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5 Social Media Influencer Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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The social media market reached 223.11 billion dollars in 2022.

Insane, right!?

Of course, some people think being an influencer is not a job.

However, achieving a massive impact on a specific audience is not child’s play.

Are you a hard-working social media influencer who can’t win the desired job?

Unfortunately, many people are just like you.

Thankfully, you are stuck on the right side of the Internet and found the guide that will teach you how to impress recruiters.


After reading it, utilize the resume builder and write a cohesive social media influencer resume.

What you’ll learn here:

  • How to include your work as a social media influencer in a resume;
  • A new approach to describe your experience;
  • How to build a cohesive and engaging summary section;
  • Which other resume sections demonstrate professionalism, high-performance metrics, and reliability;

How to Write a Social Media Influencer Resume

Many people underestimate the power of influencer marketing.

And they have cohesive arguments.

Many influencers do not give value to their audience.

Some of them are “famous for being famous”.

Therefore, to impress the recruiters, show how you could bring value to a company.

Your resume is the perfect way to prove your unique approach toward the job and show skills and experience.

It’s crucial to give evidence of strategic thinking and creativity.

To be a high-achieving Instagram influencer, you should show valuable content and successful marketing campaigns.

High-performing TikTok influencers show strong work ethics, good organization, and ability to tell interesting stories.

Follow these three rules, and you won’t regret it:

  • Prove positive personality traits, collaboration with other influencers, and achievements
  • Provide evidence for positive feedback and references
  • Show high-performance metrics from your experience

Moreover, every section of your social media influencer resume should be tailored to the job description.

Continue reading the guide, and don’t hesitate to add facts about yourself that will make you stand out. 

Social media influencer resume formats

Resume formats depend on the industry expertise and years of experience:

  • Applicants with a couple of years of experience usually choose the reverse-chronological resume.
  • Career changers and job seekers should use the functional resume format. However, it’s not popular among recruiters.
  • Hybrid resumes combine the best of both worlds, as they are suitable for all types of professionals.

Also, it’s a good idea to:

Add references and awards to make an impression on employers.

top sections icon

Top Resume Sections:

  • Eye-catching summary section that indicates reliability and professionalism;
  • Strong expertise that shows audience engagement, social media mastery, and sales skills;
  • Extraordinary achievements and awards build trust;
  • Speaking several languages and references from previous employers/colleagues are a bonus.
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What recruiters want to see.":

  1. Do you have experience working with successful brands? Does your audience like your content?
  2. What skills did you acquire while working as a social media influencer?
  3. What are your personality traits? Would your colleagues/collaborators recommend you to others?
  4. What is the main reason you started social media? Do you enjoy creating content or just showing your face and outfit?
  5. What are your career plans? Do you want to continue with your influencer career in 5 years?

5-star social media influencer resume header section

As a social media influencer, you should be familiar with grabbing public attention.

Therefore, you must know how to incorporate creativity with a good look.

Thus, you get recognized.

Yes, but there are some rules you cannot break in your Header section.

To reduce the mistakes, carefully read and apply these tips:

  • Include your first and last name that corresponds to your ID card: don’t implement creativity
  • Be more flexible with the resume headline, as it should target the position you are applying for
  • Add your current location, phone number, and address
  • Include an Instagram or TikTok profile, or if you want to look more professional: a LinkedIn link

Read the following examples that show how to and how not to build a resume header.

2 Social Media Influencer Resume Header Examples

Social Media Influencer
Los Angeles, CA
TikTok Influencer
Los Angeles, CA

Social media influencer summary that sparks interest

Other TikTok influencer guides might tell you:

"Add unique information about yourself! List as many achievements as possible!"

Unfortunately, you should not write more than 5 sentences because it becomes too much.

Preferably, your TikTok influencer summary consists of:

  • the years and industry of experience,
  • skills acquired,
  • duties performed,
  • biggest achievement,
  • statement about your targeted position.

It is not rocket science!

Recruiters have no time, will, and energy to read every fact about you.

Therefore, you should play smart and grab their attention quickly.

You can achieve it by adding high-performance metrics, numbers, and action verbs.

They will describe you as a go-getter!

Do you feel more confident now?

Go through these examples and then build a top-notch TikTok influencer resume summary.

2 Social Media Influencer Resume Summary Examples

Diligent Social Media Influencer with 4 years in social media. Worked in different brands, won awards and my posts reached millions of people. Good time management and organization skills. Established a course that empowered women with Hashimoto's disease to live better.

Can you feel the difference?

Yes, we don't "see" but "feel" because, as human beings, we are prone to respond to emotional impulses.

And the second applicant convinced everybody that they were the right person for the position.

Read the steps above again and carefully follow the tips to create an admirable Summary section.

Diligent Social Media Influencer with 4 years of strong online presence on Instagram and TikTok. Won the Influencer for Good Award two years in a row. Worked with 20+ different health brands and established a loyal community of 50,000+ people. My online course helped 200+ women suffering from Hashimoto's disease live a better life. Seeking to become a Social Media Strategist and build quality healthy eating content.

Social media influencer experience that builds trust

It’s written in Google’s core values:

It’s best to do one thing really, really well!

That’s why you should emphasize the niche you had the most experience with.

Collaboration with 5 big beauty brands is way more impressive than representing 15 totally different businesses.


