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5 Podcaster Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

When crafting your podcaster resume, don’t forget to highlight your technical skills. Proficiency with audio equipment and editing software is a must. In addition to technical prowess, showcase your communication abilities on your podcaster resume. Engaging storytelling and audience building are key competencies that will set you apart.

All resume examples in this guide

Podcasting will be a $4 billion industry by 2024.

Sounds nuts! Right?

However, it’s not easy to maintain success and a high rating for long.

That’s why only the best performers get a piece of the pie.

Maybe you are a charismatic podcaster but struggle to land a job?

Don’t worry!

We know tips and tricks you can use to excel in the entertainment/marketing industry.

Follow this ultimate 2022 podcaster resume guide and use the resume builder to create a strong community.

What you’ll learn here:

  • How to describe your experience, skills, and goals in a podcaster resume
  • How to introduce yourself with 2-3 sentences in the summary
  • How to link your education to support the job application
  • How to include Certificates, Languages, and Projects to make your resume stand out

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How to write a podcaster resume

Nowadays, podcasters have become even more popular than national tv hosts.

Institutions know the podcast host is not just someone reading a script in front of a microphone.

Such a position requires:

  • Charisma
  • Ability to unite people in a community
  • Strong online presence to keep up to date with trends

Every day a new podcast pops up on Spotify, but only a few stay relevant for more than a year.

In such an oversaturated market, you should take the right approach and build a winning podcaster resume.

It’s vital to emphasize your communication, research, and organizational skills.

Moreover, podcasts are a popular tool for advertising.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to include marketing and sales skills, copywriting, and community & brand building.

You should include all your achievements and extraordinary experiences that make you stand out.

Add previous positions directly linked to marketing or TV & entertainment.

Is it more clear now? 

If you can’t think of anything else, then ask yourself similar questions:

Did you achieve to reach a lot of people? Do some public figures listen to your podcasts?

Are you good at researching new content? Do you have experience in content strategy?

Are you a team worker? Do you make a positive first impression?

Are you good at monetizing your content? How did you do it before?

What skills did you acquire from previous experience? Does your education help you in the podcast industry?

If you want to become more confident, read more resume examples and build yours.

Podcaster resume formats

As a podcast host, you should focus on the following resume formats:

  • Reverse-chronological resume describes your most recent job first and goes backward in time for previous positions. It’s perfect if you’ve been in the industry for some years.
  • Functional resume format is suitable for career changers and job seekers. It’s oriented around your transferable skills and expertise.
  • Hybrid resume combines the best of both worlds, as seniors and newcomers find them useful.

Here are some style and layout resume tips:

  • 12p resume font size and 10’ resume margins are your optimal choice
  • Use the one-page resume if having under 10 years of experience. If you have more, use a two-page resume
  • Do not underestimate the grammar and spelling
  • Choose the PDF format 
  • Try MS Word resume templates and customize them

If you want to get the job, include Languages, References, or Projects sections.

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Top podcaster resume sections:

  • Strong Experience section based on facts and backed up with quantitative data;
  • Eye-catching summary that introduces your expertise and skills;
  • Balance between the soft and hard skills;
  • Cohesive Education that shows self-motivation;
  • References and Languages gives you extra points.
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What recruiters want to see on a podcaster's resume:

  • How long have you been a podcaster / in front of the public?
  • Do you have good diction and speaking voice? Are you a charismatic and attractive person? Can you grab the public’s attention?
  • What valuable marketing skills did you acquire from your experience?
  • Are your previous employers happy with your overall performance? Do you get along with your colleagues well? Are listeners delighted by your attitude?
  • Why did you decide to pursue a career as a podcaster?
  • What do you want to achieve next: goals, objectives, and plans?

Professional resume header podcasters need to show reliability

It’s proven that almost every recruiter searches for candidates by typing their first name.

Moreover, organizations utilize automated tracking systems (ATS).

Therefore, your podcaster resume should be optimized for both the recruiters and ATS systems. 

It’s not as simple of a task as you expected, isn’t it?

