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4 Bank Teller Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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On the look for a bank teller position to end your job hunt?

Good news:

You don’t need decades of experience, skills from out of this world, or an outstanding education to get hired as a bank teller.


Bank teller roles are all about outstanding cash handling experience, some sales skills, and a smile on your face to greet customers. It’s also crucial to be a trustworthy individual with a good knowledge of the latest banking laws and regulations.

But the thing is:

Only a strong bank teller resume can help you convey your qualifications properly and tell your story with confidence. So that's what we're going to help you achieve in this guide!

Ready to work at the company of your dreams?

Let's dive in.

What you’ll learn here

  • HR-approved tips and templates for making a memorable bank teller resume
  • Best formats and layout options to bring your bank teller resume to life
  • How to tailor the summary and experience sections to match the job description
  • Why featuring education and banking certificates is crucial for beating your competition
  • +20 must-have bank teller skills to make you the center of attention

How to Craft a Job-Winning Bank Teller Resume

A perfect bank teller resume does exactly what it's supposed to do…

It highlights your biggest career achievements within a relevant context. And it promotes your outstanding banking skills, from cash handling and mathematics to customer service.

The truth is:

Improving your bank teller resume is your best bet to end your job hunt successfully. It's the only way to win over headhunters before you meet them and convince them to give you a chance for an interview.

How do you do that?

By applying the following HR-approved resume writing guidelines:

Now that you know how information should be formatted on your resume, it's time to organize that into smaller resume sections.

top sections icon

Best bank teller resume sections:

  • Header
  • Summary/Objective
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Certificates
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What hiring managers look for in a bank teller resume:

  • In-depth knowledge of banking policies and procedures
  • Outstanding cash handling and balancing skills as well as mathematics knowledge
  • Experience in promoting the bank’s products and services to increase profits
  • Ability to solve customer challenges and offer personalized suggestions
  • Relevant bank teller education and certifications, including CBT, CBA, and CMA

How to create a header for your bank teller resume

The header contains your most important contact information, including:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • LinkedIn profile

It sits at the top of the page, which makes it the first section recruiters see when picking up your resume. So you want to make sure it’s perfect and error-free, especially when it comes to how it’s formatted.

To create a perfect header for your bank teller resume:

  • Add your name in a slightly bigger font size
  • Put your job title below it (you can use a different color to make it stand out)
  • Include the rest of the details in the same font size and colors

2 bank teller resume header examples

William Mitchell
Banking Clerk
(206) 741-8391
9241 13th Ave SW Seattle, Washington

Let’s be honest…

A bad resume header isn’t always the reason why a recruiter might hire one candidate over another. But when they have 200 resumes in their inbox, headhunters might eliminate a few candidates based on the smallest of details.

Here’s how you can improve your resume header to appeal to hiring managers:

  • Use a relevant job title in your headline
  • Avoid putting your full address
  • Use a professional email address (and stay away from your current work address)
  • Include a link to your well-optimized LinkedIn profile

You can also add a professional photo to your resume, but that depends on the country you’re in and your job position. (Read more about this topic here.)

Let’s see what our header will look like once we make these changes!

William Mitchell
Bank Teller
(206) 741-8391
Seattle, WA

Summary vs. objective: Which is best for a bank teller resume?

Here’s the thing:

A summary is a better option if you have experience working as a bank teller. It’s a short paragraph that sums up your vast expertise and includes your most outstanding skills and career wins.

On the flip side:

An objective works best if you’re qualified but just getting in this line of work. It’s more fit for recent graduates and entry-level candidates who meet the necessary requirements in the job posting.

A job-winning bank teller resume summary prioritizes the hiring company’s interest. And to do that, it has to:

  • Market your unique, job-specific skills and talents that make you stand out
  • Focus on your biggest, most relevant career accomplishments
  • Spotlight your educational background and certificates

Be sure to keep your summary and objective short and on-point. And never use any first-person pronouns such as “I” and “my” to avoid monotony and repetitiveness.


Let’s look at some bank teller summary examples so you can get a better idea:

2 bank teller resume summary examples

I’m an entry-level bank teller with good skills in cash handling and sales. I also have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a teller specialist certificate. I'm looking for a new job at your bank.
Details-oriented certified bank teller with +5 years of experience in the banking and finance sector. Processed and recorded 120 customer transactions with a high degree of focus and accuracy. Excellent communication and customer service skills. Specialized knowledge of banking policies and procedures. Bachelor's degree in accounting.

How to highlight your bank teller experience the right way

To tell you the truth:

The experience section is the heart of your resume, and optimizing it is the most practical step in your job hunt. This is the part where you tell recruiters about your employment history as a banker and all the amazing things you accomplished.

A well-structured work history will get your phone ringing none stop as it is the recruiter's magnet most candidates are unaware of.

So what's the best way to showcase experience on a resume?

First things first:

Feature your past jobs, starting from your most recent one and going backward for a few years. Also, only list job positions relevant to banking so you can keep your resume targeted and concise.

That's called the reverse-chronological resume format.


