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8 Store Manager Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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Did I ever tell you the story of how my friend Evan secured his store manager position as a result of a practical joke?

No? Well, buckle up…

To preface, I’ve changed my friend’s name for privacy reasons. Obviously.

But his experience offers a lot of valuable gems on the best way to construct your store manager resume.

So what happened?

Evan always had a knack for finding the easiest and shortest way to complete a task. That’s why he went on to study for an IT specialist.

Now, as any other cash-strapped student, he needed to find a job to support himself while at college. What’s more, the winter holidays were coming up and that meant presents.

But there was a catch - he wanted a remote job, so wouldn’t have to interact with customers.

After months of not getting callbacks, he decided it was time to apply for any job available.

Out of desperation, Evan also filled out an application for a store manager at a haute couture outlet. This time, however, he resolved to create the perfect resume.

Even if he had to skew some information.

An IT college student with a great fashion sense. Impossible, right? Yet, Evan is the living proof because he got the job!

Remember: never lie on your resume. I’m sharing Evan’s story as his experience offers some valuable tips. Here is how he did it.

Our actionable store manager guide will teach you

  • How to showcase that you go above and beyond for both your customers and your employees
  • Which resume format is more appropriate for your level of experience
  • How to weave in job description keywords without sounding fake
  • Ways to flaunt your soft skills and support them with results
  • How to build your resume so that each section reveals your character
  • The top certificates to set you apart from the rest of the job candidates

How to pitch yourself on your store manager resume

A big part of your job as a store manager is to sell products and services. This means you have to be able to do it on your resume too.

Recruiters want to see you are able to sell anything to anyone. And besides, that’s the purpose of your resume.

Evan’s research concluded that:

  • The preferred layout is the reverse-chronological resume, although the hybrid format is also suitable in some cases.
  • If you’ve been a manager in some capacity, skills are transferable. Don’t get discouraged by lack of experience.
  • You have to put equal emphasis on your ability to cater to customers and manage employees.

As Evan’s research proves, the reverse-chronological resume format is favored yet again.

That’s because hiring managers can easily see the progress of your career. And the skills you have developed along the way.

The good news is you can use this layout regardless of your expertise level.

Frame all the sections the right way, and having less experience won't hurt your chances. Sometimes an outsider’s perspective can be as valuable.

By contrast, if you have plenty of expertise, and you want to go more in-depth, you can use the hybrid resume format.

It allows you to list only the most relevant positions you’ve held in the past. Take the opportunity to elaborate on some of your capabilities.

Finally, make sure you balance out your resume. Include enough information about how you treat customers and fellow employees. Both sides rely on you for things to run smoothly.

It’s important to show you don’t create situations where you’re either the hammer or the anvil.

How does this look down, broken section by section?

top sections icon

The must-have sections for your store manager resume

  • A strong header to impress hiring managers and keep them hooked
  • Resume summary to pitch yourself and win recruiters over
  • Experience section to demonstrate a consistent career development
  • Skills section to display a versatile set of abilities
  • An education and certification section to back up your skills

What should be the focus of these sections?

There are a few points you need to take into account.

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Here is how to appeal to hiring managers on your resume

  • What do you onboard the right staff, and how do you keep them motivated?
  • How do you stay on top of your work without getting overwhelmed?
  • What is your go-to method to increase your buyer pool?
  • What does a typical work day look like for you?
  • How do you ensure you stay on top of sales targets outside the holiday season?

How to build a solid header for your store manager resume

Recruiters review hundreds of resumes a day. And that is after the ATS screening process has filtered most of the lack-luster ones.

That’s why framing a complete and accurate resume header is necessary.

Let’s see Evan’s first attempt at building this section.

Evan Dean
Assistant Store Manager
Mountain View

He’s started off with his full name and job title, which is good. But then his lack of attention to detail immediately jumps out:

  • There are many formatting mistakes. Namely, Evan hasn’t specified that Mountain View is located in California.
  • He hasn’t provided an email address. And you need to present at least two contact methods so that if one doesn’t work out, recruiters can still reach you.
  • The telephone number listed is the sole evidence Evan is based in California.
  • LinkedIn profile is missing. Adding one isn’t mandatory, but it can highlight how good you are at networking.

