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Ultimate PPC specialist Resume Writing Guide with Examples

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Updated on 2021-01-14

PPC specialists are like Tennis Players.

Most can hit a ball with a racket, but few can get the crowd to cheer for them

Headhunters and CMOs take 6 seconds to see if your PPC Specialist resume is worth considering or not.

Be even a little vague here and you’ll be rejected.

And, why wouldn’t it be?

After all, hiring someone to spend thousands of dollars in ads is always a risk.

Hence, your resume should be like a highly targeted ad.

Good thing is, we've done most of the research for you here.

Here’s what you’ll learn here:

  • What format to choose for a PPC specialist resume
  • How to elevate the experience section on your resume
  • What’s the best way to structure your resume header and summary
  • How to emphasize your skills and certificates

Now see below what a winning PPC specialist resume sample looks like.

PPC Specialist Resume examples

Want to write a PPC Specialist Resume that looks like that?

Let's go and see how you can create one like that for yourself.

How to Write a PPC Specialist resume?

It's easy to find a PPC Specialist that ran ads.

It's difficult to find a PPC Specialist that generated ROI from ads.

It is rare to find PPC Specialist resumes that can generate ROI, scale PPC reliably and make data driven decisions.

So, your resume should have three main goals:

  1. Show that you can generate ROI
  2. Show that you can scale Ads beyond certain $$$$s reliably
  3. Display that you're analytical and data proficient

Without doing that, there literally won't be any difference between your resume compared to others.

2 resume formats for PPC specialists

You know that scale, ROI and data is what your resume should talk about. But, what it would look like?

So, pickup a resume format.

  • Hybrid layout - brings equal parts of work experience and personality in your resume.
  • Reverse chronological layout - shows your work experience in a neat timeline.

Reverse chronological format is great for any job application, especially if you have more than a couple of years of experience to show.

Hybrid resumesare perfect for people who are looking for a more fluid way of presenting themselves on paper, but are still adamant about the format.

Frankly, both reverse-chronological and hybrid format resumes can do the job just as well. It’s up to you which one you will choose.

However, a format on its own won’t land you that job.

Top 6 sections for your PPC Specialist resume:

  1. Resume Header
  2. Your Work Summary
  3. Skills
  4. Certifications
  5. Education
  6. Achievements

Let’s get behind crafting these resume sections.

We will start with resume header.

What to consider when writing a PPC specialist resume header?

Myth: A resume header helps you provide hiring manager with your contact information.

It does so much more than that!

If you maintain a blog or published something that's noteworthy on Marketing - this would be the place where you link to it.

Here’s what a resume header should include:

  • Name, contact info and location
  • Link to a portfolio, personal blog/website and/or social profile link(s).
  • Desired title, Degree or Certification

PPC Specialist Resume Header Sample

Janet Reyes
Google Ads Certified PPC Specialist

+359 88 888 8888


janetreyes.com, linkedin.com/in/XXX