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How to List GED on Your Resume
Build an impactful education section by listing your GED on your resume properly.
Sep 8, 2022 3 min read

If you only have a GED and some job experience, you might wonder how to include it on your resume. In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • What is a GED and why is it good for your resume?
  • How to list a GED on your resume.
  • When you can skip listing a GED
  • Resume formatting tips for listing a GED

What is GED, and why is it good for my resume?

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A GED is a diploma you receive after passing a series of tests you have to take if you haven't graduated from high school. Students must take tests in math, science, and language arts.

It shows hiring managers you know the same things as someone who has a high school diploma.

If you want a job, you will likely need a high school diploma or equivalent. That means you need to list your GED if you don't have a high school diploma and the job requires it.

How to list GED on your resume

There are two places you can list a GED on your resume:

In the education section.

You should list your GED certificate in the education section of your resume. When listing your GED, don't just write "GED" though – write out "General Education Development Certificate" or "General Education Development Diploma."

If you're working on your GED, make a note of that by adding one of these notations:

  • (in progress)
  • (currently enrolled)
  • (currently completing)

In the certification section.

If you add it in the certification section on your resume, list it the same way mentioned above. If you live in California, list it as the California Certificate of Proficiency.

Here's a sample of how you would list a GED on your resume:

General Education Development [Diploma or Certificate], 2022

When can I skip listing a GED on my resume?

If you receive a college degree after your GED, you don't have to list it on your resume.

Resume formatting tips for listing a GED

Use a functional resume format if you think the employer will value the GED less than a high-school diploma. This type of resume puts your education at the bottom and emphasizes your skills and work experience.

Resume template with GED

If you're still unsure how to list a GED on your resume, use this GED on the resume template. Just replace the information in this sample with your information:

Bob Smith

I'm looking for a job as a construction supervisor.

Construction Worker
XYZ Construction

- Operated forklifts and other heavy machinery.
-  Measured and cut building materials
- Correctly interpreted blueprints when assembling metal structures.

Construction Laborer
ABC Construction
- Helped with different construction projects involving demolition, site maintenance and cleanup, materials transport, and general support of all construction phases. Helped the framing and siding teams.
- Was commanded by the site foreman for contributing to a safe workplace environment by proactively recognizing and reporting safety hazards.

General Education Development [Diploma or Certificate], 1990


  • When listing a GED on your resume, you can list it in the education section or the certification section.
  • You don't have to list a GED on your resume if you received a college degree after it.
  • If you think the employer won't value the GED as much as a high school diploma, use a functional resume to emphasize your employment and skills
  • If you're still having difficulty figuring out how to list your GED on your resume, check out our resume builder.

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