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A Comprehensive Guide to a Job-Winning Sales Associate Resume (Examples Included)

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Updated on 2021-04-21

You’re a star seller with multiple skills under your belt. You’re outgoing, dependable, and care deeply about your customers. You live and breathe sales.


When you send your resume, you can’t sell yourself well enough.

Somehow you find that demonstrating you can handle a cold call and hit sales quotas is no longer sufficient.

The future of sales is here and it will require you to adapt to the rapidly progressing technological advancements such as artificial intelligence and chatbots to stay relevant.

Buyers want to deal with Subject Matter Experts (SME), not salespeople. So salespeople need to become domain experts or work with their own SMEs to help buyers move forward toward their goal.
- Barrett Sales Trends Report 2018

According to Gartner Research, 2015, by 2020 85% of interactions between businesses will be executed without human interaction - reducing the need for many sales roles. While that holds true, as soon as a sale gets more complex than a simple transaction, customers want to interact with people.

A modern customer, however, no longer requires the help of a traditional sales associate and is instead interested in a ‘trusted advisor’ - especially when they encounter a problem with the product/service.

We are also seeing a distinct shift away from generalist salespeople to salespeople becoming business and domain experts. A modern sales associate is well versed in the digital experience, omnichannel customer experience, and more.

These dramatic changes require sales associates to step up and elevate their game if they are to survive.

To start off, you’ll need to boast a resume that places you above the competition and helps you navigate the uncertainty and complexity of the modern sales landscape.

Our sales associate resume guide provides clear and concise steps to putting together a stellar resume.

What you’ll learn here:

 ✔ Go through a real job winning Sales Associate resume

 ✔ How to make a positive first impression

 ✔ How to write a sales associate resume objective

 ✔ How should you frame your sales associate experience

 ✔ Additional tips and tricks for best sales associate resume

Sales Associate Resume Sample