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5 Sales Person Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your sales person resume must clearly highlight your track record of success. Demonstrate your ability to surpass sales goals and revenue benchmarks. Include specific metrics and achievements to provide evidence of your sales prowess. Show off your proficiency in various sales techniques and customer relationship management.

All resume examples in this guide

You are a sales person superstar and a multitasking marvel.

You relax customers and transform smiles into sales with your positive attitude and upselling skills.

You go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure customer needs are taken care of, and they have the best possible shopping experience.

But how do you include all of that in your sales person resume?

Don’t worry we’ll let you in on the secret.

When selecting the perfect sales person, hiring managers want to know:

  • You have the technical skills (Cash register operations, Computer Literacy, Infusion Soft CEM)
  • You have the right personality and attitude to work
  • You have experience providing excellent customer service
  • You have the drive to increase sales

Read on to find out how to secure the sales person job you’ve been looking for…

To get anywhere in sales, you must play to your strengths without being crippled by your weaknesses. Find out what you are best at and where you need to improve.

– Chris Gillespie, Software Salesman & Founder of Find A Way Media

This sales person resume guide will include:

  • 8+ samples and examples of sales person resumes
  • Advice on how to write a convincing summary and header
  • Examples of the experience you need to include
  • Layout suggestions that go against the grain
  • Technical skills you need to include
  • The soft skills that show your abilities
  • Sales person qualifications and certifications

Your goal is to get the reviewer to:

  • Be interested
  • Read past your summary
  • Be convinced of your suitability
  • Get in contact with you
  • Give you an interview
  • Hire you!

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How to write a sales person resume

As a sales person you fulfill many roles.

You act as a liaison between the customer and company. You are a brand representative and promoter. You are an excellent product seller. You cater to customer’s needs.

Sales person resumes that get noticed mix excellent customer service skills with selling skills.

Use your resume to show that you have the right personality and skill set for the job.

Include examples that show you can:

  • Drive product sales through demonstrating advanced product knowledge to customers and clients.
  • Upsell through informing customers about current sales and promotions.
  • Demonstrate the functionality of a company’s products.
  • Answer customer’s questions and queries, and provide solutions to any problems.
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Here's what a hiring manager will look for in your resume.

  • Do you have the ability to successfully interact with customers and staff?
  • Do you have proven knowledge of sales approaches and techniques?
  • Are you a highly skilled communicator?
  • Are you able to perform arithmetic calculations?
  • Can you operate a computer and other automated office machines?
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The most important aspects of a sales person resume:

  • How to write a summary and header that sells you as much as you sell products
  • Experience you need to convey yourself as an experienced sales person who can get results
  • Layout suggestions that are different and interesting
  • Technical skills you need to include that show your adaptability
  • The soft skills that show your ability to sell and persuade
  • Sales person qualifications and certifications

How to create a striking sales person intern resume header

Your sales person resume header is the first thing an employer or hiring manager is going to see.

This is why it has to be specific and informative. If you miss out vital information, your application will be instantly overlooked.

You’re applying to work as a sales person for a luxury retail store.

Your header looks like this:

Sales Person
Camden, London

This needs a couple changes. Here’s why:

  • The title is vague. Tell the hiring manager exactly what you do.
  • It doesn’t stand out as unique – remember you’re competing against hundreds of other candidates.

Make an impression with your header. Let’s give it another try:

Luxury Retail Salesperson

This is much better:

  • It shows what industry you are hoping to enter.
  • It provides a professional link, where the reviewer can get a better idea of your personality and achievements.

How to Choose the Right Layout Your Sales Person Resume

Use your resume layout and format as opportunities to show your uniqueness as a candidate.

Work in colour and experiment with fonts.

As long as you make sure the design does not confuse the message of your resume, why not get as creative as possible.

Get imaginative. Be different.