With these points in mind, here is the revised version of Evan’s resume header.

Evan Dean
Assistant Store Manager
Mountain View, CA

Much better!

Straight away, it looks professional and flawless.

And if hiring managers wanted to see Evan's full employment history, they can go on LinkedIn.

Check out our article on how to polish your resume header, if you need more tips!

Creating the perfect summary for your store manager resume

So, what about the resume summary? It’s all about how well you market yourself to recruiters.

Before you start, jot down all your achievements. They are your selling point. Arrange them in a descending order.

If you’re a senior-level professional, kick off with your biggest achievement.

Don’t wait to list elsewhere down the resume, because it may be your best chance to grab the recruiter’s attention.

If you’re switching industries or just starting your career as a store manager, think of past cases where you’ve:

  • Maximized sales or surpassed sales targets
  • Minimized operational costs
  • Streamlined day-to-day operations
  • Managed inventory (if applicable)
  • Provided great customer service
  • Empowered your colleagues
  • Demonstrated leadership

And remember - buzzwords can only get you so far.

The ATS system usually filters out resumes with keyword clusters. So, focus on the results you can provide for your future employer.

2 Store Manager Resume Summary Examples

How did Evan do it, you may wonder?

Creative and detail-oriented assistant store manager, seeking a store manager position at XYZ Company. Dedicated to ensuring a high customer and employee satisfaction rate.


The first draft doesn’t look very promising.

What’s wrong with it?

  • Too much character description and not enough results.
  • He hasn’t listed any relevant experience, education or certifications.
  • It states he is dedicated to customer and employee satisfaction. Yet no specific techniques or rates are mentioned.

Here is Evan’s resume summary after a few edits:

Senior-level store manager with 13 years of experience in the fashion retail industry. Responsible for opening 3 additional locations in the last 2 years, which resulted in 180% revenue increase. Successfully onboarded and coached the management teams for the newly-opened locations. Adopted innovative marketing strategies, which led to 75% increase in customer satisfaction.

Now this is a wealth of information!

Who wouldn’t want to hire an expert with more than a decade of experience? Especially if he orchestrated the addition of 3 store locations.

On top of this, Evan has included crucial facts about revenue and staff management.

Finally, he details how he achieved a 75% boost in customer satisfaction. That proves a results-oriented mindset.

How to make the most of the store manager resume experience section

Indicate how you’re equally involved with both staff and customers.

This is easier for senior-level store managers to do because they have lots of experience. They can pick and choose what and how to emphasize on their resume.

But entry-level professionals and college grads need to be more creative.

Here is where using the hybrid resume format may come in handy. You won’t have to list unrelated employment history just to fill out the page.

Instead, if you have any relevant certificates, add them to your experience section. Even if you lack practice, you show you have set the foundation you wish to build upon.

2 store manager resume experience examples

Don’t worry, Evan’s first try wasn’t successful either. Where do you think he went wrong here?

Assistant Store Manager
XYZ Company
Mountain View, CA
High fashion retail store in California.
  • Managed inventory
  • Helped with marketing
  • Created visual displays
  • Followed latest trends by attending LAFW

Not a very compelling description of Evan’s current place of employment, is it? It could easily have been taken off of Google.

Moreover, there is a noticeable absence of action verbs and significant accomplishments. In the end, Evan doesn’t stand out as an applicant.

A very bland and unmotivated writing approach indeed.

Let’s look at his resume’s final iteration:

Store Manager
XYZ Company
Mountain View, CA
The leading haute couture and accessories outlet for female and male fashion in California.
  • Reduced shrinkage by 55% by introducing rigorous inventory management processes.
  • Exceeded quarterly revenue target goals by creating engaging visual displays outside the holiday shopping season.
  • Assisted in selecting looks from LAFW to later sell at the store, which led to a 27% increase in customers.
  • Mentored and supported staff who were later promoted to store manager positions at different locations.

What a difference!

Evan definitely knows how to sell:

  • He is proactive and engaged in every aspect of the business process
  • Has lots to brag about - from professional achievements to going to the LA Fashion Week
  • Provides necessary context so that his accomplishments stand out

Be it inventory management or staff training, his actions yield significant positive results. He also demonstrates how he stays up-to-date on industry trends.

