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Get your ATS compatibility score instantly with our free, AI-powered resume scanner

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Ensure your resume makes it past the Applicant Tracking Systems with the help of AI

Avoid your resume being ignored due to a lack of relevant keywords
Maximize your content's impact by optimizing for industry-specific keywords
Upgrade your skills section to align perfectly with job requirements

A free resume scanner that generates a bespoke ATS compatibility report based on your resume

Upload your resume and you’ll get a personalized report with an actionable tasklist. Here’s the run-down of what you get.
Comprehensive ATS parsability check
We’ll review your resume, looking for indicators of ATS parsability, like the presence of relevant skills and keywords, your contact details, file type, and length. We’ll then provide suggestions to enhance your resume's ATS compatibility.
Resume sections check
Our Resume Scanner assesses the completeness and relevance of your resume sections based on your job title and industry, recommending improvements where necessary.
Skills section check
The skills section is crucial for both human and ATS reviewers. Our Resume Scanner will evaluate your skills section, ensuring it's tailored to the job requirements and packed with relevant keywords.
Eliminate redundancies
Resume Scanner is designed to detect and highlight repetitive phrases, cliches, and overused words to help you avoid blatant repetition in your resume.
Remove vague wording
Vague words and phrases can dilute the impact of your resume. Enhancv’s Resume Scanner will identify and suggest replacements for vague wording, prompting you to include precise, quantifiable achievements.
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Boost your job application with our full resume grading toolset

Content Analyzer

Vague words and phrases can dilute the impact of your resume. Enhancv’s Resume Scanner will identify and suggest replacements for vague wording, prompting you to include precise, quantifiable achievements.

Referral Link

Having another pair of eyes review your resume can significantly enhance your job search. Share the referral link to your resume with someone who has experience at the company you're targeting, preferably within the same department or role. You can find such connections on LinkedIn or relevant Facebook Groups. Seeking their input on your resume could provide invaluable benefits.

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How our resume scanner determines your resume score

Our resume scanner app employs a robust algorithm to evaluate the quality of a resume. It begins by analyzing the file type and size to ensure that your document is in a format that's easily processed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

The scanner also checks the font styles and sizes used, favoring those that are professional and easy to read. More crucially, the scanner examines ATS parsability by looking for key elements like headers, bullet points, and the logical structure of your resume.

By considering all these aspects, our app provides a comprehensive analysis of your resume, helping to ensure it's not only appealing to recruiters but also optimized for ATS systems.

What is an ATS and what role does it play in the resume-scanning process

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software tool used by many employers to streamline the hiring process. ATS systems automate the initial stages of recruitment by sorting, scanning, and ranking resumes based on relevant keywords, job titles, skills, and other criteria.

The role of an ATS in resume scanning is vital. Since the majority of large companies and many smaller ones use ATS systems, it's crucial that your resume is formatted and written in a way that's easily parsable by these systems. For instance, an ATS scans for specific job-related keywords to determine if a candidate's resume matches the job description. If the resume doesn't contain the right keywords or is formatted incorrectly, the ATS might reject it, regardless of the candidate's qualifications.

Our resume scanner app considers this by analyzing your resume's ATS compatibility. It ensures your resume is optimized not just for human eyes, but also for ATS systems, increasing the likelihood that your application will pass the initial automated screening and reach the hiring manager's desk.

How do I make sure my resume is scannable?

Creating a scannable resume is done by ensuring you do a few things for each resume you write. Here are the things you need to do to ensure your resume is scannable:

  1. Keywords: Make sure your resume includes the keywords that are relevant to the job you're applying for. These will likely be the words and phrases used in the job posting itself. However, avoid "keyword stuffing" or using these words excessively, as the ATS and eventually a human will see this and it can lead to the recruiter not calling for an interview.
  2. Format: Stick to a professional and widely used resume format. ATSs get confused by unusual designs, graphics, and creative layouts. Stick to standard fonts, bullet points, and clearly marked sections. The easiest way would be to use Enhancv’s Resume Builder as we have tested our resume templates and creative sections against major ATS systems to ensure full scannability.
  3. File Type: Save your resume as a “.pdf” file type. This is the most common file type that ATSs can scan.
  4. Headings: Use standard headings like 'Work Experience', 'Education', 'Skills', etc. This makes it easy for both the ATS and the human recruiter to find the information they're looking for.
  5. Spell Check: Make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect. An ATS may overlook a keyword because it is misspelled, and a human will likely be put off by errors as well.
  6. Relevant Information First: Prioritize the most important and relevant information. Use the top of your resume to highlight your most impressive and relevant qualifications.
  7. Contact Information: Include your contact information at the top of your resume, and avoid placing it in the header. Include your full name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile if applicable.
  8. Accomplishments Over Duties: While job duties are important, emphasizing your achievements in each position can make you stand out. Using quantifiable metrics, if possible, can make these accomplishments more concrete.

Remember, while these tips can help your resume get through an ATS, your ultimate goal is to impress a human. So make sure your resume is also visually appealing, easy to read, and compellingly presents your qualifications.

What makes your resume unreadable by a scanner?

When we talk about a resume being "unreadable" by a scanner, we're usually referring to the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Here are a few things that can make your resume difficult or impossible for an ATS to read:

  1. Unusual or complex formatting: As mentioned before, ATS systems can have difficulty reading overly complicated or unusual resume formats. This includes elements like graphics, unusual bullet points, and intricate design elements. Stick to a simple design or use Enhancv’s backgrounds which are proven to not impact ATS scannability.

  2. Non-standard section headings: ATS systems are programmed to look for standard section headings like "Experience," "Education," and "Skills." If you get creative with these headings ("My Career Journey" instead of "Work Experience," for example), the ATS may not understand where to look for crucial information.

  3. Non-standard fonts: ATS systems can struggle with unusual or overly stylized fonts. Stick to standard, professional fonts like Arial, Rubik and Lato.

  4. Inappropriate file type: “.docx” and “.pdf” are generally safe choices, other file types may not be readable by some ATS systems.

  5. Using images, charts, or graphics: Any important information conveyed in an image, chart, or other graphic will likely be missed by an ATS, which isn't designed to interpret visual information.

  6. Headers and footers: Information placed in headers or footers can be overlooked by some ATS systems, so it's best to include all crucial information (especially contact information) within the body of the resume.

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