Below are some layouts that will make the employer say ‘Whoa’:

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3 Ideas to Make Your Resume Layout Pop

  • Establish yourself as a brand and a strong personality by including a personal logo. Coordinate your colour scheme with the logo.
  • Invert the traditional resume colour scheme by using a lighter text on a darker background – mix dark grey with a light blue for example.
  • If you’re creatively talented why not use visual references to supplement your resume. Accompany your skills section with icons for example.

Take into consideration your audience when picking out a layout. For a clothes company, focus on style. For a technology company focus on geometric shapes and linear presentation.

Excellent interpersonal skills are essential on a sales person resume

When a company takes a chance on you, they need to know that you have the potential to really benefit them.

How does one do this in sales?

Its mainly through the gift of the gab.

And through really listening to the customer.

Make sure you show your excellent interpersonal skills throughout your resume. Show how they have benefited companies through sales in the past.

In your resume you can do this by:

  • Writing about your practice of active listening.
  • Demonstrate your ability to speak in specifics. Explain how you can do this through your product knowledge and industry expertise.
  • Explain your ability to achieve results through persistence without being pushy.

Elaborate on these examples within your summary and experience sections. There you can apply these skills to real life situations.

We’ll have a look at these two sections now…

Writing an Effective Sales Person Resume Summary

Although sometimes overlooked, your resume summary section is one of the most important parts of your resume.

This is because, depending on its quality, a hiring manager might put your resume straight into the no pile.

This is your first introduction to the company. And first impressions count. If you can’t make it past this stage, you won’t be making it to work.

In a few sentences, tell the hiring manager who you are, what you specialise in, and your qualifications and certifications.

This is a lot. We understand. But be concise. A hiring manager doesn’t want to read an essay.

3 Sales Person Resume Samples - Summary

Here are some samples of sales person resume summary sections:

Sales Person with the drive and work ethic to generate sales and keep customers coming back. Years of experience working with a team to achieve the best results. Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills looking for the next step of my career in sales.

This summary isn’t up to scratch. Here’s why:

  • It’s incredibly vague. It’s missing key details that tell the hiring manager who you are, and how much experience you have
  • It uses a lot of words, without really saying anything.

Instead, tell more of a story with your summary. Make an impact:

Goal-orientated Luxury Sales Person seeking to boost Lavender Star’s KPI’s through excellent customer service and product expertise. Certified with Sales 101 and a Certified Professional Sales Person, I have advanced knowledge of promotional strategies and a proven record of building and maintaining successful relationships with customers.

This is much better. This is because:

  • It specifies what area of sales you specialise in
  • It demonstrates your soft skills
  • It discusses your certifications

Let’s try this again but from experienced perspective:

Sales Person with years of experience providing consistent professional and engaging customer service. Proven record of increasing revenue, and exceeding sales targets. Dedicated to fulfilling customer needs and driving sales.

Again, this may seem sufficient, but when you bear in mind how many applicants apply to one sales person job, you realise it’s not quite there. Here’s why:

  • It says your experienced, but doesn’t specify how many years, or in what area.
  • It does not showcase your skills or certifications.
  • It is not results based.

This summary section is much better:

A high-performing Senior Sales Person, specializing in luxury goods with over 8 years’ experience. A Certified Sales Leadership Professional, dedicated to providing excellent customer service and hitting sales targets. Winner of ‘Sales Person of the Year’ for increasing sales by 42%, also trained as a Service Desk Associate, capable of managing orders and monitoring back orders, as well as other administrative duties.

This summary is massively improved. This is because:

  • It identifies your experience level, and area of expertise.
  • It notes the training the candidate has undergone and the certifications they have been awarded.
  • It shows a results driven individual who excels in their interpersonal skills.
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Pro tip

Your summary section is your first chance towowthe hiring manager. Use it as a quick introduction to your skills, experience and achievements. Make it a snapshot of you. You can develop on these details in your experience section.

