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Our free and fast Resume Critique tool will provide detailed feedback on key things like resume sections, grammar, and design.

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A resume critique tool that makes sure your resume stands out for all the right reasons

Identify areas for improvement with a thorough checklist
Present a compelling narrative by refining your content
Showcase a professional and visually appealing resume

Resume Critique is a free and quick tool that generates a personalized checklist that helps you fix your resume

Upload your resume and you’ll receive a personalized email with an actionable checklist. Here’s the run-down of how it works.
ATS compatibility checklist
We’ll help you ensure your resume is ATS-friendly. This includes checking for the presence of relevant skills and other keywords, your contact data, file type, and length.
Visual appeal checklist
The Resume Critique tool will provide a checklist to help you create visually compelling resume and avoid common design flaws and select a template that suits your job title and industry.
Consistency and error checklist
Our tool will generate a comprehensive checklist designed to help you identify and correct any misspellings, grammar, and punctuation errors, ensuring your application doesn’t falter due to avoidable mistakes.
Content variety checklist
Worried about repetition in your resume? Our tool will provide a checklist to help you spot and rephrase repetitive verbs, phrases, and cliches, enabling you to showcase a wider range of your skills and experiences.
Impactful wording checklist
Our checklist will guide you in eliminating filler, weak or vague wording, and remind you to include actionable results, preferably with a number or metric achieved, thus boosting the impact of your resume.
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Extra functionalities to boost your resume and pass the ATS

Content Analyzer

With the content analyzer, you’ll not only correct spelling errors but also get practical tips on how to improve your content. If you’ve missed adding quantifiable achievements, the content analyzer will underline the problematic section. Its algorithm is based on studying thousands of resumes, ensuring you're showcased in the best possible way.

Referral Link

Sharing your resume with someone who can offer a fresh perspective is a step towards landing that job. Use the referral link to your resume and send it to someone who’s been employed at the same company, or even better, in the same department or position. Connect with ex-employees on LinkedIn or join relevant Facebook Groups. Their opinion on your resume can provide valuable insights and feedback.

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What checklists do professional resume writers use to provide a resume critique?

Professional resume writers use a detailed set of criteria to assess and critique resumes. While there may be variations based on individual experience and expertise, here's a general checklist they use:

  1. Contact Information: Are the name, phone number, email, and location (optional) correct, current, and prominently displayed?
  2. Formatting: Is the resume easy to read, with consistent fonts and font sizes? Is it neatly arranged with a clear hierarchy and good use of whitespace? Is it free of grammatical errors and typos?
  3. Length: Is the resume concise, ideally fitting onto one or two pages? Does it avoid unnecessary information?
  4. Objective/Summary: Is there a clear and concise objective or summary that effectively communicates the candidate's career goals and qualifications?
  5. Experience: Are the roles listed in reverse chronological order? Are job titles, companies, and dates of employment clear and accurate? Do the descriptions focus on achievements and impact rather than just job duties? Do they use action verbs and quantify achievements where possible?
  6. Skills: Are key skills highlighted, and do they match with the job description? Are there any generic or outdated skills that should be removed?
  7. Education: Is the education section clear and accurate, with the name of the institutions, the degree(s) obtained, and the dates of attendance?
  8. Customization: Has the resume been tailored to the specific job description, highlighting relevant experience and skills?
  9. Keywords: Does the resume use keywords from the job description, which could help it pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?
  10. Professional Development: Are relevant certifications, trainings, or continued education listed?
  11. References: Rather than listing references, does it state "References available upon request," if at all?
  12. Avoiding Red Flags: Does the resume avoid controversial information, such as political affiliations or religious beliefs? Does it exclude personal information, such as age, marital status, or social security number?
  13. Accomplishments: Is there a clear focus on achievements and results in each role, instead of just responsibilities?
  14. Cover Letter: If applicable, does the cover letter complement the resume, with a tailored message that conveys enthusiasm and fits the company culture?
  15. Consistency: Is there consistency in terms of language, tense, formatting, and style?

A resume is not just a list of past jobs and education. It's a marketing document designed to sell the candidate's skills, experience, and potential to prospective employers. The best resumes are carefully crafted with this purpose in mind.

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