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5 Budtender Resume Examples & Guide...

5 Budtender Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your budtender resume must highlight your comprehensive knowledge of cannabis products. Showcasing familiarity with different strains, effects, and consumption methods is crucial. In addition, your resume should reflect excellent customer service skills. It's important to demonstrate the ability to educate and guide customers effectively.

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The CBD market is booming nowadays!

Recreational cannabis is already legalized in 19 states in the USA.

Innovative marijuana companies are looking for people who can sell their products.

Are you a charming budtender but struggling to find a well-paid job?

Maybe the problem is in your approach to job opportunities.

Do you know how to customize your budtender resume?

If not, we are here to help you.

Continue reading this ultimate 2022 guide and build an impressive budtender resume.

What you’ll learn here:

  • How to write an impressive summary that will mesmerize recruiters;
  • How to build a cohesive experience section that indicates strong product knowledge and sales skills;
  • How to balance your soft and hard skills, and list your strengths;
  • How to include other resume sections like References and Languages to stand out.

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How to write a budtender resume

As you already know, being a budtender is not an ordinary job in customer service.

It’s a huge responsibility to sell a psychoactive drug that is quite controversial in the world.

CBD companies are looking for employees that can build trust in clients.

That’s why you should provide evidence for solid product knowledge.

Do you know the difference between CBD and THC products?

Good! You should explain it clearly to customers as well.

To reach high-performance metrics and sell more, you need excellent communication skills.

Are you a charismatic person who knows how to influence others?

Nice! You should show evidence of your magnetism to recruiters.

If you are a great salesman, you should know how to sell yourself in your resume!

What’s your experience in the CBD industry? Why do you think this is your career path?

Are your previous employers happy with your performance? Did you bring value to their business?

Are you a team worker? What are your positive personality traits?

Did you take any courses for a budtender? Are you ready to learn and share knowledge with others?

Continue reading, use the resume builder and create an exceptional budtender resume.

Budtender resume formats

As a budtender, you should focus on the following resume formats:

  • Reverse-chronological resume describes your most recent job first and goes backward in time for previous positions.
  • Functional resume focuses on your transferable skills and expertise.
  • Hybrid resume combines the best characteristics of the two previous formats: it’s perfect for all types of professionals.

Here are some resume tips for style and layout:

  • Choose the 12p resume font size and 10’ resume margins 
  • Use the one-page resume if having under 10 years of experience and the two-page resume if having more
  • Grammar and spelling are crucial
  • The PDF format meets your needs
  • Give a chance to the MS Word resume templates and customize them

To get the job, include Languages and References to build trust.

top sections icon

Top resume sections:

  • Cohesive Experience section that contains quantitative data and high-performance metrics;
  • An eye-catching summary that introduces you as a trustworthy individual;
  • Tailored to the job description skills and strengths;
  • References and Languages that will make you stand out.
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What recruiters want to see:

  • How many years of experience do you have in the CBD industry?
  • Do you have experience in sales or marketing? Are you a charismatic and attractive person?
  • Are you a good storyteller? Can you grab the client’s attention?
  • Did you bring value to your previous employers? Do you get along with your colleagues well?
  • Why did you decide to pursue a career as a budtender?
  • Do you see yourself in the CBD industry in the next 5 years? What are your plans and goals?

Impressive budtender resume header

The first step of the recruitment process is gathering information about the candidates.

Therefore, you should provide precise data so that employers reach you.

Many candidates do wrong when adding names or contacts that do not correspond to those they use most.

Sounds silly, but it’s true.

Take into account the following tips to ensure that recruiters know who you are:

  • Type a searchable name: the same as the one on your ID card and social media profiles
  • Write down the position you are applying for, not the one you currently have
  • Use your current phone number, email address, and location
  • Don’t hesitate to add a link to your LinkedIn profile, project, or personal website

Continue reading these resume header examples and overcome the first obstacles towards the interview.

2 Budtender resume header examples

Sales Representative
Little Rock, AR

The budtender summary you need to have on your resume

Do you know that our brains are programmed to remember the first and last sentence in a text?

In your case, when recruiters open the resume, they see your name and summary.

And you have no right to build a mediocre piece of text that leaves no impression.

As a budtender, you should have to know how to sell yourself!

The key is to understand that the little details of the summary could have a massive impact.

What are these details?

Quantitative data. Power words. Action verbs. High-performance metrics. 

Try to include them in every sentence of your introduction.

Follow these four steps to unlock the unlimited potential of your resume:

  • Start the first sentence with the position you want, years and industry of experience
  • List vital acquired skills (sales and customer service), strengths, and duties you performed
  • Mention achievements such as awards, recognitions, and certifications
  • Finish the summary with a statement expressing the expectation of your future position

Look at the examples, and then apply the tips above to your budtender resume summary.

2 budtender resume summary examples

Charming Budtender with 4 years of experience in sales. Increased the revenue of my previous employer and became "Employee of the Month" many times. Good communication and organization skills. Received positive feedback from clients. Seeking to become a budtender and pursue a career in the CBD industry.
Charming Budtender with 1 year of experience in the CBD industry. Exceptional sales skills, as I increased the revenue of my previous employer by 2%. Became "Employee of the Month" 4 times in a row. Acquired extensive knowledge of CBD products, mastered verbal communication and organization and received 94% positive feedback from clients. Looking for a career as a Budtender in an innovative CBD company with a clear sense of "Why?"

