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5 Salesforce Admin Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your Salesforce admin resume must highlight your technical proficiency with the platform. Show your expertise in customizing Salesforce features and automating complex business processes. Display a track record of successful project management and stakeholder communication. Demonstrate your ability to translate business requirements into effective Salesforce solutions.

All resume examples in this guide

You look at the blank sheet of paper that has to turn into a compelling Salesforce Admin resume.

But, you’re stumped.

There are multiple job postings and each one calls for different skills and experience.

Where on company expects a Salesforce Admin to integrate systems and automate work. The other wants you to manage Territory and CPQ.

Where should your focus be?

Sometimes, it’s about caring equally for business, people and technology.

Are you a challenge-solver and you love making people’s day better by saving them time?

Do you show hospitality to people through technology?

Displaying that you can fix problems is just one part of writing your resume. Other is to prove that you genuinely empathize with users.

Time to make a Salesforce Admin resume that’s not just a keyword soup, but a job-winning “about you” page.

This resume guide will teach you:

  • How to take advantage of numbers and results in your experience
  • What’s the perfect resume format for a Salesforce Admin
  • How to emphasize your skills and what certifications to include
  • How to make your resume summary work for you

How to write a job-winning Salesforce Admin resume

Writing a Salesforce Administrator resume is just like building something with Lego.

You've so many building blocks that every time you come back to it, you create something new and exciting.

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What are the top building blocks we recommend for a Salesforce Admin resume?

  • Resume header
  • Career summary or objective (depending on your work experience)
  • Education & Certifications
  • Experience
  • Notable projects and/or achievements

Recruiters like to see experience on your resume in chronological order. Notable projects or achievements can attest to specific things you’re proud of.

Salesforce professionals come from different professional backgrounds. Education section and certifications pinpoints what you know and what you specialize in.

Here are the most common formats you can choose, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

How to format your Salesforce Admin resume

Job seekers usually go for one of those three formats:

Our preference goes with reverse chronological resumes on this one.

In a field where you could have been doing something completely different 3 years ago, having your most recent career feats up front makes up for a tailored resume.

How to get a Salesforce Administrator resume header right?

It’s time to perfect each section of your resume.

The header of your resume introduces who you are, your value proposition and makes sure your role is easily visible.

It also gives the recruiters an overview of your public profiles and projects where they can follow up with what you’ve done so far.

The following list below contains the information you mustn’t omit under any circumstances from your Salesforce Administrator resume header:

  • Your name
  • Your location (City + State/Country is enough)
  • Your current job profile
  • Contact information (professional email & a phone number)
  • Related links (personal website/Trailhead profile/LinkedIn profile)

Below you will see two examples of resume headers - one of them taking the upper hand on the other.

Salesforce Admin Resume Examples - Header

Sonja Aldridge
Salesforce Administrator
Oakland, CA
Sonja Aldridge
Salesforce Administrator
Oakland, CA

There’s just one tiny but considerable advantage of the first header over the second one - and that’s links.

The second Sonja missed a big opportunity to impress with a standing out Trailhead profile.

If you don’t think it’s a big deal, consider having to go up against 100s of other applicants, some of which have definitely put a link.

It could make all the difference between rejected at the first sift-through and got an interview.

Writing a salesforce admin resume summary

Before you start blindly writing your resume summary, it helps a great deal to look at the job description first.

Try to analyse it and see what skills and experience they are asking. You may start to notice the following:

  • Performing data cleansing cycles
  • Tracking & monitoring campaign performance
  • User training on completing KPIs
  • Reporting and filling out user requests
  • Researching, testing and integrating new tools with Salesforce
  • Problem solving and interpersonal skills required
  • Understanding of CRM, Sales & Marketing cloud

Now based on the requirements, you can mould your summary. Let’s check out two examples to illustrate the point.

2 sample salesforce administrator resume summaries

Salesforce Certified Administrator with 4+ years of experience in implementation and integration for two orgs in Business Administration. Skilled in creating functional dashboards and reports, trained over 2500+ users on Salesforce and increased revenue with 23% by integrating product tools.

This summary reads well because:

  • It uses real numbers to show impact;
  • It mentions the industry the owner is passionate about;
  • It indirectly touches on the soft skills of the owner - as they let results speak for their actions.

