Marketing Resume Example and guide for 2019

What makes a marketing resume effective? We compiled a guide which includes advice on how to describe your experience, what type of skills to include and why, and the best practices we found looking through hundreds of other marketing resume examples.

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Eric Weissmann
Pioneer Leader - Regional Growth thru Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship
+359 88 888 8888
Cincinnati, OH
An executive who specializes in unifying concepts and people into seamless teams that innovate and operate in new economy models. I gravitate to big idea projects that promise lasting impact, and I lead organizations to those aspirations through strategic alignment, relentless focus and inspired teams.
Vice President - Communications, Community & Economic InclusionCintrifuse
2013 - Ongoing
Cincinnati, OH
Innovation catalyst chartered by the global corporations (BigCos) of Greater Cincinnati to be the engine of new growth for the region: startups working with corporations and a beacon for bringing new investment dollars in to the area.
Part of the founding team - established the strategy, messaging, branding and positioning for this regional effort to catalyze growth through attracting and retaining startups.
Pioneered a blueprint for innovation ecosystem builders across the country, through an equal blend of strategy and execution.
Frequently asked to present the complex, complicated story of Cintrifuse and StartupCincy to executives, stakeholders and community leaders inspiring engagement and deepening their understanding of our mission.
Led the content strategy and construction of six websites; created 100s of PowerPoint presentations; authored scores of newsletters and grew social media communities - CRM database grew from 0 to over 15,000.
Led the team credited with igniting the StartupCincy effort, evolving it from a simple social media hashtag to a movement and now a reputable community recognized from coast-to-coast.
Created a coherent portfolio of innovation brands that guide entrepreneurs from idea to exit - Cintrifuse, StartupCincy, Spry Labs, Customer Connections, Syndicate Fund, Union Hall, etc.
Led diversity and inclusion programs resulting in broad outreach, inviting voices, faces and colors who aren't normally 'at the table' when talking startups and innovation.
Responsible for monetizing Union Hall, a 38,000 sq. ft. co-working space home to 100s of startups, dozens of meetups and just as many puzzles as you'd imagine for a $17 million rehab of a 150 year old set of three historic buildings.
Key impact
Founding Team @ Cintrifuse
Incredible slope and white canvas approach to economic development - BigCo innovation through working with startups. Model now copied by other ecosystems across the country.
Launched StartupCincy
What started as a simple social media hashtag, bloomed into a full-fledged, connected community. Grew from 100s of followers to over 10,000 engaged fans. Adopted by an eager audience locally and serves as a model for other cities around the country.
Instant Adaptation
Able to switch gears going from an enterprise with 10s of thousands of employees to a small business with less than two dozen. Contributing, leading and growing the organization almost immediately.
Made Dream Come True
Pursued and landed a marketing job with the Walt Disney Company. From resorts, attractions, event services and ultimately with the team that launched Disney Cruise Line - a very fulfilling tour of duty that taught me the blending of business with entertainment on a giant scale.
Natural Leader
Frequently asked to bring order from chaos, harmony from dysfunction. Very simply - I make things better.

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5 Best components of a Marketing Resume:

  • Experience relevant to the job you’re applying for
  • The right skills for the job (based on the posting)
  • Quantifiable achievements (Bootstrapped from €0 to €180k in revenue)
  • Examples of what makes you unique (Your usual day or your favorite books)
  • What you’re most proud of (displayed creatively)
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How to write a Marketing resume experience section

What every marketing resume needs to include is a strong list of professionally presented experience. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Be Specific!

Your experience section is often the one a potential employer looks at first when they receive your marketing resume. So keep in mind that the rule of a thumb is to show rather than tell. Make each bullet point of your marketing resume experience section count, mentioning the difference you made for your previous employers. Make sure every point is accompanied with a concrete example. So don’t just say you’re great at marketing, demonstrate it.
Resume Strengths Example

Not just logical, but chronological too!

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when writing your marketing experience section. As we already said, one of the key things is to be as specific as possible and quantify your results. The next step is to start selecting which experience to include in your marketing resume and how to order it. It's best to keep it chronological. That means starting from the most recent position and continue further down. Also, carefully select what experience you write down and don't share everything you’ve ever done. The key here is to include only what a recruiter wants to see.

What's the average experience on resumes VS job description for a Marketing?

As you can see, the experience required by employers for a marketing job and the experience found in marketing resumes is pretty balanced. Still, to stand out in your job search, follow our guide and advice on how to write the best marketing resume employers have ever seen.

Average Experience On Resumes vs Job Offers

avg. experience on resumes
avg. experience on job offers


Resume Experience Example

Best skills for a Marketing resume

What steps to follow when adding skills to your marketing resume

  • List all the soft and hard skills.
  • Check the job description for a marketing position and write all the skills mentioned in it down too.
  • See which skills correlate, and those are the ones your marketing resume needs to feature.

What are the top 5 skills for marketing resume:

  • digital marketing
  • seo
  • sales
  • social media
  • project management

Top 5 Skills On Marketing Resumes vs Job Offers

SkillIn resumesIn job offers
digital marketing35.28%34.40%
social media11.50%53.40%
project management7.98%20.20%


Cause and Effect - Tell them how you made a difference!

Imagine you're at an interview. They ask you a question: What difference did you make in your previous company? The truth is, majority of potential employers ask this. And if you put the answer in your marketing resume, you'll be ahead of other applicants. Also, try to leave out all the buzzwords and only use sentences that really matter and make a difference in your marketing resume. Otherwise you'll be risking looking just like any other average candidate.
Resume Skills Example

Unique content ideas for a Marketing resume

Most recruiters read dozens (if not hundreds) of resumes a day. You need to make your marketing resume stand out for the right reasons. That means showing who you are as a person, not just a professional. Recruiters and hiring managers are far more likely to remember a candidate who seems like genuine person and not just a list of previous jobs and duties. Do this by including a link to a compelling personal website, talk about your passions (which is also a great place to demonstrate skills on a resume), or even share your favorite books.
Unique Resume Example

Tell them what you’re proud of!

You probably haven't heard about a Most Proud Section. We believe it's something a modern and a unique resume in 2019 needs to include. To fill it in, ask yourself what has made you proud in your life? This doesn't mean it needs to be something from your marketing career, or a professional achievement. Mention things that made you a stronger person, or a better professional. This will add another bit of personality and character to your marketing resume.
Make your resume stand out
It can be quite tricky to write a marketing resume. Following the golden rules and advice we shared in this guide will help you build a resume you will send with confidence.

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