Expert-Driven Marketing Director Resume Example Guide

Expert-Driven Marketing Director Resume Example Guide

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Expert-Driven Marketing Director Resume Example Guide

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You’ve handled multi-million dollar accounts, scaled marketing teams, developed successful strategies, you’ve got it all.

But your marketing director resume isn’t getting you past the headhunters and CMOs.

What are you doing wrong?

The answer might be in the word that keeps showing up “you”.

In marketing you’re always trying to get a certain message to a certain audience, but a lot of people think too much about themselves. […] It’s really important to have empathy.
- Diana Smith, Director of Marketing, Segment

Marketing yourself is great, it’s a huge part of what you need to do to grow in your career. But in our experience, too many senior marketers lose touch with the importance of their audience when it comes time to apply for a marketing director role.

You’ll need to create a bespoke document for each company, and our marketing director resume samples will provide everything you need to stand out, nab interviews, and seal deals.

Here’s what you’ll learn here:

 ✔ Which key mistakes hurt most marketing director resumes (and how they differ between agency and in-house marketing directors)

 ✔ How to write an effective resume objective or summary

 ✔ How to frame your work experience to have more impact

 ✔ Which skills will really make you stand out from the competition

 ✔ How to effectively use certifications

Marketing director resume examples

For a deeper look into what’s the best resume format for you based on experience, check out our guides:

How to write a Marketing Director resume?

We’ve seen high level marketers like you make the same mistake time and time again.

You’ve got years of experience and want to show it off, so you fill a few pages with all of your experiences, skills, education, etc.

While it’s true that a longer resume is normal for someone applying for a marketing director position, this often leads to too much unnecessary fluff and vague language.

As an experienced director, headhunters should already know what you’re capable. At its most basic, we recommend the following:

  • A reverse-chronological layout because a marketing director resume should center around work experience and not skills.
  • Large section headings and generous white space allow headhunters to spot information easily.
  • Providing actual data (e.g. statistics, numbers) showcases your level of expertise and shows hiring professionals what you can bring to their company.
  • Detailing the projects you’ve overseen (including team sizes, budgets, and results).
PRO TIPThe average marketing director has been in the industry for a decade andyour resume has to revolve around that. If you lack experience, you simply won’t be the strongest candidate.

Marketing director resume sections to consider

  1. Header with certification(s)
  2. Professional summary
  3. Experience
  4. Education/
  5. Soft/Technical Skills (includingcertifications)
  6. Most proud of

Start with an eye-grabbing header

You might have a great reputation and head hunters are after you, but it’s still crucial that hiring professionals read your resume. Not only does a perfectly-phrased resume header grab the right attention, but it also immediately shows them that you’ve got the relevant skills.

A resume header should include:

  • Name, location, and contact info
  • Degree(s) and Certification(s)
  • Link to social profiles, portfolio or a personal blog

Marketing Director Resume Sample - Header

Tyler Banks, M.A.
Marketing Director
+359 88 888 8888
Anchorage, AK

How to write a marketing director professional summary or objective

Putting thought into your marketing director resume summary shows headhunters that you’ve paid attention and know how to sell yourself. This is crucial, seeing as how sales are a major part of your career!

Your summary or objective should also make it clear whether your experience has been largely in-house or with agencies. This is the most crucial dividing line amongst marketing director resumes as the skills required to succeed in each of those will differ (more on that later).

How to write a marketing director objective

In just 1-2 sentences, outline your career and highlight your most impressive wins. Be sure that it objectively showcases what you’ll bring to the company.

Mission-oriented marketing manager with more than 7 years’ experience in the organic and fair trade sectors. Grew cross-functional teams by 4-fold, saving more than $800k in the process. Seeking marketing director position at Kashi to improve efficiency and revenue.

In the above example, the applicant balances between their experience and what the job advertisement requires.

Experienced marketing manager at Rübar who has grown teams in the organic and fair trade sectors. I’m looking for a marketing director position at Kashi so I can continue to improve efficiency and revenue.

As you can see, the writer doesn’t use any concrete data to showcase their experience, accomplishments, or what benefits they’ll bring to the company.

PRO TIPWhen writing a resume summary or objective, avoid first-person narrative.

Writing a resume summary

If you’re an experienced marketing director, limiting your resume summary to 5 or 6 sentences can feel like a Herculean task. Look at the job advertisement and model your paragraph around it. Remember: HR will be looking for ways that you’ll build their brand while fitting into their professional atmosphere.

Self-motivated, mission-oriented marketing director with 10+ years in-house experience in the organic and fair trade sector. Track record of leading and growing cross-functional teams by 4-fold within 5 years, as well as executing comprehensive marketing plans from start to finish. Diplomatic, meticulous, and consistently able to find the right opportunities for team members. Proudest achievement was saving more than $800k per year in food waste. Seeking marketing director position at Kashi to improve efficiency and revenue.

As you can see, the above applicant built out the summary section. They included more information regarding interpersonal, or “soft” skills, and how their personality helped them achieve their goals.

Marketing director with 10+ years’ experience in the organic and fair trade sector. Led multiple teams, executed comprehensive marketing plans and saved more than $800k per year in food waste. Seeking marketing director position at Kashi to improve efficiency and revenue.