What's more he takes advantage of acquired knowledge and exceeds corporate expectations.

This bodes the question, is Evan a better salesman because he’s more tech-savvy?

Don’t count yourself out just yet.

Soft or hard: which skills are more important for a good store manager?

It depends.

When it comes to technical skills, there is a baseline you need to cover. Being able to budget, facilitate quality control and manage inventory is a must.

But if you wish to work in a specialty store, you need to show more technical knowledge about your industry.

In contrast, managing a store requires mastery in a variety of soft skills.

Factoring all this, which skills can you include on your resume?

What are the essential technical skills for a store manager?

Hiring managers are generally looking for financially responsible and accountable candidates.

That’s why recruiters are interested in how you’ve increased sales or reduced shrinkage.

Some do require candidates to be able to operate a particular POS system. Or being a pro at visual merchandising.

But if you cover the baseline, the rest of your technical skills are a bonus.

top sections icon

List of key hard skills for a store manager

  • Accounting and finance
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll
  • Marketing
  • Retail management
  • Sales analysis
  • Shrinkage and inventory management
  • In-store logistics
  • Visual merchandising
  • Performance evaluation
  • Event organization
  • Sales events
  • Sales promotion and tracking
  • Auditing
  • Quality control
  • Data entry
  • Freight deliveries
  • Pricing and maths skills
  • Facilitating customer returns for damaged products
  • Pos systems
  • Ms office
  • CRM software
  • Social media marketing
  • Safety procedures and protocols
  • Covid procedures

How to Feature Your Soft Skills Even If You Don’t Have Experience

Flaunting soft skills can be difficult for anyone. Coming up with a measurable way to display them is even harder.

If you’re a college grad with little to no practical experience, link your soft skills to your education. Here is how you can do it:

Obtained a Certificate in Leadership and Management, which helped improve employee retention by 32%.
Reduced operating costs by 15% as a result of successful re-negotiation of on-going vendor contracts.
Task Delegation
Optimized and implemented new employee schedules, which increased both productivity and employee satisfaction by 40%.

Evan has recorded a result because he has past management experience. But if you can't include examples, display a willingness to apply learned knowledge instead.

Demonstrating how you will tackle a hypothetical issue makes all the difference.

Hiring managers will see that you have put a lot of thought into your resume.


Because you have tailored it for that particular position.

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List of core soft skills for store managers

What education does a store manager need to have?

Education is niche-specific. Unless you’ve had the luck to learn on the job, research what are the standards for your industry.

While some recruiters require a bachelor's degree, others need only a high school diploma.

Generally, tech businesses and swanky stores set a higher threshold for job applicants.

This is because their buyer pool is as involved in the industry they operate in. As a result, their clients are used to a tailored customer service experience.

What about certificates then?

Are certificates necessary for your store manager resume?

Most of the certificates you can acquire and list on your resume are niche-specific.

While college education is comprehensive, certificates show expertise in a particular area. They also hint at the career trajectory you wish to follow.

So there are a few ones you can flaunt irrespective of your field.

top sections icon

Top 12 store manager certificates for your resume

  • Retail Management Certificate
  • Certified Manager Certification
  • Certified Sales Development Representative (CSDR)
  • Certified Professional Sales Person Certification (CPSP)
  • Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP)
  • Certified Sales Professional
  • Certified Master Sales Professional
  • Customer Service and Sales Certified Specialist
  • Certified Sales Executive (CSE)
  • Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL)
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Inbound Sales Certification

What else can you add to your resume?

It must be annoying to hear the same answer all over again, but the same applies for your other sections, too. Your niche dictates what else will appeal to recruiters.

Some of these sections include:

  • Association memberships or memberships in trade organizations
  • Interests
  • Languages
  • Awards
  • Cover Letter

By far, the most important one to add would be memberships. This shows both how engaged you are with the business and how well you network.

Having the right connections can boost your job hunting prospects.

