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5 Email Marketing Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your email marketing resume should emphasize a track record of successful campaigns. Highlight your expertise in tailoring content to diverse audiences. Demonstrate your proficiency with email marketing tools and analytics. Employers need to see concrete results driven by your strategies and skills.

All resume examples in this guide

Have you ever considered that a resume is a lot similar to an email?

Both of them have to tell a compelling story to avoid the spam folder.

Given the fact that recruiters receive hundreds of resumes daily, yours have to be outstanding to catch their attention.

So imagine your resume is your most successful email campaign. Spark the interest of hiring managers. Make them eager to click.

We are here to help you increase the open and engagement rate of your Email Marketing resume.

What this email marketing resume guide will teach you

  • 10 Email Marketing resume examples to set you apart from other candidates
  • Which templates will best showcase your experience and knowledge
  • How to capture the attention of recruiters with tailored header and summary
  • How to verify that you achieve results in your work experience section
  • What type of education and certification should an email marketer have

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How to write an email marketing resume

You have a unique set of skills. You are both tech-savvy and creative.

You are no stranger to email automation and copywriting.

A/B testing, dynamic email campaigns, and lead generation? You’ve done it all.

And you have to prove it in your Email Marketing resume by mentioning specific results.

How much was the ROI on your most successful campaign? How many new newsletter subscribers you’ve accumulated?

Present yourself as a jack of all trades. Describe all email marketing software you’ve mastered together with the ability to track and analyze a variety of KPIs.

Choose your words wisely as hiring managers will expect outstanding copywriting from you.

Typos and grammatical mistakes are unacceptable in your Email Marketing resume. Your message and language structure have to be flawless.

Are you eyeing a position in the e-commerce industry? Or maybe you want to apply for a SaaS email marketing specialist job offer?

Tailor your resume according to the specific position. Recruiters notice when someone sends a customized Email Marketer resume instead of a generic one.

Choose the best email marketing resume template

Make sure you pick your resume layout so it fits with you experience. Either opt for a reverse-chronological or a hybrid layout. The first one lets you showcase your work experience. It will be suitable if you have many years in the field of email marketing. Use the reverse-chronological layout especially if you are applying for a managerial position. The hybrid layout is a combination of sections for your work experience, your skillset and different projects you’ve completed. It’s better to use it if you have recently switched to email marketing or you have worked with many clients as a freelancer. Select a visually appealing Email Marketing resume template since headhunters will expect of you to have a keen eye for design as well.

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Top 5 sections to include in your email marketing resume

  • Eye-catching resume header
  • Resume summary with on-point stats
  • Email marketing work experience
  • An impressive list of technical and soft skills
  • Email marketing certifications and relevant education

What to include in an email marketing resume header

2 Email Marketing Resume Header Samples

Until now, your resume header probably looked similar to this one.

Lana Morrison
Email Marketing Manager
Chicago, IL

It correctly represents you and your field of expertise. But it sounds generic.

If your resume was an email with this header for a subject line, nobody will open it. It will go straight to the trash folder.

You’ve sent numerous campaigns for promo offers, sales, and product launches. So why not promote yourself as well?

Put your creative cells to work and write a resume header aimed for a high open-rate.

Lana Morrison
Hubspot Certified Email Marketing Specialist in E-commerce
Chicago, IL

That’s much better! You raise the bar by showing yourself as a certified expert with experience in a certain field.

Even if you’ve worked with multiple clients in different sectors, you can express your preferred focus: B2B, B2C, e-commerce, SaaS, etc.

The Email Marketer resume header is also the place to specify if you are an in-house specialist, a freelancer or an agency employee.

Typically, you should also include:

How to make a memorable email marketing resume summary

Now, consider the summary as the preview text of your resume. It has to be catchy and spark the interest of hiring managers.

Be careful of the wording you use because you might end up with something like this.

2 email marketing specialist resume summary examples

I am an Email Marketing Specialist and I have launched numerous successful campaigns over the years using MailChimp and Marketo.

It’s inspiring that you have successful campaigns behind your back. But how will you support this statement?

Also, how many years exactly are “over the years”? Don’t make recruiters sum up your years of experience from the section below.

Here’s how your Email Marketer resume summary can sound more intriguing:

An Email Marketing Specialist with 4 years of experience. Deployed email campaigns with Mailchimp for an e-commerce platform which contributed to total annual revenue of $42 million.

When you mention results in your summary, it lets hiring managers know that you are not just sending out mass emails. You also care about the outcome and tweak your campaigns for better performance.

2 email marketing manager resume summary examples

I am an Email Marketing Manager at a digital agency where we work with multiple clients and set all their campaigns. We aim to achieve a high ROI for every project.

The bar for managerial positions is set even higher. You’ll have to wow the recruiters with your best accomplishment. Give them a reason to contact you for an interview right away.

Now, let’s rephrase the first Email Marketing Manager resume summary and release its full potential.

Developed, implemented and managed all email marketing and lead generation strategies for 25 B2C partnerships simultaneously. Reached an average of 9:1 return on investments for all clients.

Almost the same, but yet so different.

Actionable verbs and quantifiable details about your work truly tell a different story.

Strive to show that you are proactive, accomplish your goals and get results.

What should be in your email marketing resume experience?

It’s time to shape the “body” of your Email Marketer resume - the experience section. Here’s where you should show your creative side.

Explain both your greatest work achievements and everyday tasks in an engaging way.

Recruiters will pay attention to your copywriting skills as they are an integral part of email marketing.

Choose your words wisely and turn the boring job description into an exciting career journey.