While this is a decent objective section, the writer doesn’t tell the hiring professional anything about their personality. Give HR representatives the opportunity to picture you working at their company.

How should you include work experience?

People don’t just expect you to provide results – they rely on you to boost revenue and direct an entire marketing team. Your work experience should therefore describe your previous positions and what makes you so successful leading others.

You definitely don’t need to mention every single duty or responsibility you’ve been tasked with.

Before you start writing, review the job advertisement. Are there key phrases that stand out?

We recommend the following:

  • List your most recent position, working backward.
  • Choose between 3 and 5 bullet points which describe your responsibilities and any achievements. Use numbers wherever possible.
  • Consider using a “Greatest Achievement” subsection to showcase what you’re proudest of.
Marketing Director of SustainabilityModesto, CA
06/2015 - 09/2018
Company Description
Spearheaded new on-boarding program to increase employee satisfaction (42%) and promote personal development via certification programs
Led and executed comprehensive communication and brand strategy. In two months, grew sales from 10k to 90k
Saved more than $800k in food waste each year (2016-2018)
Marketing DirectorRübar
06/2015 - 09/2018
Company Description
Spearheaded on-boarding program to increase employee satisfaction.
Successfully led and executed comprehensive communication and brand strategy.
Saved more than $800k in food waste each year.

In the above table, there simply isn’t enough data to prove that you were successful in your endeavors. Hiring professionals are looking for solid data to back up your claims – be sure to prove your success with facts and figures whenever possible.

Does a marketing director resume need an education section?

Because a marketing director needs to work their way up the ladder, it’s unlikely that you’ve just graduated from college. While it’s important to include some basic information about your highest degree, it’s not necessary to say much more than that.

Under your education section, include the following information:  

  • Degree type,
  • Major (minors, if applicable)
  • University/college
  • Year of graduation
PRO TIPThe exception would be if you’ve recently acquired an MBA, in which case you should emphasize that degree more.

How should you decide which skills to include and emphasize?

According to CareerBuilder, a whopping 77% of employers believe thatsoft skills are just as important as technical skills. That’s particularly true considering, as a marketing director, much of your hiring revolves around your history of positive leadership.

Ultimately, while technical understanding is important, you’re going to be expected to lead first and foremost.

Focus on showing leadership and management skills. But don’t simply state that you have them, provide examples to back them up.

15 soft skills for your marketing director resume

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Motivation
  3. Growth mindset
  4. Communication
  5. Time management
  6. Self-awareness
  7. Dependability
  8. Creative thinking
  9. Negotiation
  10. Client funnel
  11. Leadership
  12. Storytelling
  13. Flexibility
  14. Persistence
  15. Public speaking

That’s not to say that technical skills aren’t important. Consider giving more thought to the following:

12 hard skills for your marketing director resume

  1. CRO, A/B testing, etc.
  2. UX design
  3. Data analysis (e.g. interpretation, analyzation)
  4. Social media management
  5. Online marketing apps (e.g. Google Analytics, Hootsuite)
  6. Content creation
  7. Design software (e.g. Photoshop, Canva)
  8. Event promotion
  9. Automation software
  10. CMS (e.g Monday, Asana)
  11. SEO
  12. Language skills (e.g. bilinguality)

Of course, if you’re looking to work as a marketing director for a marketing agency, your skill set will be a bit different.

3 core skills agency marketing directors should emphasize

  1. Client management
  2. Sales
  3. Autonomy (you’re not likely to report to a CMO)

Of course, there are other skills you can consider including. Lisa Schneider suggests mentioning knowledge of consumer protection and privacy laws:

You do have to be aware of privacy laws and other consumer protections, CAN-SPAM, and the rules and regulations for any platform you want to use.
- Lisa Schneider, Chief Digital Product Officer at Merriam-Webster

How to include your certifications on your resume

Certifications may sound low-priority but are, in fact, extremely important to headhunters. These can quickly reveal how seriously you’ve taken your role as marketing director.

You might have a plethora of certifications and qualifications, but only add those that provide actual value to your portfolio, like digital marketing certifications or team-leader training.

Say that you’re sending your resume to a sports betting giant. Take the time to research and tailor your resume around their needs. Have you completed specific certification courses that translate into this field?

Consider certifications beyond basic marketing (those skills should be clear in your experience). Business, project management, or even scrum certifications can help round out the skills you demonstrate elsewhere.

Focus on the attributes that set you apart from every other applicant – be concise but descriptive:

  • Detail the program name, date, and location (if applicable)
  • Include programs in reverse-chronological order

How to write the best marketing director resume

It comes down to these simple tips:

  • Make sure you create a bespoke resume aimed at showing how you can solve the pain points of the people in charge of hiring you (treat it like a marketing problem).
  • Use your header to establish credibility earl on.
  • Make sure your resume is well designed, balanced, and easy to read.
  • Use a resume summary of objective to make a brief but powerful case for why you’re the best candidate using specific numbers to demonstrate your impact.
  • Emphasize your skills based on whether you’re applying to work at an agency or in-house.
  • Focus on showing you have leadership and management skills by providing specific examples and metrics

* Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Use this Marketing Director resume sample as a base to create a unique resume for yourself.

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