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Sales Person Resume Examples & Top Advice

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Updated on 2021-04-21

You are a sales person superstar and a multitasking marvel.

You relax customers and transform smiles into sales with your positive attitude and upselling skills.

You go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure customer needs are taken care of, and they have the best possible shopping experience.

But how do you include all of that in your sales person resume?

Don’t worry we’ll let you in on the secret.

When selecting the perfect sales person, hiring managers want to know:

  • You have the technical skills (Cash register operations, Computer Literacy, Infusion Soft CEM)
  • You have the right personality and attitude to work
  • You have experience providing excellent customer service
  • You have the drive to increase sales

Read on to find out how to secure the sales person job you’ve been looking for…

To get anywhere in sales, you must play to your strengths without being crippled by your weaknesses. Find out what you are best at and where you need to improve. 
- Chris Gillespie, Software Salesman and Founder of Find A Way Media

This Sales Person Resume Guide Will Include:

  • 8+ samples and examples of sales person resumes
  • Advice on how to write a convincing summary and header
  • Examples of the experience you need to include
  • Layout suggestions that go against the grain
  • Technical skills you need to include
  • The soft skills that show your abilities
  • Sales person qualifications and certifications

Your goal is to get the reviewer to:

  • Be interested
  • Read past your summary
  • Be convinced of your suitability
  • Get in contact with you
  • Give you an interview
  • Hire you!

Sales Person Resume Samples

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How to Write a Sales Person Resume

As a sales person you fulfill many roles.

You act as a liaison between the customer and company. You are a brand representative and promoter. You are an excellent product seller. You cater to customer’s needs.

Sales person resumes that get noticed mix excellent customer service skills with selling skills.

Use your resume to show that you have the right personality and skill set for the job.

Include examples that show you can:

  • Drive product sales through demonstrating advanced product knowledge to customers and clients
  • Upsell through informing customers about current sales and promotions
  • Demonstrate the functionality of a company’s products
  • Answer customer’s questions and queries, and provide solutions to any problems

Here’s What a Hiring Manager Will Look for in Your Resume:

  • Do you have the ability to successfully interact with customers and staff?
  • Do you have proven knowledge of sales approaches and techniques?
  • Are you a highly skilled communicator?
  • Are you able to perform arithmetic calculations?
  • Can you operate a computer and other automated office machines?

The Most Important Aspects of a Sales Person Resume:

  • How to write a summary and header that sells you as much as you sell products
  • Experience you need to convey yourself as an experienced sales person who can get results
  • Layout suggestions that are different and interesting
  • Technical skills you need to include that show your adaptability
  • The soft skills that show your ability to sell and persuade
  • Sales person qualifications and certifications

How to Create a Striking Sales Person Intern Resume Header

Your sales person resume header is the first thing an employer or hiring manager is going to see.

This is why it has to be specific and informative. If you miss out vital information, your application will be instantly overlooked.

You’re applying to work as a sales person for a luxury retail store.

Your header looks like this:

Margaret Klegg
Sales Person


Camden, London

This needs a couple changes. Here’s why:

  • The title is vague. Tell the hiring manager exactly what you do
  • It doesn’t stand out as unique – remember you’re competing against hundreds of other candidates

Make an impression with your header. Let’s give it another try:

Margaret Klegg
Luxury Retail Salesperson


Camden, London

This is much better:

  • It shows what industry you are hoping to enter
  • It provides a professional link, where the reviewer can get a better idea of your personality and achievements

How to Choose the Right Layout Your Sales Person Resume

Use your layout as another opportunity to show your uniqueness as a candidate.

Work in colour and experiment with fonts.

As long as you make sure the design does not confuse the message of your resume, why not get as creative as possible.

Get imaginative. Be different.

Below are some layouts that will make the employer say ‘Whoa’:

3 Ideas to Make Your Resume Layout POP

  • Establish yourself as a brand and a strong personality by including a personal logo. Coordinate your colour scheme with the logo
  • Invert the traditional resume colour scheme by using a lighter text on a darker background – mix dark grey with a light blue for example
  • If you’re creatively talented why not use visual references to supplement your resume. Accompany your skills section with icons for example

Take into consideration your audience when picking out a layout. For a clothes company, focus on style. For a technology company focus on geometric shapes and linear presentation.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills are Essential on a Sales Person Resume

When a company takes a chance on you, they need to know that you have the potential to really benefit them.

How does one do this in sales?

Its mainly through the gift of the gab.

And through really listening to the customer.

Make sure you show your excellent interpersonal skills throughout your resume. Show how they have benefited companies through sales in the past.

In your resume you can do this by:

  • Writing about your practice of active listening
  • Demonstrate your ability to speak in specifics. Explain how you can do this through your product knowledge and industry expertise
  • Explain your ability to achieve results through persistence without being pushy

Elaborate on these examples within your summary and experience sec