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5 Deloitte Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your Deloitte resume needs to highlight your proficiency in industry-specific software. It should demonstrate technical expertise that aligns with Deloitte's service areas. Quantifiable achievements are a must on your Deloitte resume. Showcase your ability to drive results and contribute to the bottom line.

All resume examples in this guide

Few can claim to possess a clear vision for the future as Deloitte can.

The company is famous for its growth through passion and diversity.

This means that there are no boundaries for you unless you create them.

And if you want to succeed in acquiring a position at Deloitte, you have to embody precisely that sense of vision.

Maybe you’re not sure what this idea of foresight entails.

Maybe it’s a bit daunting when you’ve gotten to the part where you have

to actually have to put your finger on the keyboard and create your resume.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this simple yet effective guide to understanding

Deloitte’s core values and principles.

This is how you get a step ahead in the competition!

Continue reading, study the examples, and use the resume builder to create a top-notch

resume to apply for Deloitte!

What you’ll learn here

  • How to list the experience, summary, and strengths that will stand out to the hiring committee more than anything else
  • How to make your achievements impossible to ignore
  • How to not only have a creative resume but for it to also be clear and concise
  • What other resumes include stellar interpersonal skills and orientation to detail

How to write a resume that will land a career at Deloitte?

With your resume, you should aim for one specific direction:

To be the first choice, most sought-after talent by showing not that you are excellent, but that you set the standard for excellence.

You have to show that not only can you be the changing factor that determines success, but also that uniting your vision with that of Deloitte is what can ultimately bring success to both.

An organization’s culture of purpose answers the critical questions of who it is and why it exists. They have a culture of purpose beyond making a profit.

Punit Renjen, CEO of Deloitte

This quote should always remind you that it’s not always the profit in the first place.

And Deloitte is a perfect example of this argument.

The company believes that making an impact is what truly matters: for people, clients, and society.

The company culture is based on driving positive change every day while doing what you love.

Deloitte encourages diversity and passion, and these are the exact qualities you should prove on your resume:

  • Show that you do not judge the book by its cover, and that you feel true to yourself
  • Show how you can bring a clear direction to their vision: mutual success is the ultimate goal
  • Show examples of how you can provide business growth and development and how you have already done it elsewhere

Attract their attention to the skills you can list in your Strengths and Experience sections.

Don’t forget to show that you know what your worth is by including an Achievements section.

Mentioning the skills you possess is definitely a must for a resume.

Two of the most important sections in the resume are the Education and the Courses, so you can not only be clear that you have the qualifications, but also the ambition to learn more and grow.

Continue reading the guide and get even more tips on how to create the ultimate resume.

Deloitte resume formats

The following resume formats are ideal for a resume for Deloitte:

Keep an eye out for these tips:

Do not disregard the Course section to let your motivation for growth stand out!

top sections icon

Top resume sections for Deloitte application:

  • A summary of your most relevant accomplishments
  • Create an Experience section that shows your results
  • Skills that accentuate your performance
  • An Education and Courses section that brings your knowledge and ambition of learning into view
  • Don’t forget a References section for the recruiters to see your ability to work in a team
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What Deloitte recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • How much experience do you have for the position you are applying for?
  • Do you have any proven results of your previous performance?
  • Do you have experience working in a dynamic environment within a team?
  • What is the opinion of your previous employers and colleagues?

A precise yet full and clear Deloitte deputy manager header is vital to a resume

Everybody wants their resume to stick out from the rest with only the first glance when in a recruiter’s hands.

How do you achieve this?

If you are a deputy manager, you should know that a powerful start is important. But you also realize that a clear beginning is even more crucial.

And what is more of a clear beginning than having your most important information in plain view:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Current location
  • LinkedIn profile link

Your email address should be a professional one and your name should correspond to your ID and other social media correspondence.

Your job title is completely up to you, as long as it makes clear the position at Deloitte you want to apply for.

Here is a wonderful example of how you can write the best possible header.

2 Deputy Manager Resume Header Examples

Deputy Manager
Deputy Manager
New York, NY

Deloitte audit manager summary that acknowledges value

The summary section remains one of the most vital parts of a resume that has the sole ability to capture a recruiter’s attention and keep it.

