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Sep 8, 2022 6 min read

Although a Dean’s list is not a typical accomplishment to include on a resume, there are situations where it makes sense.

However, It is possible that you didn’t make the Dean’s list as many times as you want or you want to leave it out. But you just graduated and you are wondering what to write in your resume.

Don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered.

And if you made the Dean’s list all or almost all of the semesters, congratulations. Learn when and how to include it.

Should you put Dean’s list on your resume?

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1. You were on the Dean’s list consistently

Include Dean’s list on your resume if you have been added to it regularly. Making the Dean’s list for many semesters throughout your college career demonstrates a strong, consistent work ethic, as well as academic ability.

If, on the other hand, you only made the list just once or a couple of times, you shouldn’t include it on your resume.

If you only made the list once or twice, including it in your resume could make you seem inconsistent.

2. You attended or graduated from a prestigious university

If your university is one of the top ones in the U.S. or even in the whole world, then making the Dean’s list is an achievement which is going to be recognized.

The more prestigious the university, the more seriously you should consider putting Dean’s list on your resume.

This applies if you attend(ed) one of the Ivy League universities (e.g. Yale, Harvard and Princeton), or any of the colleges and universities widely recognized as the best in the United States.

Cons of Adding Dean’s List on Resume

There are, of course, times when adding Dean’s list could have disadvantages:

  • It may be considered redundant since your GPA is listed right next to it.
  • If it’s not clear what the criteria are for making the list, there is no real meaning behind it.
  • It can add clutter to your resume.
  • If you achieved it once or only a couple of semesters, then it may look like inconsistency for the Recruiter.

But, then what else to include? Check out our Resume without work experience and First job resume for alternatives.

Don’t Include it if:

  • Don’t include Dean’s List if you graduated with Latin honors

There tends to be a level of confusion between the Dean’s List and the various Latin Honors. Both of them are given by the school administration.

The Dean’s List varies widely from college to college, it is difficult to quantify the qualifications needed to make that list. Generally speaking, most Dean’s Lists require the student to be within the top 10-15% of their class on a semester basis. However, the Latin Honors are generally more niched in their qualifications and much more narrowly defined.

  • Don’t add Dean’s List if you have a long, successful career

If you are not applying to an internship or to your first job, better avoid including it. Dean’s List shows that you were consistent with your studies, however when you have job experience, concentrate your resume on your skills.

What if I’m coming from abroad to the US or from the US to Europe – what is the equivalent and should I add it to my resume?

Dean’s List is one of the university awards for good grades in the U.S and other countries. If you are coming from abroad, you would probably also have awards similar to: cum laude, meaning “with praise”, magna cum laude, meaning “with great praise” and summa cum laude, meaning “with the highest praise”. These are the Latin honors that most universities use.

In your resume better write the equivalent to your country honors. It is hard to make the absolute same, so if you are applying to another country and you are not sure what these awards mean – describe them in a couple of words.

How to put Dean’s list on your resume

Include Dean’s list under your education section

  • Include the Dean’s list in your education section.

You could list the Dean’s list in your resume education section. It’s part of your educational history and is also where the Recruiters expect to see it.

It would be best if you also include how many times you made the Dean’s List. For example like this: Dean’s List for [X] semesters

  • List the Dean’s list next to your GPA.

We would recommend you not to list your GPA if you were awarded a Dean’s List or a Latin Honor because the assumption is that your GPA is more than 3.5. However, if you decide to include it, write the Dean’s List next to your grade.

  • Write it in your Awards and Accomplishments section

You can list the award beneath your Awards and Accomplishments section. This could be a better way to do it if your Dean’s List is not consistent through all of the semesters. However, if you do not have such a section on your resume, you can always use one of the other ways we gave you.

Note how many times you made the Dean’s list

The more times you made the Dean’s list, the better. This achievement shows the Recruiter that you are consistent in your excellence.

So if you made the Dean’s list multiple times, include the number in your education section.

If you made the list less than three times, leave it off. However, if you are a graduate of a top university you can mention that you were able to make that list, even if it’s just once or twice.

Examples of Dean’s list on a resume

  • How it’s written in an education section

If a lot of people are accepted into the university and it is not in the top ones, write the Dean’s List if you have made it almost every time.


University of California, Berkeley — California, MD

Bachelor of Arts: Major in Sociology, Minor in Psychology

Graduation year: June 2016

GPA 3.5 / 3.9, Dean’s List for 3 semesters


Loyola University Maryland — Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Arts: Major in Psychology, Minor in History

Graduation year: June 2020

GPA 3.6 / 3.8, Dean’s List for 7 semesters

  • Add it by Creating an Awards and Accomplishments section

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Student of the Year Award 2019
  • 1st Prize in a Student Essay Contest
  • Dean’s List, 3 semesters

Even if you haven’t been able to make the Dean’s List consistently, you can always tell that you took time to win the other awards.


Here’s whether to list Dean’s List on a resume and if yes, how:

  • Including Dean’s List on a resume is optional.
  • Put Dean’s List on a resume if you made it all semesters.
  • If you made Dean’s List only once or twice, better don’t include it.
  • Don’t include it if you have job experience;
  • If you made the Dean’s List several semesters, include it in your education section or in an Awards and Accomplishments section;


Do you have any other questions about Dean’s List on a resume? Give us a shout-out in the comments below!

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