  • Add 3-5 bullet points detailing your work expertise for each job
  • Focus on relevant accomplishments instead of dull job duties
  • Solidify your claims with metrics and dollar amounts to make your achievements more attractive
  • Start your sentences with action verbs to build a powerful narrative
  • Include job-related keywords and phrases to increase your success score with applicant tracking systems (ATS)

Most importantly:

It's never a good idea to lie about career results in your resume. Falsifying your expertise to get hired will only put you in trouble with your employer later on. So make sure to always tell the truth and maintain trust with potential employers from the start.

Here are two examples for bank teller experience sections:

Bank teller resume experience examples

Bank Teller
Umpqua Bank
Seattle, WA
  • Maintained positive relationships with colleagues in the workplace
  • Responsible for recording and storing all transaction details
  • Helped with cross-selling and upselling bank products

When talking about your work experience, try to stay away from basic banking duties that everyone can do. Such generic responsibilities will only weaken your resume and get it thrown in the trash.


Pick highly-relevant duties that tell the hiring company something about your skills and expertise.

Here’s a better example of how to do that:

Company Name
Company Description
  • Processed and recorded 120 customer transactions with a high degree of focus and accuracy
  • Adopted a client-centric approach in dealing with clients, which led to widely positive customer ratings
  • Exceeded the weekly sales goal of 10 products by establishing rapport and educating clients on the bank's newest offers

Best skills for bank teller resumes

The skills section is fundamental because it makes potential employers jump up and down about hiring you. It enables you to outshine the rest of your competitors and land interviews for most jobs you apply for.

The best bank teller skills have to do with banking.

You must show that you’re able to serve customers effectively while solving their needs and fulfilling their requests. And you should prove that you can deal with money and computers simultaneously.

To make a job-winning skills section, you need to:

Not sure about what’s the difference between soft skills and hard skills?

It’s quite simple…

Soft skills are any character traits and personal attitudes that help you do your job better. That includes any non-measurable talents such as communication, attention to detail, or problem-solving.

Hard skills, however, are the role-specific skills you’ve acquired throughout your working career. They help improve your performance in the workplace and allow you to handle a wide set of job duties more effectively.

Here’s a list of hand-picked bank teller skills for your resume:

top sections icon

9 bank teller hard skills to add to your resume:

top sections icon

13 in-demand soft skills for bank tellers:

Do you need education to get hired as a bank teller?

Good news:

You don't need a degree from a top-notch university to land a bank teller job. In fact, some banks only require a high school diploma, GED, and sometimes just vocational training.


That doesn't mean your educational background doesn't matter. If you have a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, featuring it will market you as a highly-qualified candidate in a sea of average candidates.

Education on your bank teller resume should look something like this:

Bachelor's in Accounting
Seattle University

Best bank teller certificates to awe hiring managers

Most job postings for bank tellers do not ask for a specific certificate. But if you already have a banking certificate or can get one, we suggest that you add it to your resume.

Do we even need to ask why?

Having certifications on your resume introduce you as a well-qualified candidate who isn't like the others. And that shows how much you've invested in yourself and how far you're willing to go to succeed as a bank teller.

Key takeaways

  • Build your resume using a modern layout and format and break it down into small sections to stand out from the crowd
  • Create a captivating header and summary to capture the recruiter's interest from the go
  • Build a targeted experience section that highlights the biggest achievements in your employment history
  • Include 5 to 10 soft and hard skills to make your bank teller resume to get recruiters excited about hiring you
  • Add your educational background and bank teller certificates into their own separate sections

Bank Teller resume examples

Explore additional bank teller resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Senior Bank Teller

A Senior Bank Teller role needs a blend of financial and customer service expertise. It's key to succeed in this role by strictly following bank procedures and giving top-notch customer service. When applying for Senior Bank Teller roles, highlight your banking procedure experience, such as handling cash, selling bank products, and keeping customer records. Your resume should also showcase your excellent customer service and problem-solving skills by demonstrating how you can address different customer needs. Include any leadership or supervisory roles you've had, because as a Senior Bank Teller, you'll be guiding and supervising junior tellers. Lastly, instead of just listing your achievements, show how they have positively impacted the bank's operations.

Entry-Level Bank Teller

Applying for an Entry-Level Bank Teller position requires showcasing basic finance knowledge and customer service skills. You should demonstrate understanding of banking operations and money handling, showing you're ready to learn even with little experience. Highlight your communication abilities for handling customer interactions and issues. Also, experience with cash handling and attention to detail are vital, especially regarding transaction specifics. Rather than just listing these skills, provide specific examples of how your skills have made a positive impact, such as 'Improved customer service by...' or 'Reduced errors in cash handling by...', emphasizing on the task, the action taken, and the result.

By Role

TD Bank Teller

As a TD Bank Teller, your role is centered around serving customers and conducting financial transactions effectively. To improve your chance of success in this job, showcase your experience with common banking operations like deposits, withdrawals, and loan payments. Highlight your customer service skills, especially instances where you dealt with concerns and complaints from a diverse range of clients. Your understanding of TD Bank's products, such as various accounts, loans, and services, should also be prominently displayed. Instead of simply listing your skills and achievements, illustrate how they improved your prior job functions. For instance, mention if you were able to shorten transaction times or boost customer satisfaction. Stick to a 'task-action-result' format when presenting this information.
bank teller resume example

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