Random vague information about yourself is doomed to failure!

What should the Summary section do then?

It should definitely mention your high performance and most applicable skills!

You should bring attention to the value you can bring to Deloitte!

These are some resume examples of what to include in this section:

  • Add years of experience in the desired field
  • Show valid skills
  • Support statements with quantitative data
  • Present in a short manner some of your results
  • Mention what your intentions are for your future development in Deloitte

2 Audit Manager resume summary examples

Audit Manager with years of experience in the financial industry. Specialized in increasing productivity and company profitability, overseeing company audits, and ensuring companies meet compliance regulations. Achieved many high-performance metrics.
Resourceful Audit Manager with 9 years of experience in the financial industry. Specialized in increasing productivity and company profitability, overseeing company audits, and ensuring companies meet compliance regulations. Go-getter, 2 times Employee of the Month. Seeking to join Deloitte and work in a fast-paced environment.
pro tip icon
Pro tip

Do you know what recruiters love to see? The answer: applicants who know exactly what they want to accomplish with their job position. Therefore, finish the summary with a sentence outlining what you desire to achieve at Deloitte!

How to present your experience impact as a Deloitte business analyst?

Nothing is more valuable than the truth itself!

And nothing is more true than showing direct examples of how you have contributed to the success of different projects.

A lot of applicants lie and embellish the truth on their resumes.

Should you?

Absolutely not! Getting blacklisted by recruiters is the last thing you’d want.

You want to be reliable and clear about what you bring to the table. The best way to do that is by stating examples of that, which have been proven with measurable data.

How many entrepreneurs and small businesses have benefited from your expertise?

How many dollars in expenses have you reduced for a company through your business strategies?

How many new sales opportunities have you created monthly?

Support these facts with action verbs, power words, and numbers, implementing your extraordinary accomplishments.

Business analyst resume experience examples

Technical Business Analyst
Miami, FL
Textton is a company offering software development services.
  • Created support processes for new implementations of web services
  • Synthesized business intelligence data to produce a lot of reports
  • Applied payments to vendors and successfully re-negotiated many vendor contracts
  • Wrote production validation test cases

Do you think that Deloitte would hire this business analyst?

Of course, not!


Because business analysts are usually people who are attentive to details!

The bespoke candidate shows no indication that they understand the position they applied for.

This specific Experience section is vague, and the candidate did not mention any metrics that would help them stand out.

Technical Business Analyst
Miami, FL
Textton is a company offering software development services.
  • Created 2 support processes for new implementations of web services that increased the productivity of newly-formed teams by 30%
  • Synthesized business intelligence data to produce 15+ reports per month
  • Applied payments to 5 vendors and successfully re-negotiated vendor contracts to reduce cost by 25% for 2021
  • Wrote 3 production validation test cases for the newly developed software

This example is a whole other universe!

The applicant uses quantitative data to underline the importance of their contributions.

That's why they have at least a 50% higher chance of getting hired!

Take notes from the business analyst and center manager Experience sections and try to build yours!

Center manager resume experience examples

Center Manager
Las Vegas, NV
  • Planned and organized team buildings
  • Coordinated the daily professional operations
  • Recognized as the Employee of the Month
  • Oversaw staff development, training programs, and mentorship programs
Center Manager
Las Vegas, NV
  • Planned and organized 10+ team buildings in the period 2021-2022
  • Coordinated the daily professional operations by managing 2 teams of 25+ people
  • Recognized as the Employee of the Month for 3 consecutive months from March to May
  • Oversaw staff development, 10+ training programs, and 2 mentorship programs

The must-have skills you need for Deloitte

It’s highly likely you are applying for a position that not only needs you to implement business skills, but also have the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people.

After all, you are ultimately attempting to implement the values of one of the most recognizable companies in the world: integrity, outstanding value, commitment, and strength through diversity!

It is vital to present your ability to communicate these principles through your work.

But how do you do that?

Include soft skills like conflict resolution, teamwork, and time management.

top sections icon

Soft skills on Deloitte resumes"

Soft skills are without a doubt a necessity in this line of work, but the technical skills required to proliferate in this position are something that will always find a place in the everyday dealings of this position.

Is this a job where you can only get by on charm and persuasion?

Definitely not!