Email marketing experience samples

Email Marketing Specialist
Digital Solutions
Chicago, IL
  • Created and launched email marketing campaigns
  • Tracked new leads and prospects via a database system
  • Provided proper email delivery and troubleshooting
  • Collaborated with other teams to deliver outstanding marketing messages
Email Marketing Specialist
Digital Solutions
Chicago, IL
  • Deployed 10-12 email campaigns from A to Z on a weekly basis, including copy, design, calls-to-action via Silverpop and Marketo automation software
  • Created a SQL database to track leads and increased the number of prospects from 120k to 200k
  • Improved HTML, CSS, and fixed other performance issues to provide proper rendering across browsers, email service providers, desktop and mobile devices
  • Worked closely with team members using Slack and managed all projects and team collaboration in Asana

Mention the types of email marketing software you can operate within your work responsibilities. Combine them with soft skills which are essential for the job position. (More on that below.) Don’t be afraid to brag with your outstanding results. Show that you kept track of various KPIs and analyzed the outcome of each email campaign.

Email marketing manager experience samples

Email Marketing Manager
Digital Solutions
Chicago, IL
  • In charge of loyalty program email campaigns
  • Established audience segmentation strategies
  • Designed custom email templates
  • Implemented email automation
Email Marketing Manager
Digital Solutions
Chicago, IL
  • Launched and managed a loyalty program through massive email campaigns which generated 35% more annual revenue
  • Established a new way of audience segmentation leading to an increase in engagement rate by 9.8%
  • Created custom email templates with approved spam scores using Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver in collaboration with the product manager
  • Took part in the automation process of a lifecycle email program which improved the click to open rates from 4.63% to 41.04%

Avoid being vague when you add your email marketing work experience. Try to give as many details as possible.

Show the hiring managers how you can make a difference in their company. Present yourself as a proactive and result-oriented person.

Consider listing your success stories:

  • Substantial increase in the number of the company’s newsletter subscribers
  • Clever tactic for improving the open rate of emails and ensuring they don’t go straight to the spam folder
  • Profitable method for finding and engaging with new audiences
  • Detailed analysis of KPIs in order to increase revenue and minimize costs

Email marketing skills for resume

Email marketers are a jack of all trades. Recruiters will expect from you to:

  • Be a good storyteller.
  • Have an eye for user interface and user experience;
  • Be an analytics guru;
  • Know your way around HTML and CSS;
  • Have no trouble working with a variety of CRMs;
  • Comprehend the legal aspects of CAN-SPAM and GDPR;

But technical abilities should be combined with soft skills as well.

The best way to enlist your qualities is to mix both hard skills and soft skills throughout the sections of your Email Marketing resume.

Tailor your skills to match the job offer you apply for.

Remember, big companies scan their candidates’ resumes using ATS (applicant tracking software), so certain keywords must be present.

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Top 31 email marketing hard skills for resume

  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • Pardot
  • Klaviyo
  • Active campaign
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Silverpop
  • Responsys
  • Cheetahmail
  • Eloqua
  • SmarterHQ
  • BlueCore
  • BounceExchange
  • Movable Ink
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SMS messaging
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Copywriting
  • AMPscript
  • A/B testing
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Dreamweaver)
  • CRM
  • Inbound marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel
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Top 13 email marketing soft skills for resume

How to properly show soft skills on your resume

Pick a job board website and go over the first several email marketing job ads. You’ll start to notice a pattern. They’re calling for people with excellent communication skills, ability to keep deadlines and have attention to detail, to name a few. Your natural instinct will be to just list all those soft skills so recruiters can easily notice them. And that’s where you’ll be making the same mistake as 50+ other applicants. Headhunters won’t fancy a generic resume. It will seem like you just copy pasted the job description. Or worse - you won’t prove your enthusiasm. What if, instead, you mention specific use cases of your soft skills. Instead of “communication skills”, write “Key speaker at DigitalCon New York 2017”. Or explain your organizational skills by writing “Created and evangelized a goal-setting framework within my previous team @ Company XYZ”. Concider combining all of your skills in a resume skill section, to ease the reqruiters further. Make sure you are consistent throught your resume as well. Don't say the same thing twise. It is good to double down on your strongest skills, but make sure you don't get reperatitve. Let’s see how it’s properly done.

Key speaker at DigitalCon New York 2017. Topic included client case study of increasing email CR by 50% to 5.6% total in two months.
Created and evangelized a goal-setting framework within my previous team @ Company XYZ
Reworked and optimized our email templates’ HTML & CSS code to cut creation time by 25%.

The best way to put education & certificates on your resume

Most hiring managers search for email marketing specialists with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent working experience. The preferred university fields are:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Computer Sciences
  • English
  • Communications
  • Journalism

Along with your bachelor or master degree, you can also include additional certificates in your resume education section.

Include the most important and industry-recognized certificate in the resume header. The rest can be included in a separate section below. The following credentials will help you stand out as a person dedicated to email and inbound marketing:

  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Inbound Certification
  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certification
  • Marketo Certified Expert
  • Google Analytics IQ
  • Copyblogger Content Marketer Certification

What makes a job-winning Email Marketing resume

  • Analyze the job description and map out every resume section you will need;
  • Make sure that the resume template you choose reflects your work experience;
  • Use quantitative data to show the results from your work and prove your value proposition;
  • Include relevant education and certification to match the job description;
  • Write a catchy summary and header that will prove you’re good at storytelling and capturing attention;
  • List email marketing software you’re familiar with to pass the ATS systems;

email marketing resume example

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