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You are a sales consultant. This means you are a market expert who can maximise sales.

You have the drive and ability to find new clients based off the target market.

You can develop profitable and professional relationships and transform leads into sales.

Your communication skills are second to none. You have overseen the development of new business opportunities in international markets.

Basically, you’re pretty impressive.

Now, all you have to do is translate all of that talent into your sales consultant resume.

The key to bagging the gig that everyone in sales dreams of, is to effectively showcase your skills, experience and education.

Easier said than done.

Don’t worry, keep reading to find out how to create the perfect sales consultant resume…

“The required skills are of thought leadership, trusted expertise, independent problem solving and visionary; because leaders, buyers and customers expect you to know the what, so they can ask you how and you ask them why? ”

  • Janice B Gordon, International Strategic Account Sales Speaker, Author and Consultant

This sales consultant resume guide will include:

  • 8+ samples and examples of sales consultant resumes
  • How to write an impressive summary
  • Experiences you need to include to get job offers
  • Essential skills you need to use to get hired
  • Sales consultant qualifications and certifications

Your goal is to leave the reviewer wanting to:

  • Be fascinated by your potential
  • Read your entire resume
  • Get in touch
  • Give you an offer
  • Hire you!

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How to write an excellent sales consultant resume

You are the bridge between a company and its customers. It is your job to promote and sell a company’s products and solutions.

You have the enthusiasm, product knowledge and interpersonal skills to impact any company.

Your resume should reflect how you have done this before and showcase your ability to deliver results.

Successful sales consultant resumes combine excellent communication skills and sales expertise.

In your resume, make sure to include technical skills that show you are a capable professional:

  • You can use sales intelligence software (ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg, Nimble, InsideView)
  • You have experience with productivity apps (CloudApp, Zapier, Hoosuite, Slack, Trello)
  • You have practice with social selling software (Sprout Social, Buffer, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator)
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Here's what a client will look for in your resume:

  • Can you find and build relationships with key decision makers for new business opportunities?
  • Are you capable of earning the trust of and building relationships with senior executives?
  • Do you have a professional attitude and product knowledge?
  • Can you confidently liaise with customers and clients?
  • Can you ensure the accurate processing of orders using a company database?
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The Most Important Aspects of a Sales Consultant Resume:

  • An attractive and bold layout that sets you apart from other candidates
  • A resume header that catches the hiring manager’s attention
  • A resume summary that sells you as an outstanding sales consultant
  • Resume experience that proves your ability
  • The right technical and software skills
  • Soft skills that show your customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Sales Consultant education and certifications

How to Create an Attention-grabbing Sales Consultant Resume Header

You’re applying to work as a senior sales consultant for a furniture retail company. You must perfect your resume header. It is the first section of your resume and it needs to lead the recruiters into reading the rest.

Your header, at first, looks like this:

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

This needs a few changes. Here’s why:

  • This header provides bare-minimum information. Use your header to make an impact
  • It doesn’t show that your resume is tailored to the job description
  • Wow the recruiter from the get-go.

Here’s what an improved header looks like:

Senior Furniture Sales Consultant
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

This is a huge improvement:

  • It notes your seniority
  • It notes your speciality
  • It includes a professional link where the hiring manager can get a better look at who you are

How to Choose the Perfect Layout Your Sales Consultant Resume

When deciding which resume layout to choose, there’s a lot to consider.

You need easily convey vital information while also exhibiting key elements of your personality and style.

Use this as an opportunity to mix style with simplicity.

Here are some resume format tricks that will really get you noticed:

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3 Ideas to Make Your Resume Design Pack a Punch

  • If you want to keep your resume design classic but also include a personal touch, slot in a customised font for your name and role. This helps to establish your personal brand, without overshadowing the content of the resume.
  • Why not use a word bubble that includes a keyword list of skills? Colour coordinate this list with a chic strip across the top of the resume. This will help your resume get past the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).
  • Use a timeline template in order to divide up your career trajectory. This leads to a detailed focused resume that effectively uses space. Use a splash of colour on the timeline to give that personal touch.

Remember, don’t shy away from mixing it up. As long as you ensure your resume’s readability you can afford to be a little different.

Product knowledge and expertise is essential on a sales consultant resume

Remember, when creating your sales consultant resume, zone in on your ability to research into a company’s product and become an expert.

Understanding a company’s product means that you can demonstrate its appeal. You can use this to construct an effective selling strategy.

