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Sep 8, 2022 5 min read

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Solutions architect jobs require unique technical and problem-solving skills. To ace interview questions, learn how to showcase your experience, communication skills, and innovative thinking. Research the company, update your portfolio, prepare questions, and close the interview strongly. Remember to dress professionally, provide clear answers, and ask relevant questions.

Solutions Architect jobs demand abstract thinking. Architects have to design and configure system architecture to meet clients’ needs. It’s a job that requires unique problem-solving and technical skills. That’s why solutions architect interview questions are always thorough. Having ready answers increases an interviewee’s chances of getting the job.

This solutions architect interview questions and answers guide is ideal to:

  • Fresh graduates seeking their first solution architect job
  • Experienced candidates preparing for a new role
  • Anyone invited to a solutions architect interview
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Top 5 Interview Questions & Answers for Solution Architects

Hiring firms are always on the lookout for particular skills. They seek candidates who display enthusiasm and a deep understanding of hardware and software platforms. Suitable candidates must demonstrate the ability to solve complex technical problems. Personality and communication skills may also earn interviewees extra interview points.

Below are five of the most common solutions architect interview questions and answers.

Describe a typical work week for the solution architect position?

Hiring managers ask this query to determine whether interviewees know their role if onboarded. It’s also an uncanny way of probing whether a candidate has had previous experience as a solutions architect.

Before answering this query, candidates should consider past roles and how it relates to the vacant position. The more candidates can link past jobs to this position, the more likely they are to give a relevant answer. Experienced candidates might have the upper hand in tackling this question. They can quickly glance at their resumes and recall past similar roles.

The answer should be clear and well organized. Avoid going into work details or straying off-course to non-work activities. Describe what solution architects do on a Monday morning and the tasks they perform throughout the week.

How would you communicate to clients who disagree with your assessment?

Interviewers ask this question to determine a candidate’s interpersonal skills. The solutions architect position involves recommending solutions to customers. Sometimes customers don’t entirely agree or understand such assessments. How do interviewees present their visions to clients?

Solutions architect interview questions don’t require prompt responses. Candidates should take their time before answering.

Interviewees should explain how they went out of their way to convince customers and why their recommendation works best. Fresh candidates with limited experience can describe how they tackled similar problems in their lives.

Have you ever come up with an innovative solution?

Job interview for solution architects uses this question to assess the innovative and imaginative abilities of candidates. Hiring managers want to know whether a solutions architect can get creative when tackling on-job problems. Does a candidate conform to tried and tested methods, or do they seek alternate solutions?

Answers to this question vary. However, candidates should provide responses that aren’t obvious. Interviewees should think of something challenging and describe how they solved it perfectly.

Solutions architects always face complex problems like network latencies and memory bottlenecks. Candidates should think of such issues and demonstrate how they ingeniously solved them.

Are there any merits of Paas-oriented development?

Solutions architect interview questions and answers can sometimes touch on technical aspects.

Is it better to buy solutions or to build solutions? Hiring managers use this question to ascertain the analytical and technical skills of a candidate.

The answer to this question depends on how familiar a candidate is with Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) and other cloud-based services. Paas eliminates the need for databases, networks, and OS solutions. However, Paas can be difficult to integrate and maintain. Solutions architects should be aware of such limitations.

Which area of this job do you find challenging?

Here, the hiring managers want to ascertain the limitations of candidates. It might look like an intimidating question, but everyone, including experienced solutions architects, has weak points.

The response to this question varies. Candidates can talk of a problem that cuts across the entire solutions architect profession or focus on personal limitations. Interviewees shouldn’t just mention challenges. They should proceed and detail how they plan to overcome their limits if hired. Candidates should be mindful of their body language when responding to this question.

How to Prepare for a Solutions Architect interview

Adequate preparation is an absolute must when heading for a solutions architect interview. Here are vital preparation tips.

Research the company

A common mistake among interviewees is limiting their research to the job itself. Hiring managers prefer candidates who fit into the organization’s goals and plans. Thorough research entails checking on company aspects like:

  • Goals and mission
  • Culture
  • Recent news and events
  • Finances
  • Competitors

Clean up your portfolio and tidy up your personal branding

Having a polished portfolio is a sure way of standing out from a pool of talented candidates. A portfolio allows structural architects to showcase past work samples and abilities. Candidates should ensure it has the essentials and supporting documents like:

  • Educational certificates
  • Previous projects
  • Compliments from Clients
  • Certificates of professional qualifications
  • References

While cleaning up their portfolios, solutions architects should remember to work on their branding. Personal brands are unique talents that distinguish one job seeker from the other. It allows solutions architects to display their values, credibility, and personality.

Prepare questions to the interviewer

When preparing for interviews, solutions architects should also compose questions they intend to ask the interviewer. Asking questions shows enthusiasm for the hiring company. Candidates should avoid asking questions that center on themselves or their salaries. Instead, enquire about the organization’s culture, values, and daily responsibilities.

Tips on how to close the interview

A strong closing statement can leave lasting impressions on the interviewing panel. Interviewees should affirm their interest in the vacant position, remind the interviewers of their qualifications, and finally ask for the job. Candidates may also seek clarification on the next steps after the interview.

Takeaways: Solution Architect Interview Questions & Answers

Solutions architect interview questions and answers focus on technical, interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving capabilities. To improve your chances of landing this position, you should:

  • Dress professionally
  • Have an organized resume
  • Have an in-depth understanding of a solutions architect role
  • Provide clear answers
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Close the interview strongly

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