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Learn how to list temporary work on your resume like a pro. Don't skip out on relevant experience just because it wasn't a full-time job.
Apr 27, 2023 2 min read

Building a resume can be daunting. Have you just completed a temp job and wondered how to present your experience on a resume? If so, this article is for you.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Defining temp work
  • Appropriately labeling temp work
  • How to tailor your temp work to the new job you’re applying for
  • How to quantify your accomplishments
  • How to include the staffing agency
  • Real resume examples of listing work on a resume

What identifies as temp work?

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Temp work is any job that has a hard end date. It’s a temporary position, usually filled by a staffing agency. At the end of the contracted position, a company may offer a permanent position; however, that usually doesn’t happen.

How to list temp work on your resume

Even though temp jobs usually are just temporary, they can often provide valuable experience that will propel you to your next job opportunity. Let’s discover the best way to list temp work on your resume to impress your next employer.

Make sure you label it as a temporary position.

Temp work isn’t a long commitment, so your potential employer may think you were fired or quit suddenly if you don’t clarify. Letting your employer know there was a mutually agreed upon end date ensures them that you left on good terms.

Tailor your temp positions to the position you're applying for.

Even if your past experiences don’t line up exactly for the new position you’re applying for, don’t count yourself out. Highlight relevant experiences and job skills to make your potential employer see that you’re a natural fit.

Quantify temporary position accomplishments with numbers.

Numbers provide an employer with a quick, easy way to see your impact at your place of employment. Include things like the number of people you trained, how many clients you saw per day, and any relevant customer satisfaction statistics that boosted during your time.

Make sure to include the staffing agency.".

Including the staffing agency you worked with gives you credibility. It can also be another potential reference for the new employer, so keep relations with your staff agency positive. Including this detail in your resume template will function as another reference.

Example of temp experience on a resume

Certified Nursing Assistant (Temporary Contracted Position) | Jan 2021-April 2021

  • Provided comprehensive care to more than 50 residents in a residential treatment center environment
  • Collaborated and designed a new meal delivery system that reduced patient wait time by 35%
  • Trained four newly certified CNAs to provide routine care, such as checking vital signs and grooming patients


Remember, listing temp work is not a negative strike against your resume. Here are a few key takeaways to impress your new employer.

  • Highlight relevant experiences that make you stand out
  • Focus on the big impact you made, despite the short amount of time employed
  • Quantify your accomplishments and daily tasks
  • Focus on the aspects of your temp job that are related to your new potential position

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