In your resume you can do this by:

  • Discussing your understanding of competitors products in order to get a wider understanding of the market. Explain how you can cater to the customer/client accordingly
  • Noting your experience demonstrating the usage of a company’s product
  • Explain how you grew the distribution of new products

Mix in these examples into your professional summary and experience section.

We’ll go through this now.

Writing a concise and convincing sales consultant resume summary

When constructing your sales consultant resume summary, make sure you are punchy and informative.

Be concise but don’t scrimp on the details – this is your chance to paint an accurate picture of who you are and what you have achieved.

This is also an opportunity to tell the hiring manager what you will bring to the table.

Use a few sentences to make the hiring manager want to hire you.

3 Sales Consultant Resume Samples - Summary

Here are some samples of sales consultant resume summary sections:

Confident Sales Consultant with the ability to drive revenue and generate new business. A goal-driven self-starter I am seeking an opportunity to showcase my expertise and grow with a company.

This summary is OKAY but it doesn’t do the candidate justice. Here’s why:

  • It lacks specificity
  • The wording appears muddled
  • While it shows enthusiasm, it doesn’t show results
  • It doesn’t quantify your experience, or achievements

Instead, make sure your summary includes DETAILS:

Enthusiastic and results-driven Retail Sales Consultant, SPCP and SPCL. Proven ability to grow distribution of new products and revenue, and a consistent top ten performer in a salesforce team of sixty. Eager to apply my product knowledge and expertise to a new and challenging role

This is much better as it:

  • Specifies your specialty
  • Is results driven and exhibits your experience
  • It shows your enthusiasm for the role

This next sample shows summary sections for a more experienced sales consultant:

Experienced Sales Consultant with years of experience promoting a variety of products and services for a wide array of well-known brands and companies. Proven ability to efficiently solve customer issues, earning a high customer service rating.

This summary isn’t polished and doesn’t do you justice. Here’s why:

  • It is too brief
  • It doesn’t support its claims of success
  • It doesn’t elaborate on the ‘proven ability to efficiently solve customer issues’

Meanwhile, this summary section example does the opposite:

Retail Sales Consultant Lead with over 7 years’ experience managing a culture of excellence in customer service. A certified Sales Consultant with CPSP and CPLP, I have a track record of exceeding sales goals, historically by 170%. Winner of the 2017 HalesYard sales contest, I am dedicated to taking sales to the next level.

This summary is great:

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Pro tip

When writing your summary all you need to do to blow hiring manager away is effectively explain who you are, what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. Briefly explain your skills and training and reel them in. After you’ve got them interested, elaborate on this all in your experience section.

Listing the right experience for your sales consultant resume

When writing your experience section, detail your most relevant achievements and responsibilities.

Be sure to relate your experiences, responsibilities and duties to the job you are applying for.

Don’t just brush over what you have done, go into specific detail about what you did and how you did it.

Be results focused.

Your sales consultant experience section should zone in on a few things:

  • What you have done at previous companies
  • How you did it
  • How you benefited the company
  • What were the results of your action?

Below are some sales consultant resume experience samples:

2 sales consultant resume experience samples

Sales Consultant
Martin Deam’s
Norwich, Norfolk
  • Achieved sales goals.
  • Helped customers with queries and issues.
  • Earned several awards for sales work.
  • Built and maintained rapport with customers.

These entries don’t cut it. This is why:

  • They are basic
  • They don’t show the hiring manager what you will bring to the table
  • They don’t show results

This next example is much better:

Retail Sales Consultant
Martin Deam’s
Norwich, Norfolk
  • Improved customer service through implementing effective solutions to customer issues, which increased my customer service rating by 45% in the period of a year.
  • Used my exceptional product knowledge to create innovative sales techniques which lead to my team exceeding our monthly quota goals by 20%.
  • Cultivated strong personal relationships with customers and clients using my excellent interpersonal skills which increase repeat business by 25%.

This is a huge improvement:

  • It uses action words. This lets the hiring manager know you will deliver results
  • It also provides examples of how you have achieved results before
  • It clearly demonstrates your abilities

When creating this section, tailor your experience section to match the requirements of the job description. Don't go overboard with buzzwords. It is tempting to put those there and call it a day, but that does not make your resume stand out of the others.

Well look into some of the duties of a sales consultant now…

How to describe the duties of a sales consultant

Listed below are some examples of the responsibilities of sales consultants. Be sure to integrate these examples in your experience and skills section:

  • Maintained a comprehensive and extensive knowledge of company products
  • Provided customers with product advice suited to their specific needs and interests
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining a database of customers
  • Identified supplementary opportunities through researching and monitoring competitor activity
  • Effectively sold the value proposition of the company to prospective clients

A good way to make your resume stand out is to really zone in on specific experiences and achievements:

  • Make sure to note any awards you have won for your sales or employee of the month awards – this will show your hard work and dedication
  • Discuss how you increased the number of company accounts
  • Write about how you increased revenue and exceeded customer service expectations

Does your sales consultant resume need an education section?