But we have a solution for you. 

Here are some resume tips you need to follow to ensure that your resume won’t be rejected immediately:

  • Your name should be searchable: the same as the one you use in your social media profiles
  • Describe your work to match the job title you are applying for
  • Always write down both the phone number and email you use most
  • Include your general location (Miami, FL is enough)

Look at the examples and try to avoid the mistakes in building your podcaster resume header.

2 Podcaster Resume Header Examples
Marketing Communications Manager
Podcast Host
Miami, FL

The dream podcaster resume summary

What's the number one priority of a podcast host?

The answer is obvious: to grab the attention of the audience.

The aim of the Summary section is the same.

If the employer identifies your core skills and the value you can bring, they will continue reading.

Show that your public image could build a community of loyal listeners.

Moreover, the recruiter wants to know how your content will bring them money.

Therefore, it’s critical to mention communication, marketing, and sales skills.

To make it more clear, we’ve prepared some simple steps you can follow to build an admirable podcaster resume summary:

  • Emphasize previous experience in the entertainment industry, marketing, or leadership
  • Include acquired soft and hard skills, responsibilities, and extraordinary achievements
  • The summary should contain high-performance metrics backed up with action verbs and numbers
  • Finish it by stating your expectations/plans for the position you are applying for

Follow these 4 bullet points, and the interview call will be on the way!

Just don’t forget to tailor the resume summary to the job description.

It’s crucial!

Now take a look at the following bad/good examples and gain insights into how to build yours:

2 Podcaster Resume Summary Examples
Detail-oriented Podcaster with some years of experience. Co-hosted the comedy podcast Njoy Now. Admirable communications skills. Reached tens of thousands of people around the globe.
Detail-oriented Podcaster with 7 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Co-hosted the comedy podcast Njoy Now. Performed content strategy and research and worked in a team of 10. Reached over 50,000 people from 15 countries around the globe. Seeking to join a comedy podcast whose target audience is listeners aged 45 and above.

Do you see the difference between a well-built, cohesive and specific sample and a scattered, vague, and the general one?

Don’t be surprised when the second candidate wins the job and the other doesn’t get a call.

That’s why you should strictly follow this podcaster guide so as not to miss your opportunity.

Just trust us and expect miracles to happen!

Crucial podcaster resume experience

Your podcast content should not be about you, but about solving your prospects’ problems.

Steve Lubetkin, journalist, podcaster producer, and author

This quote should become your maxima when thinking of podcasting.

Those podcasters who focus their inner drive to solve audiences’ problems are the opinion leaders of tomorrow.

That’s why you should follow the steps below to convince recruiters you want to help your audience:

  • Mention positive feedback from listeners and backed it up with quantitative data
  • Explain how you handled a stressful situation and turned it into a success
  • Use high-performance metrics to describe the impact of your content
  • Show evidence of skills like research, content strategy, communication, etc
  • Demonstrate that you’ve gone that extra mile with examples

Underline your ability to unite people in a community, sharing common values.

Mention how you implemented your marketing skills and increased the reach.

Try to ask similar questions, writing the answers in your podcaster resume Experience section as bullet points.

How did my communication skills help me bond with the team and the audience?

Did my content match the needs of the audience?

How did I become an opinion leader? What is my impact?

Do I have any awards, achievements, or recognitions to add?

Look at the following bad and good examples and learn how to list your work experience on a resume:

Podcaster resume experience examples
Podcast Host
Miami, FL
  • I hosted podcast episodes weekly
  • I researched and presented interesting topics
  • I received positive feedback from the podcast listeners
  • I performed content strategy and social media advertising

Here are some mistakes that this candidate made but you should avoid:

  • Starting the sentences with “I”
  • General sentences that bring no value 
  • Lack of quantitative data
Podcast Host
Miami, FL
  • Hosted at least 2 podcast episodes weekly
  • Researched and presented 100+ topics that sparked interest in 20,000+ people
  • Received 92% positive feedback from the active listeners of the podcast
  • Performed the content strategy and social media advertising, thus increasing the audience by 18% in a month
pro tip icon
Pro tip

Try to list those positions and experience bullet points directly linked to skills required for podcasting. For example, you might be great at email marketing and achieve astonishing results, but it’s irrelevant for a podcaster.

