successful resume

What's the secret sauce in my successful resume, you ask? It's the tailor-made approach to match the job ad, just like getting a custom-made suit to fit your measurements. For instance, the job posting emphasized Agile and Scrum. What did I do? Highlighted my Scrum Master certification and my ability to lead Agile projects in my skills and experiences sections.

Another key element? The impact of my work. The golden rule in PM is 'what gets measured, gets managed'. It applies to resumes too! Bullets under experience don't just list tasks, they present quantified achievements.

A strong summary section

Now, let’s talk about the resume's opening act, the summary section. Picture this, your summary is like the movie trailer; it needs to be exciting, intriguing, and just enough to make them want more. My summary gave an overview of my experience, skills, and a standout achievement, all while being as engaging as a good espresso shot.

Your summary should be the hook that reels the reader in, makes them want to know more. An example? Mentioning that I led an initiative which increased product adoption by 35%. Who wouldn’t want to know how that happened?

Experienced Senior Product Manager with a track record of over 10 years of success, particularly in SaaS and project management in tech. Expert in software development and leveraging Microsoft Dynamics and Azure, with a PMP and Scrum Master certification. Notably led an initiative that increased product adoption by 35%.

Show the impact of your experience

Let's dive deeper into how the experience section should demonstrate impact. Remember, a resume isn't a diary, it's a highlights reel. Here's an example: instead of saying 'led a product launch', I said 'spearheaded the product launch that increased product adoption by 35%'.

The idea is to show the impact of your actions. They don’t want to just know what you did, they want to know how well you did it. You see the difference, right? It’s like saying, ‘I baked cookies’ vs. ‘I baked cookies that won the neighborhood bake-off’.

Senior Product Manager
San Diego, CA
Led product development for cloud-based solutions
  • Managed cross-functional teams, driving product delivery on desktop, mobile, and web, resulting in 20% efficiency gain
  • Led the development of pricing strategies, balancing customer satisfaction and company's financial goals, increasing revenue by 25%
  • pearheaded the product launch that increased product adoption by 35%
Product Manager
San Diego, CA
Managed SaaS products, including strategy, development, and delivery
  • Led software development efforts, driving the creation of intellectual property (IP) assets
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams to design and test enhancements, leading to a 15% improvement in product quality
  • Managed a large-scale product delivery, coordinating with senior internal and external executives


You wouldn’t go to a battle without your armor, right? In the job market, your skills are your armor. Listing your skills not only shows you're qualified, but it also helps with those pesky ATS bots. After all, they're just looking for keyword matches from the job ad.

For my Microsoft application, I made sure to include every relevant skill, from software development and project management, to specific product strategies and team leadership. It’s like feeding the right answers to the bots.

Use a standout design

A resume is a professional document, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. An attractive design helps your resume stand out. It’s like wearing a red dress in a room full of greys. I chose a clean and eye-catching template from Enhancv (visit for some great ones!). And don’t worry, they’re ATS-friendly too.

Focus the attention of the recruiter

Recruiters skim through resumes faster than I go through my morning coffee. So, you need to grab their attention. I used the 'Strengths' and 'Most Proud Of' sections to showcase my achievements and skills. It’s like waving a big neon sign saying, 'Hey, I’m your best bet!'.

Closing thoughts

Navigating the job market is like playing a well-strategized chess game. Equip yourself with a well-crafted resume, custom-fit it to the job posting, show the impact of your work, and don’t forget to charm those ATS bots.

Here’s to hoping you land your dream product manager job. Remember, behind every successful product manager is a well-brewed coffee, and a well-crafted resume. Good luck!

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