And that is exactly why you have to include your ability to handle the technical parts of the position.

And that is exactly where this section comes in handy.

However, you should not fail to mention the hard skills that recruiters will be scanning for.

Some of these include:

  • Building marketing strategies
  • Business development
  • B2B Sales

Be sure to mention them and the ones listed below:

  • Understanding of basic correlations in accordance with statistics
  • A firm grasp of functional areas such as marketing, sales and manufacturing
  • Ability to read and comprehend financial accounts
  • Familiarity with different strategic and marketing frameworks
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Deloitte's strategy consultant: Technical skills list:

top sections icon

Deloitte's strategic planning manager: technical skills list:

  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Financial Models
  • Financial Analysis
  • Executive Leadership
  • Strategic Priorities

If you want to support the listed skills with clear examples, use the Talent section.

It allows you to explain your strengths, extraordinary results, and duties you performed in more detail.

Get ahead of your competition and provide the most coherent examples!

Strong Communication
Working in 10+ different teams in IT, human resources and consulting, helped establish strong verbal and non-verbal communication.
6 years of experience managing two teams of 20+ people made me an opinion leader in my field.
Conflict Resolution
Excelled in finding a mutual agreement between two or more conflicting parties.

Bring to the forefront the achievements that show results

Given that you are a professional with a couple of years of experience at your back, you ought to have rewards and recognitions.

But is that what you’d accentuate here?

No. Such things cannot truly paint the right picture of your contributions to a certain project.

What you should be highlighting here (if you are a strategy consultant) would be:

Built and executed the one massive outbound sales strategy, generating $5 million in new business.

This shows your exact result, and that cannot be argued with.

Try to remain near the job title and show the accomplishments that can contribute to that.

Top 1% Leaders in IT Consulting
Recognized by Forbes as one of the top 1% IT leaders in consulting for 2020 during the global lockdown.

Education is a section you must remember to include

You should definitely have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Sales mentioned on your resume, just so recruiters don’t throw it away from the start.

Such a degree has definitely got you many things and especially particular skills that will be of great help to your position.

But is that everything you’ll need?

Definitely not!

It doesn’t teach you things like:

  • How to support company values
  • How to communicate well with people
  • How to handle problems and situations you were not prepared for

You have to recognize your own strengths in dealing with these points, and you have to show recruiters at Deloitte that you can.

But the only way to even get to that point is by including a spotless Education section.

Because ultimately, what does such a section do for your resume?

  • It is a proof of competence
  • It explains gaps between prior employment
  • Increases job relevance
  • It highlights your long term investment

Certificates are the stars of your achievements

top sections icon

Top business intelligence certificates for your resume:

  1. Certified Business Intelligence Professional
  2. IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate
  3. Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
  4. QlikView Business Analyst
  5. SAP Certified Application Associate: SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.3
  6. SAS Certified Specialist: Visual Business Analytics
  7. Tableau Certified Data Analyst
  8. Tableau Desktop Specialist
  9. Tableau Server Certified Associate

Certification is the crown jewel that the Achievement section can never truly be,

Although the achievement section is definitely irreplaceable, the Certificate section shines brighter.

It presents the fact that you are not just a potential employee with some accomplishments, but that you are a distinguished person in your field. It is the ultimate blend between achievement and education.

What is the thing that recruiters will be looking for in a resume?

Dedication and motivation!

And that is exactly what the Certificate section gives you!

References are a great weapon

Not only is the position at Deloitte a job where you have to understand a lot about different marketing campaigns and business strategies, but it is also a social job.

If one of your main functions is to communicate with people, you had better present that strength of yours in a comprehensive way.

But how do you let recruiters know that you are capable of interacting great with people and especially your colleagues?


Add a References section where other colleagues and/or past employers can vouch for your competence.

This way, you get to have someone behind your back when applying for a job. And that is also a major plus for your qualifications and for your stress surrounding the matter.

Key takeaways

  • List valid and applicable experiences that will hold the attention of recruiters
  • A strong header and summary sections is the place to start with to reach a great resume
  • Let your education lay the groundwork for your first impression and performance
  • Know that the skills are what elevate that groundwork
  • A good reference from an employer is an achievement in its own right
deloitte resume example

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