The unique approach towards a budtender resume experience section

What is the skill recruiters look for most in budtenders?


After all, the CBD industry is relatively new and quite controversial among the science community.

Moreover, someone might even misuse the products and create a messy situation with the authorities.

If the people representing a CBD brand are reckless, nobody will trust them.

What else?

To close great deals and pitch products, you need exceptional sales skills.

So, share how your work impacted the revenue of the dispensary you work in.

Customer service is also vital when it comes to representing a CBD brand.

Then provide evidence for positive feedback from clients, colleagues, or employers.

Take notes from the following budtender resume experience tips:

  • Emphasize previous experience in the CBD industry/customer service/sales and marketing
  • Include skills acquired from previous positions: organization, time management, and others
  • List achievements backed up with high-performance metrics: use numbers and action verbs
  • Tailor the experience bullet points to the job offer

These bullet points tell you how to take the right approach and build a cohesive resume.

It turns out that proper communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is the key to success.

And every recruiter searches for it!

Carefully analyze the following samples and nail that Experience section!

Budtender resume experience examples

Miami, FL
  • Offered exceptional customer service and shared information on CBD products
  • Increased the revenue of the shop by maintaining correspondence with clients on the weekend
  • Trained new employees on CBD products, sales techniques, and shop operations
  • Received positive feedback from clients and recognition from recruiters
Miami, FL
  • Offered 300+ clients exceptional customer service and shared information on 200+ CBD products
  • Increased the revenue of the shop by 20% three months in a row by maintaining correspondence with clients on the weekend
  • Trained 2 new employees on CBD products, sales techniques, and shop operations
  • Received 95% positive feedback from clients and recognition from recruiters

As you see in the second example, adding quantitative data conveys a totally different feeling.

Recruiters are highly likely to hire this candidate because they look trustworthy.

Employers acknowledge both the approach and experience of the applicant.

pro tip icon
Pro tip

Focus on listing experience bullet points linked to skills requiring customer service. For example, you might be a great driver, but this fact doesn’t prove that you know how to explain the effects of different CBD products.

Budtender skills showing value on your resume

Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.

Jeffrey Gitomer, American author, professional speaker, and business trainer

We couldn’t say it better.

When your clients trust you because you helped them get what they want, then you will succeed.

That’s why sales is such a crucial skill for budtenders.

It comes in a package with excellent customer service and product knowledge, communication, and reliability.

Also, it’s vital to underline that you are a great team worker who can build integrity.

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Top 5 hard skills:

top sections icon

Top 5 soft skills:

There is a secret formula you could apply to build an impressive Strengths section.

Firstly, you emphasize your soft skills, for example.

Then you back them up with examples, numbers, power words, and action verbs.

Yes, it’s that easy!

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the following three examples:

Sales Techniques
Implemented smart sales techniques in my daily interaction with clients, which helped me increase sales by 40% last month.
Active Listening
Firstly, I listen to client’s needs and opinion and then ask questions and sell the products.
Being empathetic is the reason I build relationship with my colleagues and clients.

Education section: Should you include it?

If you are a skilled salesman with deep knowledge of CBD products, you must have tons of experience behind your back.

Therefore, you don’t have to pay specific attention to the resume education section and add bullet points.

If you come straight out of high school or college, you should take a pencil and take notes!

Actually, there is a simple strategy, as all you need is to:

  • Write down the specific skills you excelled and back them up with practical examples and high-performance metrics
  • Show evidence of positive habits: provide examples of volunteering for a cause
  • Prove to be a team worker: explain how you helped your colleagues
  • Emphasize extraordinary achievements to underline excellent communication, organization, and sales skills
  • Provide evidence that you are a self-motivated individual eager to learn new skills

Languages: Speak more to sell more

Including language skills on a resume might be the reason why you get a job interview.

Remember that we live in a world of mass globalization.

Businesses expect employees to know at least two languages to reach international markets.

If the CBD shop is in a city like New York, you should service foreign speakers.

Attention! Include only those languages you are confident speaking!

Otherwise, recruiters will consider you incapable of doing the job.

References from high-achievers mean you are a high-achiever


But you might say:

“I’ve got nobody to ask for a recommendation!”

Previous employers. College tutors. High school teachers. Volunteering organizations.

Are they nobody to you?

It’s critical to offer industry experts like other salesmen or managers.

Thus, your future employers will be 100% that you are a reliable individual.

Also, references on your resume show you have positive personality traits.

Nobody would give a recommendation to an obnoxious person, right?

Key takeaways

  • Prove that you are a self-motivated individual by listing achievement-based experience bullet points
  • Include communication & organization as soft skills, and sales and customer service as hard skills
  • Provide evidence to be a loyal employee, reliable individual, and a good team worker
  • Use quantitative data, action verbs, and power words in every section of your resume
  • Add References and Languages to increase your chances to be hired
  • Tailor each section to the job offer
budtender resume example

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