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How do you make a resume for a summer job? Here are the secrets to creating a resume that gets callbacks with little to no experience.
Sep 8, 2022 2 min read

Pouring through listings to find the perfect summer job can get discouraging after a while. Job hunting is hard- the cycle of applying, interviewing, and getting turned down is exhausting. Writing a flawless resume will help you be remembered by recruiters, helping you can land the summer job of your dreams.

Typically, seasonal recruiters look at how the soft skills you have can be transferred to the job you’re applying for. In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What skills look good on your summer job resume
  • How to insert personality in your summer job resume
  • How templates can be useful

What to include in a resume for a summer job

If you want to make your resume as strong as possible for a summer job, then keep these in mind:

  • Soft and hard skills you can apply
  • Projects you’ve worked on previously
  • Activities and accomplishments you’re proud of

Soft and transferable skills

Depending on the job sector you’re applying in, there are a lot of skills specific to these jobs that would be good to showcase on your resume. Soft skills, which are also known as interpersonal skills, are helpful to list.

If you’re able to work well with others and navigate the work environment, you’ll have a distinct edge over other applicants. This goes for any job that you apply for since most jobs require that you work with other people, or make quick decisions.

Projects you’ve worked on

Have you worked on a school or college project? Did you put a lot of effort into it? Are you proud of the work you did? Then put it in your resume! Having something to show for the work you’ve enjoyed doing goes a long way towards showing how you can contribute to a new job.

Accomplishments you're proud of

Being part of a club, publishing something in your school’s newspaper, or receiving awards are all good things to list in your resume. These accomplishments give a glimpse into your life and show employers what you enjoy.

Summer job resume template

Don’t be afraid to use a resume template! Having something to help structure your resume will help your formatting look tidy and professional.

If it’s pleasing to look at and shows some effort, employers will be more likely to stop and read for a moment before moving on to another resume. Take the following, for example:

John Doe
777) 777-7777
Recent college graduate with experience working in the service industry.


Server (Part-Time)
Peaceful Eats

  • Helped take customer orders, advised on daily specials, adjusted orders to customer needs.
  • Deescalated customer tensions professionally, escalating to the manager when necessary.
  • Trained ten new employees on the company policy and service guarantees.


DePaul University
Bachelor’s degree in communications

Advancement Community College
Associate’s degree

Notable Achievements

  • Published article on local wildlife in the city newspaper.
  • Single “Quiet Nights” listed on Top 100 Indie Artists chart.


Excellent interpersonal skills, good time management skills, and proficiency in InDesign and Adobe Video Editor.


Getting a summer job is hard. Including your soft skills, naming some accomplishments and projects you’re proud of, and using a template will help keep your summer job resume as clean as possible!

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