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Complete Guide to Creating a Salesman Resume

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Updated on 2021-01-14

Meet Sam.

He’s the Director of the dealership in your city that sells the most amazing luxury cars.

You always drive by and see the shiny new convertibles, lined up and calling your name.

You’re envious of the salesmen working inside who get to sell the dream of these cars to the customers buying.

Not to mention the huge commissions they must get after closing a sale.

You have a natural talent for closing sales too. You would love to be a salesman for this luxury dealership.

But how do you land the job?

With a stand-out resume.

Whether you want to sell cars, or any other product or service, this guide will help you write a job-winning resume.

Let’s get started.

This Salesman Resume Guide Will Teach You:

  1. 6+ samples of outstanding salesman resumes
  2. Questions to consider when choosing which achievements to highlight
  3. How to craft your personal sales pitch in your resume summary
  4. 28 technical and soft skills that will impress the hiring manager

Salesman Resume Samples

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How to Sell Yourself With Your Salesman Resume

First impressions are important.

When you first reach out to a prospective customer, you know the impression you make in those first few seconds will set the tone for the rest of your conversation with them.

Resumes work the exact same way.

Hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds scanning your resume before deciding if you’re an ideal candidate.  

It’s essential that you prove you’re the right salesperson for the job with your resume.

A successful salesman will have strong communication skills and a proven track record for closing sales.

Highlight your communication skills in your work experience section.

Use quantitative data to support your claims.

They will be the driving force for getting you hired for your dream sales job.

The Most Important Sections of a Salesman Resume:

  • Clear, easy to read format
  • Resume summary that sells who you are
  • Resume experience that proves your successful sales track record
  • Relevant skill-set for the role

How to Write a Job-Winning Salesman Resume Header

Now that you know how important first impressions are with your resume, let’s begin with the section hiring managers look at first.

Your resume header.

Let’s say you’re applying for a salesman position at a premium musical instrument store.

Your header originally looks like this:

Manny Dee


Toronto, ON

At first glance, this resume seems perfectly fine.

But it doesn’t reach its full potential.

It includes only the basics and it doesn’t give the hiring manager a chance to discover more about you.

Let’s improve this one.

Manny Dee
Salesman - Musical Instrument Expert

+359 88 888 8888



Toronto, ON

This salesman resume header hits the mark. It has three key upgrades:

  • Identifies your speciality in musical instruments (tailor this to your specific industry)
  • Links to your LinkedIn profile to give the hiring manager more context
  • Has two methods to contact you - email and phone

How to Choose the Right Format for Your Salesman Resume

If a hiring manager only spends an average of 6 seconds scanning your resume, how can you ensure they cover the most important parts?

By formatting your resume so it’s easy to understand.

Choosing the right layout for your salesman resume can be the difference between landing an interview or not.

Areverse chronological resume layout is perfect for salesman resumes. They prioritize your previous experience, which is the most important factor hiring managers will consider.

Your resume should be three things:

  • Organized
  • Have clear subheadings
  • Saved as the right file type

No one wants to read a wall of text.

Bullet points and short paragraphs are the standard.

Use an easy-to-read font, like Arial, and make the text large enough to be mobile-friendly (11pt or higher).

Finish off by saving your resume as a PDF. This format is safe because it will look the same on any computer, and it will bypassapplicant tracking systems.

How to Write a Stand Out Salesman Resume Summary

Your resume summary is your sales pitch.

We know you’re already familiar with selling the vision of a product or service in a short speech.

You can transfer those skills to writing a stand out professional summary for your salesman resume.

Crafting a strong sales pitch about yourself in your summary will set you apart from other applicants.

Write a summary that tells your story, highlights your biggest achievements, and expresses your interest in the role you’re applying for.

Here are two resume summary upgrades that will impress the hiring manager:

  • Add quantitative data proving your results in past sales roles
  • Personalize your summary by using the same keywords as in the job posting

2 Salesman Resume Examples - Summary

Here’s a sample of the average salesman resume summary:

Motivated salesman seeking a full-time job. Excellent communication skillsand skilled with closing sales. Looking for a fast-paced role with a successful company.

There’s a few things lacking with this summary. Can you spot them?

  • It’s generic and vague. Phrases like “seeking a full-time job” and “looking for a fast-paced role with a successful company” make it obvious that you’re sending the same resume to every open job role.
  • There’s no proof that you’ve been successful in your past roles. Without real data, there’s no trust in your claims.

This summary will more likely land you an interview:

Self-motivated salesman with 6+ years' experience in the auto insurance industry. At Woodmark Insurance, I surpassed all KPIs including managing 25+ client accounts, generating $500,000 of revenue yearly, and achieving 99.8% client satisfaction ratings. Eager to join the Bevander team to make a positive impact and grow clients list.

Now this is the perfect sales pitch in summary form. You covered it all:

  • Number of years of experience
  • Industry speciality
  • Quantitative data supporting past success
  • Personalized for the role you want