Professional Risk Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2020

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This FREE Risk Manager resume example combines job responsibilities, experience, achievements, summary of qualifications, technical skills and soft skills generated from a database of successful resume models.

Use the Risk Manager resume sample below, replace the information with relevant data about you and match your skill set, certificates and experience with the job description.

Sharon Klein
Jakarta, Indonesia
Account Receivable and Risk ManagerBorer Ltd
2015 - Ongoing
Jakarta, Indonesia
Borer Ltd is one of the largest distributors of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Indonesia.
Conducted the 2010 Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment (ICAAP).
Generated an average of 32% YoY returns between 2015 and 2018.
Portfolio - and Risk ManagerStracke
2014 - 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia
Stracke is an investment intermediaries, licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission to act as an investment intermediary.
Facilitated a safe transformation of the organization when the company was acquired in 2017
Successfully led 14 workstreams in constructing and managing control assessment frameworks
Managed and trained a team of 23 traders who produced an average return of 26% YoY in 2018.
Implemented a new approach in client assessment - increased profitability by 20%
Optimised scoring costs - reduced it by 30%
Technology Risk Manager - Strategic OutsourcingMills Group
2010 - 2014
Jakarta, Indonesia
Mills Group is a global Systems Integrator.
Trained over 1000 employees in risk management
Commanded a CRJ900, 4 crew members and 90 passengers across Europe
Management Studies University of Nottingham Business School
2006 - Ongoing
Bachelors of Science (Honours) in CybersecurityUniversity of Pretoria
2004 - 2006
Most Proud Of
Developing High Performing Talent
Most recently transitioned under performing reporting team into highly functioning data analysts that delivers actionable insights that drive strategic decisions.
2017 RBC Royal Bank Convention Winner
Awarded to the top 1% of RBC Royal Bank employees, I was recognized for developing and implementing a robust Operational Risk program.
Industry Expertise
Corporate Finance & Capital Markets
Liquidity & Cash Management
Mergers & Acquisitions

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Additionally, you may also highlight awards, education, certifications and industry expertise, or include a career summary in your Risk Manager resume that best portrays your professional work experience.

Here’s how to include skills for Risk Manager resume

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Excel
  • R
  • Word
  • MySQL
  • XML

How to describe your Risk Manager resume skills

How to use SQL in your Risk Manager resume:

Software Engineering consulting services (Python, SQL, Vue, TypeScript)

How to use Python in your Risk Manager resume:

Implemented a full three-dimensional GIS model of Singapore for solar irradiance prediction (C++ and Python development)

How to use Excel in your Risk Manager resume:

Created a financial valuation excel spreadsheet used by all traders in order to track their portfolios and assess new trading and investment opportunities.

How to use R in your Risk Manager resume:

Provision of full risk management support including reporting and modelling (cost and schedule)

How to use Word in your Risk Manager resume:

Worked closely with strategic platform and integrator partners to drive adoption of Wordsmith

How to use MySQL in your Risk Manager resume:

Developed and supported database solutions for real-time solar irradiance statistical forecasting from monitoring stations in MySQL and Python

How to use Bloomberg in your Risk Manager resume:

Achieved top ranking in Bloomberg for analysis of BSE companies

* Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Use this Risk Manager resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself.

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