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Change Management Resume: 8-Step Guide to Land Your Dream Job [2021 Edition]

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Kelly Tanner

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Oklahoma City, OK
Prosci certified change management practitioner
Blanchette2016 - Ongoing
Oklahoma City
Strategically integrated all tools and resources into core HR routines, achieving 100% adoption
Built strategic approach and launched Change Network across 37 locations nationwide
New intranet project - Conducted workshops and trained 38 managers
New organization decreased average cycle time by 25% and resulted in cost savings of over $1.5 million
Organizational Change Management, Specialist
Koepp Inc2013 - 2016
Oklahoma City
Koepp Inc is an international energy services company with around $6bn sales and operating in more than 50 countries. Koepp Inc designs, builds, operates, and improves the facilities that supply the world's energy.
Led team building events and trust exercises for over 100 employees
Accelerated delivery of portfolio OCM objectives by 33% (one year)
Developed strategic communications plan for a Big 4 bank as part of their regional cards and payments program
Organizational Change Management Lead
Wolf Inc2010 - 2013
Oklahoma City
Wolf Inc is a provider of management and technology consulting services to the US government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets, specializing in analytics, mission operations, technology, systems delivery, cybersecurity, engineering, and innovation expertise.
Structured the centralization of 9 distinct Human Resources functions within the organization
Achieved 100% adoption through integration of change management activities into Core HR Routines
Defined and led 3-year-strategy towards change capable culture, increasing readiness by 67% in first 2 years
Organizational skills I am efficient in meeting deadlines and work effectively by prioritizing my workload. Good time management skills and the ability to multi-task have proved beneficial in my current role as Change Manager
Social skillsI consider myself as loyal, organized, disciplined and highly motivated, good team player. I am open to new cultures and that can be felt from my hobby of travelling around the world and discovering diversity of the countries.
Master of Science in BusinessKedge Business Scool
Master of Arts, CommunicationsUniversity of Oklahoma
3.5 / 5
Lean Six Sigma, Green BeltAbbott
Industry Expertise
Training Facilitation/ Competency Modeling/Change Management/Job Analysis/Executive Selection
Project Management/Process Mapping/Needs/Gap/Skills Analysis/Assessment Design
Change Assessment/Training Design/Validation/Statistics/ Data Cleaning
Event PlannerEvangel Hall Mission
2011 - 2014
Toronto-based charity that helps homeless and socially isolated individuals find a safe haven from the streets.
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Meet Susanna.

She’s the CEO of a local startup company who has been struggling to keep up with the evolving technology and their customer’s demands.

Susanna needs an outstanding change manager to join her team to re-align their business processes.

You see huge potential in Susanna’s company and would be honoured to join their team and make a massive positive impact on their business.

But first, you need to impress Susanna enough to land the interview, and ultimately, the job.


By writing a change management resume that positions you as the best candidate for the role.

This guide will walk you through how to write an impressive change manager resume that will have the Susanna’s of the world hiring you fast.

Ready to write that job-winning resume?

Let’s get started.

This Change Management Resume Guide Will Teach You:

  1. Samples of job-winning change manager resumes
  2. How to use real data to support your claims
  3. Multiple ways you can personalize your change management resume for the job you want
  4. 17 technical and soft skills to add to your resume

Change Manager Resume Samples

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How to Write a Change Management Resume That Gets You Hired

You’re the hero that builds the bridge between a business failing and one thriving in an evolving market.

Your resume needs to show that you have analytical and strategic thinking skills to help businesses succeed in the face of change.

You also need to prove that you have the communication and collaboration skills necessary to motivate teams who might be resistant to change.

The hiring company wants confidence that you’re the change manager who will help them achieve their long-term goals and bring new life to their business.

Write each section of your resume with these goals in mind to boost your chance of landing an interview.

Describe the impact you’ve made as a change manager before in your resume summary and work experience section.