How to Frame Your Experience on Your Sales Person Resume

In your experience section on your sales person resume, you should focus on:

  • Your experience responding to the needs of customers. Explain how you can provide them with guidance and recommendations.
  • Your experience keeping up to date with product knowledge. Explain how you do this through training and industry publications.
  • Your proven experience meeting/exceeding corporate performance standards for team advancement.
  • Your experience providing excellent customer service through your advanced communication and interpersonal skills.

It is important to go into detail in this section. Talk about achievements and results. This is your chance to really show the employer what you can do.

Instead of listing duties, explain how you did them, what you used to do them, and what they achieved.

An easy way to make sure you’re hitting all of these points is to split them up:

Tell the hiring manager:

  • What you’ve done.
  • How you managed to do this? What informed your ability to do this (certification/training).
  • What were the effects of your actions?
  • How did you impact the company/organisation?

If you’re struggling for work experience, here you can reference any volunteer work on your resume, or internships you have undertaken.

Below are some experience section samples:

2 sales person resume experience samples

Sales Person
Barton Helm
Company Description
  • Provided excellent customer service advice through my advanced interpersonal skills.
  • Acquired good knowledge of products sold, and used this to increase sales.
  • Kept a clean and aesthetically attractive merchandise stand.
  • Performed stock work and merchandise transfers.

These entries aren’t too great. This is why:

  • They are not results-driven or enthusiastic examples.
  • The experience doesn’t explain how you made a difference to the company.
  • They don’t showcase your skills - you’re leaving the hiring manager in the dark.

This following example much better:

Luxury Retail Sales Person
Barton Helm
Company Description
  • Consistently exceeded target goals by 40% through upselling and catering to the specific needs of clients which lead to being awarded ‘Employee of the Year.
  • Provided specific information about new releases by reviewing the product’s characteristics and features and then relating this information to competitor’s products to reveal its superiority.
  • Created and maintained an attractive merchandise stand which effectively promoted the product and brand, and won the 'Luxury Retail Merchandise Stand' award in 2017.

This is much better:

  • It shows that you are a capable salesperson with a proven track record in surpassing sales goals.
  • It shows your passion for the job and effectiveness in your role through using action words.
  • It shows you’re award winning and will enhance the company’s performance.

Cater your experience section in response to the job description. Make sure you’re hitting all of the points you need to hit and cover the specific duties they want covering.

How to describe the duties and responsibilities of a sales person

Below are some of the responsibilities of a sales person. Integrate them into your experience, education and skills sections to really touch all bases:

  • Identified, developed and maintained successful customer relationships.
  • Used company’s upselling process with every customer. (Approach, interview, demonstration, validation, negotiation, close and follow up).
  • Used the company’s computer database to research availability, options, stock information, and e-mail for customers.
  • Demonstrated use of equipment and furnishings in feature and benefit production presentation.

A good way to jazz up the content of your Sales Person resume is to:

  • Discuss any volunteer work, mentorships or internships. Explain how they have equipped you with the necessary skills required for the job.
  • Discuss any previous on the job training you have undergone.
  • Write about any awards you have won for your sales performance.

What to include in your sales person education section?

There are no formal education requirements for this job. Hiring managers do usually however prefer if the candidate has a high school diploma or GCSE’s.

If you have any relevant degree, it won't hurt to include it in an education section, alongside training you passed in other companies, or certifications.

For more specialist roles, such as a car sales person, a higher level of education may be preferred. This includes an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business or communications.

To make sure you secure this kind of job, you could also take a course in automotive technology for example.

This is also relevant if you wish to advance into a more senior, managerial position later on.

On the job training is always provided. Training often covers topics such as customer service (crafting a script), how to operate the cash register and the company’s policies and security procedures.

Again, depending on the type of product you are selling, you may be given specialist training to get you up to date with the intricacies and details.

Skills to highlight in your sales person intern resume

You can have the best sales presentation in the world, but if the customer doesn’t believe your proposition, then you don’t have a chance. Take the time to engage with the customer.

