Accountant Resume Samples, Templates and Guide for 2020

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An Accountant resume has to go beyond the basic certifications employers expect. You need to demonstrate that you can have an impact in your roles and are a good culture fit. This means carefully studying the job and the company offering it before crafting a resume that fits it perfectly.

Claire Nguyen
Herman LLC2018 - Ongoing
Herman LLC is an Accounting and tax practitioners company.. in which i have worked in accoutant post for 2 years from 2015 To 2017
Successfully wound up 3 companies as they were turned into divisions in a restructuring exercise
Promoted within 6 months of my start
Handled Over 600 Account Recievable Accounts
Financial Accountant
Ledner Group2016 - 2018
Ledner Group is a fast food restaurant franchising chain based in Trinidad and Tobago with 27 locations nationwide.
Ranked 1st in the Staff Attendence , Punctuality in October 2017
Was involved in operations , finance and grants management during my tenure of office there were 2 projects .
Reduced backlog of reconciliations from 2012-present by almost 75% in the first three months.
Setup the accounting and control system for the outgrower programme. The system managed funds of up USD2m.
Grimes2014 - 2016
Grimes is a limited company dedicated to various economic activities
Reduced the reporting timelines from 15 working days to 6 working days.
Sales increased by 15% and reduce bad debts
Keeling Group2013 - 2014
Keeling Group is leader in the provision of services including research, design, construction, equipment, current and capital repairs of objects of electric energy.
What did you achieve in this role?
Bachelor of International Economic Relations GPAVarna Free University
2010 - Ongoing
4.0 / 4.0
Bachelor of commerceThe Punjab university Lahore
2008 - 2010
4.80 / 4.0
Industry Expertise
Microsoft Excel

Of course every resume might vary based on the person or the job. It’s important to determine where your strengths are and what information you want to get across to the reader first.

Accountant Resume Talent Examples

Capacity Building
I learnt a lot of things through being capacity built and do the same to others

Accountant Resume Skill Examples

Industry Expertise
Microsoft Excel

Accountant Resume Achievement Examples

Most Proud Of
Business Turnaround
Successfully turning around a bootstrapped business (Vocality) weeks from bankruptcy to selling it for $10m.

Check out ourresume skills page for more actionable tips.

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