Highlight your mix of technical and soft skills throughout your work experience and skills sections.

Use real numbers and figures to support your claims throughout your resume.

Don’t worry - we cover how to do all of that and more throughout this guide, so keep reading.

The Most Important Sections of a Change Management Resume:

  • Resume header that has all the essentials
  • Resume summary that highlights your expertise as a change manager
  • Detailed work experience, supported with quantitative data
  • Education and certifications

How to Write a Header That Checks All the Boxes

Your resume header is the go-to place for your contact information.

But it doesn’t have to be as basic as that. Adding a few upgrades, such as a more detailed job title and relevant links, like your LinkedIn profile, will go a long way.

Let’s say you’re applying for a senior change management role at a software company.

Here’s the basic version of a resume header:

Taylor Jones
Change Manager


Portland, OR

This header is passable, but it’s very basic.

By adding those header upgrades we mentioned before, it will take your resume header from average to excellent.

Here’s the new version.

Taylor Jones
Senior IT Change Manager

+359 88 888 8888



Portland, OR

What makes this header stand out?

It includes everything the hiring company wants to see:

  • It mentions your industry speciality (IT)
  • Showcases your expertise level (Senior)
  • Includes multiple ways to contact you (phone and email)
  • Has your LinkedIn profile URL for further viewing

Awesome! You have the resume header written and ready to go, so let’s move onto your resume summary.

How to Write a Stand-Out Change Management Resume Summary

Your professional summary acts as your “elevator pitch” where you make the case on why you’re the best change manager for the job.

It’s where you focus on your career highlights, like your success in prior roles.

Including quantitative data will make your claims more valid, building trust with the hiring manager reading your resume. How many years of experience do you have? How much did you boost efficiency in former projects? How much money did you save for businesses?

Highlight your leadership and management skills, as well as your specific industry expertise. Do you specialize in IT change management? This is a good time to mention it!

As a change manager, your soft skills are equally important for job success. Your summary should include mentions of some key soft skills, like your ability to communicate and present ideas to a team.

PRO TIPRead through the job description to see what skills they value most in a potential candidate, and mirror those same keywords throughout your resume summary.

Taking the time to personalize your resume will put you leagues ahead of other candidates.

Let’s take a look at two change manager resume examples to see our tips in action.

2 Change Manager Resume Examples - Summary

Here’s what an average change manager resume summary looks like:

Highly motivated change manager looking to join a team where I can help businesses achieve their goals.

This resume won’t excite the hiring manager into calling you for an interview.

  • It’s vague and unpersonalized
  • There’s no mention of your success as a change manager

Let’s take a look at an upgraded version.

Results-focused Senior Change Manager, with 10+ years of experience in the software industry. Developed and executed change management plans that contributed to a 46% improvement in efficiency, $11M in cost savings and 60% boost in revenue in 3 years. Ensured fast adoption of realignment plans by motivating teams of 80+ people with my strong communication and collaboration skills. Eager to join the Luminary Inc. team to make a positive impact on your long-term goals.

Much better! This summary will inspire the hiring manager to call you back.


  • It describes your impact and expertise in change management, using real data to back up your claims
  • Highlights your important soft skills (communication and collaboration)
  • Personalized for the job you want, mentioning the company by name and describing your eagerness to excel in the role

With a professional summary like this, you present yourself as a competent change manager worth hiring.

Let’s jump into the most important section of your change management resume - the work experience section.

How Should You Describe Your Change Management Experience?

The work experience section is the most important part of your change management resume.

Hiring managers want to see that you can effectively manage business transitions, using your analytical and strategic planning skills. They want to see that you can support those changes with strong leadership and motivation. Ultimately, they want to be confident that you can produce lasting results.

By highlighting your change management expertise in your work experience section, you’ll resolve these questions that the hiring manager has about you.

