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Creative Marketer Resume Examples Guide + Expert Tips for 2021

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-04-21

You are the creative mind behind a company’s marketing campaign. You transform brands and inspire customers.

You combine customer-focus with tech savviness to deliver an on brand and unique user experience.

But, I hear you say, how do you organise all of this talent and expertise into a creative marketing resume?

Don’t worry we’ll explain.

When looking for a creative marketer, hiring managers want to know:

  • You have the right technical skills (UX Design, SEO Power Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics)
  • You have the right experience and education
  • You have the creative ability to drive a project from conception to perfection

Continue reading to find out what you need to do to make it into the creative marketing world.

Beyond the critical role it plays in tech innovation, personal self-expression, product development, and simply making our world a more interesting place, creativity may be the most important determining factor in whether a content marketing program is properly positioned to thrive or doomed to fail.
- Jodi Harris, Content Strategy Consultant and Director of Editorial Content and Curation atContent Marketing Institute

This Creative Marketing Resume Guide Will Include:

  • 8+ samples and examples of creative marketing resumes
  • How to write a stunning summary that will show you’re a creative genius
  • Experiences you need to include to show you can effectively reach target audiences
  • Technical skills you need to include to show you have an analytical mind as well as a creative one
  • Soft skills that show your ability for storytelling and collaboration
  • How to include portfolio examples
  • Creative Marketing qualifications and certifications

Using this guide will get the hiring manager want to:

  • Read past your summary, and get to know you on paper
  • Be captivated by your skills and experience
  • Put on you on the ‘yes’ pile
  • Contact you and get to know you in person
  • Hire you!

Creative Marketing Resume Samples