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6 Delivery Driver Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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Delivery drivers are known as people with interesting stories to tell. You might think they just drive around listening to podcasts and earn good money, but there are some tough parts to the job.

Depending on the company, you might have to pay for your own gas and car repairs, which can add up. Your car also gets worn out from all the driving and sometimes you're forced to drive in pretty harsh weather conditions.

Despite these challenges, being a delivery driver can be a stress-free job. You don’t have a boss watching you all the time, and you have a lot of freedom. If you think you can handle the tough parts, this job might be a good fit for you. Just make sure your resume is good enough to get you hired.

We're excited to share some top-notch tips for crafting a delivery driver resume that will open doors for you.

Our delivery driver resume guide includes:

  • Formatting tips to make your resume organized and appealing;
  • How to tailor your previous work experiences to fit a delivery driver job description;
  • Essential skills every delivery driver resume needs to show;
  • Which certifications and driving licenses are crucial to mention;
  • Suggestions for additional resume sections that can give you an edge.

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How to format a delivery driver resume

Selecting the ideal resume format is essential for setting your application apart from the competition. Here are three main formats you can choose from for a delivery driver resume:

  • Reverse chronological resume: Best for those with solid experience in delivery driving, this format lists your previous jobs from the most recent to the earliest.
  • Functional resume: It's suitable if you're new to delivery driving, switching careers, just starting out, or have gaps in your work history. It focuses more on your skills than your past jobs.
  • Hybrid resume: Combining the strengths of both chronological and functional formats, the hybrid resume allows you to show your most relevant skills and achievements at the top, followed by a brief history of your work. This is particularly effective for demonstrating experiences that match the delivery driver job you want.

To make your resume catch a recruiter’s eye, consider these tips:

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When making your delivery driver resume, think about its length. Use one page to keep it simple, or two pages if you have a lot of experience.

It's important to use a plain format for your delivery driver resume because Applicant Tracking Systems can miss details in resumes with fancy layouts or creative titles.

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To boost your application, think about adding these vital resume sections.

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The top sections on a delivery driver resume:

  • Contact information: Include this to provide essential details for communication such as name, address, phone number, and email.
  • Summary or objective: This is needed to immediately establish your career focus and explain why you’re applying for the job as a delivery driver.
  • Driving licenses and certifications: A recruiter needs to see your relevant vehicle licenses or certifications as part of eligibility for the role.
  • Employment history: This section is crucial to demonstrate your work experience and performance in previous delivery driver jobs.
  • Skills and abilities: You should include this to illustrate abilities relevant to the delivery boy/girl role, such as safe driving, route navigation, and customer interaction skills.

Now, let’s focus on what recruiters expect to find in these sections and how they will likely review your application.

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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Clean driving record: Recruiters prioritize a clean driving record as it demonstrates the candidate's responsibility and safety on the road.
  • Customer service skills: These skills are essential as delivery drivers interact often with customers and a good experience can ensure customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Time management: Hiring managers want drivers who can manage time effectively and ensure that deliveries are made accurately and promptly.
  • Physical strength and stamina: Delivery guys are expected to load and unload packages, so demonstrating these abilities can give recruiters confidence in a candidate's capacity to perform this aspect of the role.
  • Familiarity with GPS and route navigation: Being adept with navigation tools is vital for efficient route planning and timely deliveries, making it a heavily prioritized attribute by recruiters.

To present your skills as a delivery driver, you need to know how to describe your work experience clearly. We'll cover more on this topic in the next section.

How to write your delivery driver resume experience

Your resume should mainly talk about how you’ve applied your skills in real situations, proving you can handle what delivery driving throws at you. Start with your most recent job and work backward, including your job title, the place you worked, and how long you were there. Don't forget to list your responsibilities and achievements in bullet points, leading off with strong action verbs. We’ll give you some tips on what to highlight and what to drop from your resume.

Let's first show what is the wrong way to present your work experience.