Now let’s see the other one:

Expert in Salesforce Administration with in-depth experience in integration, implementation and management of business administration and sales cycle. Looking to my bring deep empathy for users and communication and hope to be a great asset for your team.

On the first look, there’s nothing wrong in this resume summary. There’s slight personalisation and mentions of important skills for SF administration.

However, if you open a browser and search for sample resume summaries, this is what you’ll get.

The same overused words you see in every second application.

Compared to the first one, the second summary sample fails to impress as much.

What you need to know about Salesforce Admin resume experience section

What results will you bring to the company, if you were hired on the spot?

That’s what hiring managers look for in your Salesforce Admin resume experience section.

Unless you talk about specific improvements, your experience kind of misses the point.

For example, you can put it like this:

“Day-to-day configuration of Salesforce functionalities within our org.”

Or, instead, you can paraphrase it like:

“Configured Salesforce functionalities to enhance business process performance up to 40%.”

Let’s go over a few more examples and build the case.

2 Salesforce Admin resume experience samples

Salesforce Admin
New York, NY
Company Description
  • Re-engineered an existing product with a large user database.
  • Brought new customers in the first 12 months.
  • Higher than average project rate completion.
  • Managed Salesforce requests/issues for company total end users.
  • Automated sign-up messages to clients, leading to increase in subscriptions.

The points above are vague and don’t mention any numbers and results this person achieved in previous role.

Let’s look at an enhanced version.

Salesforce Administrator
New York, NY
Company Description
  • Re-engineered an existing product which has around 4000 active users.
  • Brought on 35 new customers in the first 12 months and continued this growth rate.
  • 98% success rate in project completion by first estimated date.
  • Managed Salesforce requests/issues for 2,500+ Salesforce total end users.
  • Automated sign-up messages to clients, leading to increase in 50% of subscriptions and churn rate decrease to below 1%.

Now, this resume tells recruiters you are an #AwesomeAdmin!

A hiring manager can easily see what type of value you’ll bring to the Salesforce team as an admin.

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Pro tip

Talk about your proudest Salesforce admin moments in resume - facts and figures turn the tables in hiring.

How to add your certifications and education

Most job offers you’ll see online list a Bachelor Degree or equivalent experience.

What’s best about Salesforce, however, is arguably its most comprehensive documentation of any platform of this kind.

So, if you’ve been a super user and you are looking to upgrade your career into administration, Salesforce Certifications on your resume can tip the scales in your favor.

They will prove you have a deeper understanding of the platform and how it best helps a business thrive.

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Top 4 Industry-Recognised Salesforce Admin Certificates

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Advanced Administrator
  • Platform App Builder
  • CPQ Specialist

What’s more, having an Admin 201 or SFDC certification, in addition to experience with tools that integrate with Salesforce is a must.

Salesforce admins play a key role in implementing various tools with Salesforce, so being keen on what helps streamlining processes and solving problems is a valuable advantage.

Now, let’s go over the top salesforce admin skills required by companies.

Adding skills to your resume

Pay close attention to the job ad you’re applying for and make sure to update the skill section of your resume.

This way it will match with the ones listed in the description. Stay through to your skills, however, your resume is a place to be genuine, not phoney. And don't lie on your resume!

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Pro tip

Navigating through Trailhead’s projects, Trails and challenges you earn recognition with badges. This is the platform’s own way of proving you have accomplished a skill. You’ll be able to hone your skills by reading and doing at the same time.

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5 Technical Skills for a Salesforce Admin Resumes

  • Salesforce
  • Business process
  • System & Network configuration
  • Data validation
  • System administration

Salesforce Admins assume the roles of leaders in organisations - be it formal or informal. Training users or presenting to C-level is, at the very least, a weekly milestone. Speaking in front of others is just one of the many soft skills required for this position.

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Pro tip

Not feeling confident on stage? Why not take improv classes? They help you build up your composure, deal with nervousness and teach you be aware of how audiences pay attention. That’s not the only way how to develop this skill, though. Public speaking courses are offered by different communities, colleges and even on Trailhead platform.

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Top 5 soft skills sought by employers on Salesforce administrator resumes (according to Salesforce.com)

Key points: what makes a great salesforce admin resume?

  • Make sure to back by examples any soft skills you mention
  • Choose a resume layout that will put your experience in the spotlight
  • Include specific achievements backed by numbers in your summary and experience
  • Match the list of skills and certificates you have with the job description

salesforce admin resume example

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