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Comprehensive Guide to Your Marketing Associate Resume

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Updated on 2021-04-21

You’ve got experience, drive, and even an internship under your belt, but you just can’t land an interview.

If this sounds familiar, it’s pretty likely that your marketing associate resume needs a major overhaul.

The document you’ve continued to build upon since college just isn’t going to cut it.

For popular job advertisements, hiring professionals might be inundated with tens (or hundreds) of similar “CTRL+V” applications. In a role that requires forward thinking and the ability to accurately forecast trends, don’t follow the crowd.

You’ve only got a few seconds to grab attention: Take advantage of it!

Getting a callback depends on how you tailor your ambition, personality, and experience to the job description.

When you spot a too-good-to-be-true job opportunity, get your document to the top of the pile with our marketing associate resume examples, tips, and tricks.

This marketing associate resume guide will assist you with:

✔ Choosing the right layout (e.g. reverse chronological) to illustrate your experience

✔ Showcasing your experiences accurately and efficiently

✔ Providing the best ways to list your marketing certifications

✔ Creating an objective or summary to show off your skills and nab attention

✔ Ensuring that the job description’s required skills are covered

Marketing associate resume examples

How to write a marketing associate resume

Just like the marketing campaign strategies you studied for, your associate resume needs to be thoroughly mapped out. We recommend creating a list of your actual skill sets, then comparing them with the job description.

Do you lack the employer’s required experience? Press ‘pause’ before continuing. Are there easy ways to update your skill sets (say, with an online course)? Or does the job require skills that only comes from spending time in a specific industry?

If you’re brand new to marketing – or took some time off from the sector – consider a more functional approach, where your skills are the focal point. Already have experience? Your resume should emphasize it with both a reverse-chronological layout and unique template.

Whichever you choose, ensure that you’ve got enough white space and that your section headers allow recruiters to quickly scan for important pieces of information.

Finally, make it easy on hiring managers by limiting your resume to a single page.

Sections to consider for your marketing associate resume

  1. Resume Objective or Summary

  2. Marketing Experience

  3. Education

  4. Soft Skills

  5. Technical skills

  6. Certifications

  7. Interests, passions, personality, etc.

Resume headers make a massive difference

Don’t underestimate the importance of a great resume header: At a glance, prospective employers will spot who you are and why you’re the best candidate for the position:

Resume headers require:

  • Your name, phone number, and professional email address: Though it’s basic, this data is absolutely necessary. In fact, if you forget it, your resume will probably be forgotten.
  • Certifications and qualifications: Are you a certified Hubspot Inbound marketer? Do you have an MA in digital marketing? If it’s applicable to the position, include a brief reference to the qualifications.
  • Professional and/or personal websites: Feel free to share your LinkedIn (or a personal website) to illustrate why you’re a great hire.
Serena Johnston
Marketing Associate

+359 88 888 8888


Tulsa, OK
Serena Johnston, M.A.
Analytics & Hubspot Inbound Certified Marketing Associate

+359 88 888 8888



Tulsa, OK

Tell your story via a professional objective or summary

Even though an objective or summary isn’t required, it’s still a fantastic way to introduce yourself and sum up the job you’re seeking. What’s more, employers are more likely to call you back when you include these elements.  

If you’re applying to multiple positions with the same company, it’s recommended to leave this off your resume.

How to write a career objective for a Marketing Associate resume

If you’re new to the marketing world – or switching your career path up – a career objective is a great choice. The place for this information is at (or near) the top your resume.

Your sales associate resume header should include:

  • 1-2 sentences
  • The skills you are most proud of
  • The job you’re looking for
  • Whether you have specific training
New to marketing sector but I’m looking for a long-term career. I’m hard-working and self-motivated, and always up for a challenge!

Though the applicant may have included some great personality, avoid using first-person and generic phrases whenever possible. Never say that you’re inexperienced – find a better way to phrase it.

Hard-working and self-motivated Hubspot-certified marketing associate seeking long-term career. Interested in obtaining position in challenging B2B marketing sector.

Here, the person included personal details, as well as what the sector they’re looking to join. For hiring professionals, this provides a much better idea of who you are.

Marketing associate resume summary examples

If you’ve got a plethora of experience in this industry, resume summaries are your best bet. Keep it short and sweet (think a single paragraph).

We recommend placing this either at the top or end of your resume, but it could also fit under a designated “Career Summary” section, too. Be sure to include:

  • 4-5 sentences which are brief yet descriptive
  • Your previous accomplishments
  • How long you’ve been in the role
  • Facts/figures whenever possible.
  • What you desire from your future position
I am a marketing associate with three years of experience in digital marketing. In my last role, I was responsible for a team of 5. We increased email marketing efforts and boosted client ROIs each quarter. I am looking for a position in the corporate responsibility sector.

In addition to using first-person narrative, this applicant provides no quantifiable examples of how their efforts paid off. They also do not include the name of the company to which they’re applying.

Marketing associate with 3 years’ experience in the digital marketing sector. Leading and training a team of 5, was responsible for overseeing comprehensive marketing plans. Improved client ROIs by 50% each year, increasing email marketing efforts by 40% each quarter. Seeking marketing associate position to improve revenue and efficiency at Siemens, specifically in corporate responsibility sector.

How should you frame your marketing associate experience?

Prospective employers want to see evidence about what you can bring to their business. Review your current (or last) role, and think about the best ways to quantify your success. Instead of emphasizing duties, use bulleted, measurable statements under each employer, including:

  • Campaigns that resulted in site traffic, subscribers, etc.
  • Reduced costs (e.g. per click, fixing a site issue)
  • Improved CTRs via optimization or content marketing work.