Key takeaways: the foolproof way to get the store manager interview

Here is what you need to concentrate on:

  • lead your resume with your biggest achievements
  • choose the appropriate resume format
  • highlight your financial skills and responsibility
  • explain your approach to staff empowerment and customer care
  • showcase your career progression
  • display your abilities to build connections with other experts
  • balance out your skills section depending on the job ad requirements

Store Manager resume examples

Explore additional store manager resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Role

Assistant Store Manager

The role of the Assistant Store Manager sprouted from the retail industry, influencing the evolution of store management as a whole.

To increase your chances of landing an Assistant Store Manager position, consider these tips:

  1. Prior management experience is key. Whether it's in supply chain, stock inventory, or sales, highlight these on your resume. Both retail-specific and general management skills are valued.
  2. Emphasize your leadership skills. As an Assistant Store Manager, you'll oversee staff and operations. Showcase any instances where you've led a team to success.
  3. Highlight any retail-specific experience. Understanding how to engage with customers or manage floor operations will set your application apart.
  4. Instead of just listing skills, illustrate how they drove success. For example, prevent stock shortage by improving inventory management, or boosted sales through employee training. Follow the “skill-action-results” structure for added impact. This practical approach shows employers you can directly contribute to their bottom line.
View Assistant Store Manager Resume

Clothing Store

Like the product management field primarily originating from software development, the role of a store manager in a clothing store had its roots in retail sales. This is why the trends in the retail universe significantly influence the development of management tasks in apparel stores.

Consider the following tips when applying for a managerial job in a clothing store:

  • Formal sales training and experience are crucial. Having experience in visual merchandising, inventory management, or customer service can be a deciding factor. Include details of your roles, responsibilities, and the results you achieved.
  • Highlight any experience you have in fashion or apparel retailing. Make sure to mention your familiarity with trends, styles, and industry-specific terminology.
  • Don’t just list your skills - demonstrate how they contributed to sales growth or customer satisfaction. For instance, discuss how your display tactics improved sales, or how your superior customer service skills reduced returns.

These tips will help you tailor a winning clothing store manager resume.

View Clothing Store Resume

Convenience Store Manager

When applying for a Convenience Store Manager role, keep in mind that quick service is paramount. Use these tips for your resume:

  • Highlight previous experience in fast-paced retail environments, as convenience store customers value quick, efficient service.
  • Show familiarity with store display planning and inventory management.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work flexible hours, as convenience stores often have long hours, and even remain open 24/7.
  • Remember to follow the 'skill-action-results' pattern when elucidating your skills for more impact on your application.
View Convenience Store Manager Resume

CVS Store Manager

While applying for a CVS Store Manager position, focus on your familiarity with healthcare products. Use the following tips to highlight your skills:

  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of healthcare and beauty products since CVS is primarily a pharmacy.
  • Show the ability to comply with healthcare regulations.
  • Highlight your customer service and leadership skills, as a large part of the role will involve managing a team and ensuring high customer satisfaction.
  • Adhere to the 'skill-action-results' pattern for showcasing your skills.
View CVS Store Manager Resume

Grocery Store Manager

Focus on detailing your expertise in food products and retail management for a Grocery Store Manager position:

  • List your experience with perishable goods and inventory rotation to prevent loss due to spoilage.
  • Emphasize experience with grocery-specific point-of-sale systems.
  • Highlight your ability to manage a large team, addressing scheduling, disputes, and performance review.
  • Don't forget the 'skill-action-results' pattern for listing your skills.
View Grocery Store Manager Resume

Liquor Store Manager

For the role of Liquor Store Manager, knowledge of alcohol products and regulations become crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Highlight your expertise about various types of alcohol, which can help with product recommendations and customer service.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with age verification protocols and liquor laws.
  • Make leadership skills a focal point, as they will help with staff training and ensuring legal compliance.
  • Follow the 'skill-action-results' pattern for effective skill demonstration.
View Liquor Store Manager Resume

Starbucks Store Manager

A Starbucks Store Manager requires specific skills pertinent to the coffee business. Use these tips to strengthen your resume:

  • Show expertise in coffee, from different roasts to the art of brewing.
  • Showcase your people skills, a necessity in Starbucks' customer-focused culture.
  • Highlight your ability to train new hires, uphold company standards, and manage a fast-paced environment.
  • Stick to the 'skill-action-results' formula for best results.
View Starbucks Store Manager Resume
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