– Mark Hunter, Sales Speaker and Author of High-Profit Prospecting

Your skills section should show the employer that you can use your strong communication skills to sell.

It should demonstrate that you have the people skills and intuition to identify customer needs. It should show you have the confidence and knowledge to deliver on this.

Be sure to integrate keywords from the job description to beat the ATS robots.

Here are some of the essential soft skills and technical skills to include in your sales person resume:

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Top soft skills and technical skills for a sales person resume

Elaborate on these skills in your experience section. Provide examples when you actively demonstrated these skills.

How to include your certifications on your resume

Integrating certifications into your sales person resume will make you stand out.

Employers won't necessarily include these certifications as a requirement within the job description. This subsequently shows your dedication to the job and willingness to learn.

Sales person certifications cover store operations, sales and customer service and inventory control.

This kind of job may also require a valid driver’s license.

Below are some certifications to include in your sales person resume:

What to take to take away from this guide:

When writing your sales person resume remember the following things:

  • Create a header and summary that establishes you as a serious sales professional, make sure to show off your skills and abilities. Let the employer know that by hiring you they will enhance their team and see an increase in profits and customer loyalty.
  • In your experience section write about previous jobs that show you have the relevant experience. If they know that you have successfully done the job before and achieved results, they will instantly be swayed in your favour. Sell yourself as an asset.
  • Tell them about your excellent interpersonal skills, your ability to persuade and drive sales. Let them know you are customer focused and adaptable based on the customer
  • Include certifications that reveal your self-motivation and ambition.

Sales Person resume examples

Explore additional sales person resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Role

Sales Professional

Sales roles, such as those of the Sales Professional, developed largely from certain commercialization trends. Thus, market trends heavily influence the application approach for these positions.

Here are some tips to help you successfully apply for a Sales Professional job:

  • Highlight broad sales skills. Techniques such as SPIN Selling, Value-based selling, Solution selling, and Consultative selling influence entire sales units. Make sure your resume features relevant sales experience or you might miss out early in the application procedure.
  • Don't merely list sales skills. Explain how these skills helped improve your sales numbers or customer relationships, like 'increased sales by...', 'improved customer retention with...' and so on. Comply with the skill-action-results representation.
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Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist jobs deeply relate to specific markets or sales strategies. Therefore, continual changes in market trends can shape the way you apply for these positions.

Here are few tips to aid you in applying for a Sales Specialist job:

  1. Exhibit deep knowledge of your specific sector. Specific sales strategies like Account-based selling, Target-account selling and Segment-oriented selling are highly relevant. Make sure to include these in your resume.
  2. Show your perspective on sales. Don't only mention sales skills, illustrate how they helped to improve sales figures or customer relationships. Follow the 'skill-action-results' approach.
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The role of a Salesman has grown and will keep evolving with the shifts in sales and marketing trends. Keeping up with these trends will help you apply successfully for such roles.

These tips will help with your Salesman job application:

  • Highlight your direct sales skills. Sales techniques like Cold calling, Cross-selling, Up-selling, and Direct selling play a vital role. Don't forget to feature your experience with these techniques in your resume.
  • Demonstrate your sales performance rather than only listing skills. Show how your skills helped elevate KPIs in terms of 'improved pipeline velocity by...', 'increased quarterly sales through...' etc. Remember the 'skill-action-results' formula.
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Sales trends deeply impact the role of a Saleswoman. Your application should reflect your understanding of these trends.

Here are few tips for your application:

  • Highlight skills and techniques relevant to direct or indirect sales. Don't forget to include any skills like Referral selling, Need-satisfaction selling, or Relationship selling in your resume.
  • Skill listing is not enough. Show how these skills positively impacted sales numbers or client relationships, i.e., 'increased market penetration using...', 'improved NPS by...' etc. Follow the 'skill-action-results' model.
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