The reason is that focus is crucial!

Those who excel in one thing usually achieve high-performance metrics.

Secondly, it is vital to know how to present yourself.

As an influencer, recruiters will expect you to: 

  • Use power words, action verbs, and quantitative data to underline facts and duties
  • List high-performance metrics related to your content and the brands you work with
  • Describe tense situations that required mastery of valued soft and hard skills
  • Prove positive personality traits and teamwork spirit 

We want to pay particular attention to content creation skills.

Here is a good strategy you could apply:

Try to emphasize skills like content curation by giving an example of how you handled a complex task.

Back it up with numbers and make it specific and straight to the point.

You will thank us later because this tactic works incredibly well.

Examine these good and bad examples to learn how to list work experience on your resume.

Social media influencer resume experience examples

Social Media Influencer
New York, NY
  • Accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok
  • Represented many makeup brands
  • Created a personal blog that attracted many people and boosted sales
  • Created quality content on different interesting topics

The first applicant makes some good points.

However, their sample feels like something is missing.

As critical thinking individuals, recruiters won’t trust individuals hiding something no matter consciously or unconsciously.

That’s why you should take notes from the second applicant who used quantitative data to specify.

Social Media Influencer
Company Name
New York, NY
  • Accumulated 250,000+ followers on TikTok
  • Represented 10 highly-profitable makeup brands
  • Created a personal blog that generated $100,000 in sales and attracted 50,000 people
  • Created quality content on beauty, body health, and 10+ other women-empowering topics
pro tip icon
Pro tip

Focus on presenting quantitative data about your biggest achievements in one or two social media channels. Don’t be the jack of all trades, master of none. For example, offer high-performance metrics in Instagram and TikTok that will make you look like a go-getter.

The social media influencer ultimate skill set

Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Meta

A wise saying from the father of all social media, right?

Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if broken, but you can still see the crack in the reflection.

That’s why it’s vital to be reliable and authentic!

Companies look for an applicant who knows how to communicate ideas and tell stories with passion.

Of course, you should provide evidence for hard skills like social media marketing, copywriting, and Photoshop.

Find the right balance between tech and soft skills and list them in your social media influencer resume.

top sections icon

Top 6 hard skills:

  • Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
  • Community Management
  • Photoshop
  • MS Excel
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
top sections icon

Top 6 soft skills:

Believe it or not, recruiters are 50% more inclined to believe if you offer quantitative data in the Strengths section statements.

Specifying the details about your contribution to the business is crucial.

Thus, employers know that you can be trusted.

Try to mention strengths that are tailored to the job offer.

Look at the examples, take notes and customize them to fit your resume.

Working with 15+ international brands made me make smart decisions fast and work efficiently
Organization & Time Management
Time is my most limited resource. That is why I always organize my activities to maximize productivity
Content Curation
Excelled in gathering the most accurate and relevant information to add value to my audience

Education section: don’t judge a book by its cover

“You are an Instagram influencer! Nobody expects you to be well-educated!”

Well, this statement is not valid anymore.

Do you know that the Chinese version of TikTok algorithms boosts content like STEM, robotics, and DIY?

There are lots of influencers out there who have graduate degrees and share educational content.

Companies look for people who are professionals: with strong work ethics, deep knowledge, and creativity.

So, if you have a degree in marketing, you have a bigger chance of landing a job as a social media marketing specialist.

Here are some tips to consider when building your Education section:

  • Emphasize the practical skills you acquired in college
  • Add references from industry experts to build trust
  • Include extraordinary achievements: backed them up with powerful words and quantitative data
  • Prove self-motivation, communication, and creativity through extracurricular activities you participated in

Listen to our advice and build an admirable resume education section.

Project section: the shortcut to mesmerize recruiters

Managing your project shows that you are more than a TikTok influencer.

You are an opinion leader.

People are more likely to follow you through your journey because they believe in you.

Recruiters prefer an individual who is reliable rather than eccentric.

That’s why your Project section should be focused on providing evidence of: 

  • community building,
  • project success: show high-performance metrics,
  • positive feedback from clients.

Take a look at the following example and try to copy the structure.

Co-founder & Lecturer
TikTok Boot Camp
Richmond, VA
  • Created the 20 videos, 12 articles, and other educational materials
  • Held 2-hour long lectures for 200+ students
  • 85% of my students reached their desired goals and acquired knowledge about TikTok marketing

Languages: The bigger the audience, the bigger the success

By knowing just one more language, you could increase your audience massively.

Moreover, you get a higher chance of getting the desired job.

What you might need to do, is to present evidence to prove your proficiency.

Therefore, avoid putting language skills on your resume if you are not confident speaking.

You might be a beginner in German, but this fact won’t be helpful for the company you applied for.

Remember that your businesses expect influencers to: 

  • bring value by attracting a larger audience 
  • expand their market position
  • earn them more money

Key takeaways

  • Prove to be a reliable professional by providing evidence of working with reputable brands in your Experience section
  • Emphasize communication, creativity, social media marketing campaigns, and community building
  • Build an attention-grabbing summary by providing the most crucial facts and achievements about yourself
  • Include Project and Language sections to describe yourself as an opinion leader and increase your chances of success
  • Add references from previous employers, industry experts, and clients to show reliability
social media influencer resume example

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