Your work experience section should focus on two key goals:

  • How you’ve impacted businesses before with your change management
  • Highlight the important mix of technical and soft skills needed for the role

To demonstrate the impact you’ve made on businesses with your change management, detail your biggest accomplishments for each role. Include 2-3 bullet points showcasing the measure of impact you made and how you achieved it. For example, did you implement a billing change that resulted in thousands of dollars in cost recovery? Mention those figures specifically!

To highlight your mix of technical and soft skills, take a look at the job description and use the same keywords they’ve used. Do they want someone who can deliver training? Or ensure compliance? Use these keywords directly when describing your work experience.

Let’s compare two change management work experience sections.

2 Change Management Resume Experience Examples

Change ManagerCreme Coaching
03/2014 - 09/2017
Vancouver, BC
Managed business transition projects
Motivated fellow coworkers in the face of organizational change
Helped the company achieve long-term goals

This description needs more work.

It doesn’t describe your success as a change manager, providing no proof that you’re competent in the role.

Here’s another example.

Sr. Organization Change ManagerCreme Coaching
03/2014 - 09/2017
Vancouver, BC
Developed and executed a strategic plan to account for new technology, boosting revenue by 40% in one year.
Led a team of 30+ staff, training them on how to adapt to new customer demands, boosting customer satisfaction scores to 98.99%.
Provided risk analysis and recommendations through Keynote presentations to executives.

This example is excellent.

It describes your success as a change manager in the past, with real data to support your points. It also includes mention of your soft skills, such as your ability to effectively communicate important ideas with executives.

What Should You Include In Your Change Manager Education Section?

Education is important in change management. Having a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in a relevant degree shows that you have the technical expertise to excel in the field.

Change managers come from a mix of educational backgrounds, but most do have a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Here are some common degrees that change managers have:

  • Business Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Software Development or IT Infrastructure (if doing IT change management)

Many institutions also have degree programs specifically in Change Management.

So, you have the degree. Now it’s time to write the education section of your resume. What should you include?

Here’s a complete checklist of what needs to be included:

  • The name of the university
  • The name of the degree you completed
  • Where your university was located
  • Years attended
  • GPA (optional)

If you have any additional certifications related to Change Management, this is a great opportunity to include them in the education section. Place them under their own subheading titled “Certifications” for better clarity and organization.

17 Skills to Add to Your Change Management Resume

Change managers need strong analytical and strategic planning skills to do well in their business transition projects. They also need research, presentation and project management skills.

As well as these necessary technical skills, companies want to hire change managers with the right soft skills to be a strong member of the team.

Show that you can discover the best methods to re-align organizations with your analytical and research skills.

Highlight soft skills such as communication and presentation skills to show that you can bring your brilliant strategies to life, and collaborate with the rest of the team for a smooth transition.

The skills section also gives you an excellent opportunity to further personalize your resume and impress the hiring manager. Look over the job description and note what skills are wanted for the role. If you have them, mention them directly in the skills section of your resume.

Here is a list of 18 skills to inspire your choices.

17 Skills to Include on a Change Manager Resume

  1. Analytics
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Statistics
  4. Communication (written + verbal)
  5. Collaboration
  6. Presentation skills
  7. Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  8. Project management
  9. Leadership
  10. Management
  11. Budget management
  12. Client liaison
  13. Business administration
  14. IT
  15. Market research
  16. Competitive research
  17. Surveying
PRO TIPWhen focusing on what skills to add to your resume, look over the job description and note which ones they want to see in the right change manager. Mention these skills directly in your resume for the best chance at landing an interview.

Key Points to Remember for a Change Management Resume

  • Mention your area of expertise in change management a few times throughout your resume. (Eg. Are you most familiar with IT change management? Organizational change management?)
  • Personalize your resume for the company you’re applying to by mirroring the same keywords they used themselves in the job description.
  • Include a well-rounded mix of technical and soft skills.
  • Use quantitative data throughout your resume to support your claims about your success in former roles.

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