The educational requirements for a sales consultant role often vary depending on what kind of product is being sold.

A high school diploma or GCSE’S/A levels are sometimes accepted for entry positions.

A bachelor’s degree is of course preferred, especially if one seeks to later enter a managerial position.

Accepted bachelor’s include, business, marketing and finance.

If the product sold is scientific or technical, having a degree in biology or another science related BSc will really give you an edge.

So if you have a degree that is in any way relevant either to the product of the business or the postions, you should include an education section.

Training is also often provided on the job in order to familiarise new staff with the company’s products and procedures.

Make sure to refer to any certifications you have trained for or are in the process of training for as well.

Skills to highlight in your sales consultant resume

“ Know and understand the science of your business. It is not enough to know closing rates. You must have the data and know the averages for setting appointments, dialing the phone , web conversion rates, click-through rates, commissions, email conversion rates, ect.”

  • Sean McPheat, Founder of MTD Sales Training

In your skills section make sure you show off the right mix of technical and soft skills.

This section is important because it illustrates your suitability for the job and your adaptability. So really try and sell yourself!

Here are some of the essential technical skills you need to include on your sales consultant resume:

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13 technical skills you need to list in your sales consultant resume

  • DiscoverOrg
  • Nimble
  • ZoomInfo,
  • InsideView
  • CloudApp
  • Zapier
  • Hootsuite
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer
  • LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator
  • Netsuite CRM

Soft skills are also essential in this role. These include the following:

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9 top soft skills for sales consultants

Make sure to integrate and elaborate on these skills in your experience section.

How to include your certifications on your resume

Sales consultancy jobs require sharp thinking and excellent interpersonal skills. Additional certifications on your resume, however, will certainly give you an edge in such a competitive job market.

Certifications assure the hiring manager that you have formal technical training. They show you can create strategies to reach buyers and have the ability to create and use a “personal identity”.

Below are some relevant certifications for a sales consultant:

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Top 6 sales consultant certifications worth including

  • Sales Consultant Certification
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Cloud
  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
  • Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL)
  • Sales 101 Certification
  • Microsoft Certified: Dynamic 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate

That’s how to create an unforgettable Sales Consultant resume

Remember, to keep the following things in mind when constructing your sales consultant resume:

  • Choose a layout that is visually compelling and easy to read
  • Create a header and summary that will leave the hiring manager saying: “We must have them!”
  • Tailor your experience to the job description, include keywords and essential skill sets
  • Write about your technical knowledge and training as well as your soft skills such as your communication and presentation skills. Show your adaptability

Sales Consultant resume examples

Explore additional sales consultant resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Role

Independent Sales Consultant

The Independent Sales Consultant role is deeply rooted in the sales industry, hence, understanding sales trends will influence your success. Highlighting previous sales roles and client engagement on your resume is key. Experience with different sales strategies like direct selling, online sales, B2B, B2C is valued. Feature any sales methodology success, such as SPIN or Challenger techniques. Instead of just listing your skills, demonstrate how they enhanced the customer journey and improved sales figures. For instance - 'boosted sales by improving the customer purchase journey' or 'increased customer retention via strategy X'. A focus on problem-solving and negotiation skills can distinguish you from other candidates.

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New Home Sales Consultant

A new Home Sales Consultant's role is strongly tied to real estate trends. Knowledge of local real estate markets and,selling strategies are vital. Showcase your understanding of the home-buying process in your resume. Previous experience with mortgage or finance can be advantageous. Highlight your interpersonal skills, it makes potential buyers more comfortable. Demonstrate how your convincing power influenced the selling process, for example 'improved sales by X% by implementing innovative presentation techniques'. Taking a result-oriented approach will verify your impact on the overall sales process.

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Retail Sales Consultant

Retail Sales Consultant roles are firmly integrated into the retail industry. Thus, staying updated with retail and consumer behavior trends can reflect on your work positively. It's beneficial to highlight your product knowledge, merchandising skills, and customer service experience. Showcase how you have handled product display and offers to enhance customer attraction. Customer service is key in retail, hence, focus on your engagement with customers. For instance - 'enhanced retail store sales by X% through personalized customer interaction'. Demonstrating these accomplishments on your resume will highlight your role in fostering customer satisfaction and increasing sales.

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