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Top Skills for Editor resume
  • Maven
  • JUnit
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • Linux
  • Communication
  • Creative problem solving
  • Analytical thinking
  • Influencing
  • Team work
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Resume Background

A good editor resume shows your hiring manager that you can:

  1. Talk to new people
  2. You understand the topic before editing
  3. You're a leader
  4. You help writers succeed

The last three show that you're the right editor in any setting.

After all, an editor's job isn't just to edit content. But to help writers succeed, while getting pulled in all directions & meet deadlines.

That requires some serious leadership.

And if you show those within your editor resume - sky's the limit for you!

I look for an editor with experience that covers a multitude of platforms and content formats because the workflow and concept development are all different. You should be publishing unique and varied content that readers can’t get anywhere else, and only seasoned editorial talent can provide that.

Ben Plomion, CMO at GumGum

Doesn’t matter if you need a copy editor, assistant editor, or editor-in-chief resume: we will provide everything you need to know to get the attention you deserve.

What you’ll learn here:

  • See job winning Editor resume samples
  • How to write an Editor resume that wins 9/10 times
  • Tactically change your resume sections to achieve perfection
  • Tweaking your resume to display your passion and personality

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How to write an Editor resume

First, understand what the current role demands from you as an editor. Try to think based on:

  • Does your area of expertise matter for this role?
  • Have you worked for a relevant publication?
  • What editorial skills would they value?
  • How your personality is going to impact your application as editor?
  • Is your editor resume template good enough to stand out?

Words are your best friends. But, you’re now in an unfamiliar territory where you've 100s of unspoken rules. And, acceptance/rejection decisions are being taken in a few seconds

Next, pick up a template.

Editor resume template

Pick resume layout/template based on :

  1. If you work as an in-house editor for a niche vertical - Reverse chronological layout
  2. If you work as an in-house editor working for many broad niches - Hybrid resume layout
  3. If you work for a small, mid or a large organization - Reverse chronological layout
  4. If you work as a freelance editor - Hybrid resume layout

Read more about these resume layouts here - Crafting the perfect hybrid resume.

These templates naturally align with your experience and industry. For example, a hybrid resume would breakup work experience into projects for a freelance editor resume.

5 editor resume sections to consider

  • An objective or summary
  • Experience with a focus on quantifiable results (if any)
  • A project section
  • Education/Certification(s)
  • Relevant skills

Before you start writing anything, try to understand each job advertisement’s requirements. Do they need someone who can handle an enormous range of tasks? Or, are they searching for something like a narrowly focused copy editor?

You’re probably underestimating the importance of your resume header

Not giving your resume header any thought is similar to not giving the title of a book or article any thought.

We’ve attached two sample Editor Resume headers below to show you the difference.

Leslie Wyatt
Assistant Editor
Leslie Wyatt
Assistant Editor for Online Cosmetics Publication


Pensacola, FL

As you can see, adding a few more details about your previous work history shows that you have a specific level of experience.

What should be included in an Editor resume summary?

To make your resume summary helpful and relevant, consider adding the following:

  1. Your experience (years, industry, niche)
  2. Area of expertise and skills
  3. Quantifiable achievements
  4. Awards and recognitions

And if you are someone who’s making a career transition or apply to entry level positions, consider these two examples below.

2 Copy Editor Resume Summary Examples

I’m new to the industry but am a driven editor with an eye for detail.
Hardworking, creative Copy Editor seeking entry level Copy Editor position with Ulta Beauty. Looking to apply eye-for-detail, knowledge of editing programs, and two years of experience.
Pro Tip
pro tip icon

Use easy-to-read fonts, plenty of white space, and interesting headers.

Writing an Editor resume experience section

If you're an entry-level-graduate, include writing and editorial experience from college or school.

Newsletters, email campaigns and freelance gigs - all add to your entry level resume too!

But, if you are an experienced professional, think about who'll review your Editor resume:

  1. If it a Senior Editor - emphasize editorial quality, staff management, portfolio
  2. If it is someone from management - emphasize what you can do at the bottom line

For example, take a look at these two Editor-in-chief resumes.

Editor in Chief Resume Samples - Experience

Editor-in-ChiefBlackhawk Gazette
Beloit, WI
Responsible for managing entire publication and its writers
Expanded the publication’s online presence
Got the paper more involved in local issues and news reporting

Now compare this Editor resume example to the one that's below.

Editor-in-ChiefBlackhawk Gazette
Beloit, WI
Managed and edited a team of 18 writers
Expanded the paper’s online presence, increasing online readership by 400% within two years
Improved the paper’s local reach and reputation by becoming a fixture in local news media, discussing the news of the day

While the second one isn't a Webby award winning Editor resume, it does a few things that stand out:

  1. Mentions scale at which the editor worked (18 writers)
  2. Business achievements (400% increased readership)
  3. Mention of "improved local reach and reputation"

Tiny details, but huge outcomes.

Copy Editor Resume Experience Sample - focused on skill

No matter what type of Editorial work you do, display your skills in action with your resume.

Talk about how you bring positive changes and improve processes.

Doing so makes a resume experience which no one can discard - not without a heavy heart!

Copy EditorThe Free Lance–Star
Fredericksburg, VA
Developed new proofing procedures to ensure 0% error rates.
Introduced style templates to maintain company voice.
Built excellent rapport with my writers, becoming the preferred in-house editor for the majority of the writing staff.

“I hire editors who play nicely with others, in the newsroom, throughout the organization, and with external parties. To succeed in this industry, editors need to be fast, independent, and good at dealing with people.”

Grant Butler, managing director of Editor Group

16 Editor Resume Skills

Your resume screams relevance and "yes" so far, and the hiring manager is impressed.

But, to make your hiring manager your evangelist - display personality and passion. Also, reiterate your skills.

While we hope, you're still being relevant and not adding your grip skills (golf skill!) here.

Consider the following highly demanded skills listed below for your Editor resume.

10 Soft skills to include on an editor resume

  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Research
  • Working well under pressure
  • Rhetoric
  • Organization
  • Strategic planning
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Independence

6 Hard skills to include on an editor resume

  • Word processing software (e.g. Gsuite, Microsoft Office)
  • Copywriting (e.g. SEO, magazines)
  • Writer training
  • CMS software (e.g. Asana, Monday)
  • Public speaking
  • Management

Remember: If you compare your skills to the job description and fall short, you’re probably not a great candidate for the job. Focus on offers that you’ll excel in.

So, what makes a good Editor resume?

  • Match your resume to the needs of the hiring manager (a writer, an editor-in-chief, or a publication owner)
  • Write a summary or objective statement that best represents your skills.
  • Only include relevant experience and skills to your resume (employers are looking for a streamlined document).
  • Whenever possible, be specific about your accomplishments.
  • Add relevant certifications, awards and recognitions
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