Valuable podcaster resume skills

As you may know, “soft skills” is interchangeable with “productive personality traits.”

Such abilities you acquire through experience.

That’s why soft skills provide evidence for the years of hard work and lessons taken from failures.

Therefore, employers value skills like proper speaking, flexibility, and organization.

Furthermore, it’s also vital to have hard skills such as marketing & sales or research.

They provide evidence of your expertise in the industry and increase your chances to get hired by at least 50%.

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Top 5 hard skills for your resume:

Marketing & Sales; Brand Awareness; Community Building; Research; Podcast Equipment.

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Top 5 soft skills for your resume:

Pay strict attention to your strengths as they help you convince recruiters that you have skills.

Write down one to two sentences:

  • use numbers
  • action verbs 
  • high-performance metrics

Look at the following example and take notes:

Always finding the correct answers to solve a problem. Good at maximizing podcast reach by doing profound research on factors that cause great interest.
Speaking & Active Listening
Good diction and connecting sentences logically make my speech intriguing for listeners. Being a good listener also helped me make the most out of every conversation with my guests.
I wouldn't start to record a podcast episode if I didn't do my checklist before. My maxim is: Quality is more important than quantity.

Resume education section: utilize your knowledge

Obviously, occupation as a podcaster does not require any high educational background.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add it to your resume.

Remember that recruiters are interested in candidates that bring value.

If you have a Bachelor of Marketing, you are more likely to have the skillset to attract big audiences and money than 80% of the applicants.

Therefore, read the following tips and try to build your admirable resume education section:

  • Write down the skills you mastered backed up with practical examples
  • Show that you are a team worker: describe unpleasant experiences you managed with your colleagues
  • Emphasize extraordinary achievements that indicate leadership, self-motivation, and organization
  • Prove to desire to share knowledge and skills with others

Languages: The more, the better

Listing language skills on a resume is a massive advantage when being a podcast host.

Not only do you target a specific audience, but also you can freely speak with international guests.

And such an asset is incredibly desired by recruiters.

However, do not include this section if you are not confident speaking.

Mention those languages you are 100% you can use freely in any situation.

Project section: opportunity to stand out

Listing projects on a resume is an opportunity to show skills and professional achievements that:

  • you are proud of,
  • match the job description,
  • show self-motivation.

You can focus on work or personal projects: the goal is to take the initiative.

It’s a good idea to list the statements with bullet points and use quantitative data plus action verbs.

Look at the following example and do not hesitate to copy their structure.

Education Podcast Project
New York, NY
EduHelp is a podcast of 30 episodes that provides free education on school subjects from top professors around the world.
  • The podcast reached and helped 30,000 students in the USA alone
  • Received 99% positive feedback and recognition from Teach for America
  • Spent 300+ hours managing all the operations for the execution of every episode

Awards build respect

Awards and Achievements are the resume sections that spark the biggest interest.

Recruiters are impressed when seeing the candidate is recognized for their hard work.

Thus, they are 100% sure you are a go-getter: there is nothing to stop you!

Moreover, awards are a sign of deep knowledge in a specific field.

Being awarded for your work means you have all the required skills: marketing and sales, communication, and research.

Emphasize the high-performance metrics and avoid vague sentences.

Education Podcast Awards
Ranked in the Top 10 most influential podcasts in the USA for 2022.

Key takeaways

  • Prove that you are a charismatic person capable of uniting people and following trends
  • Try to show with your experience that you can solve the audience’s problems
  • Try to draw the attention of the recruiters in the summary section by listing extraordinary achievements and high-performance metrics
  • Add the Projects and Awards section to prove to be a go-getter
  • Tailor each section to the job description and use quantitative data plus action verbs
  • Mention communication, research, and marketing skills and support them with proven facts
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