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Can You Put Future Jobs On Resume

Is it appropriate to include future jobs on a resume?

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It is not typical to include future jobs on a resume, as they have not yet occurred and may not come to fruition. However, if you are currently enrolled in a program that will lead to a future job, such as an apprenticeship or a graduate program that leads to a specific career path, it can be appropriate to mention that information on your resume.

It is usually best to focus on your current and past accomplishments, skills, and experience when creating a resume, rather than listing future plans or job opportunities that are not yet confirmed.

If you want to express your aspirations and career goals, it would be best to mention them in your Cover Letter.

Where to put a potential future job on your resume

There are a few places where you could mention information about a future job or career goal on your resume, depending on how relevant it is to your current job search.

One option is to include a "Career Objective" or "Professional Summary" section at the top of your resume, where you can briefly state your career aspirations and current skills and experience that align with that goal. This can be especially you are transitioning to a new career field and want to highlight how your current skills are transferable.

Another option is to include your information in the "Education" section of your resume, especially if the future job is related to a degree or program you are currently pursuing. You can mention the degree program you are in, the school and expected graduation date, and how it helps with your future career aspirations.

Lastly, you could also mention your future aspirations in a cover letter, where you have more space to elaborate on your goals and how your skills and experience align with them. This can be a useful way to showcase your motivation and enthusiasm for a particular job or industry.

Keep in mind that the overall focus of your resume should be your current qualifications and experience, future plans should be more like an addition to your overall application.

Example of a summary section that includes information about a future job

Motivated and detail-oriented professional with 5 years of experience in project management, seeking to transition into a career in data analysis. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science, with expected graduation in May 2022. Skilled in project planning, risk management, and team coordination, with a strong understanding of data analysis techniques and tools.

This example highlights the individual's current experience in project management, their current pursuit of a Master's degree in data science, and their career aspirations to transition into a role in data analysis. It also highlights their skills and knowledge that could be transferable to the new career field.

Keep in mind, a resume summary should be no more than 4 sentences long. And you should adjust it according to the position and industry you are applying for.

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Can You Put Future Jobs On Resume
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