Delivery Driver
Los Angeles Delivery Services
Los Angeles, CA
  • Assisted in loading and unloading of packages to ensure proper handling and minimize damage during transit.
  • Managed daily delivery schedules and logs, ensuring accurate record-keeping and compliance with delivery timelines.
  • Got packages delivered quickly and without errors all over Los Angeles.
  • Used GPS and traffic updates to find the best routes.

These accomplishments may not capture interest as they lack detailed results and come across as routine tasks. Below, we'll show you how small changes can improve your experience section and make it more eye-catching.

Delivery Driver
Los Angeles Delivery Services
Los Angeles, CA
  • Reduced transit damage by 30% by assisting in the loading and unloading of packages through enhanced handling procedures.
  • Managed daily delivery schedules and maintained logs with 98% accuracy, ensuring compliance with strict delivery deadlines for over 100 deliveries daily.
  • Maintained a clean driving record and delivered over 2,000 packages per month in Los Angeles without any errors.
  • Optimized delivery routes using GPS and real-time traffic updates, cutting average travel times by 15 minutes per route.

Here's why formatting the bullet points this way is much more effective:

  • Quantifiable results: There are specific achievements, such as achieving a 98% punctuality rate. Metrics like this illustrate the driver's productivity.
  • Engaging action verbs: Using strong verbs like "reduced" and "optimized" grabs attention by underlining the driver's active role. This makes the resume more lively and shows the driver as proactive.
  • Essential skills: The bullets demonstrate critical skills for a delivery driver, including strategic route management, seamless coordination with dispatch, and diligent vehicle upkeep. These skills are key to keeping things safe and efficient on the job.

Implement these tips to make your resume's experience section impressive by detailing your achievements with precise numbers.

How to quantify impact on your resume

Measuring your achievements in your resume spotlights your skills and the positive outcomes you've achieved. Here are some customized tips to refine your delivery driver resume:

  • Include the number of routes handled daily to convey to recruiters your ability to manage a high workload efficiently.
  • Specify the number of deliveries made per day or shift to show you meet delivery targets within a given timeframe.
  • Mention any improvement in delivery time while you were in the role to demonstrate your potential to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Detail customer ratings or feedback scores if available because positive customer feedback indicates effective customer service skills.
  • Document the types and capacity of vehicles driven to indicate your versatility as a driver.
  • Emphasize any fuel savings you've managed through smarter routing. This is particularly valuable for companies that cover your fuel costs.
  • Record any reduction in package returns or delivery errors to display your diligence and precision in handling customer packages and orders.

Experienced delivery person or not, adding quantifiable achievements to your resume description shows you take your job seriously.

How do I write a delivery driver resume with no experience

New to delivery driving and don't have work experience yet? No problem at all! Just concentrate on a few key areas of your resume. Highlight any skills or experiences that show you're organized, dependable, and good with directions. This will help paint the picture of a capable delivery driver.

  • Objective statement: Craft a concise statement that expresses your excitement for delivery driving, related experiences if you have any, and your career goals. Aim for 3-4 sentences.
  • Transferable skills: Even if you've never been a delivery driver, you may have relevant skills from other jobs or even school or college. Highlight abilities like teamwork, navigational skills, and making quick decisions under pressure. Provide examples if possible.
  • Experience section: Feature any work, even volunteering or internships, especially if they involve teamwork or delivery tasks. They may not have been paid roles, but they definitely show your dedication and abilities.

Above all, tailor your resume for the delivery driver position you're targeting. Customize it to match the specific requirements and duties of the job. Include relevant keywords from the job description to make your resume stand out.

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Always get paid first! Don't hand over the food until you've got the payment. It'll save you from that nasty moment when the door slams shut and you're left without your money.

How to list your hard and soft skills on your resume

Adding a skills section to your resume is a smart way to show what you can do, whether you're new to delivery driving or have been doing it for a while. List hard skills like using GPS, planning quick routes, and basic car maintenance. Also, include soft skills such as being reliable, detail-oriented, and a good communicator. These skills highlight your professionalism and will certainly make a good impression on recruiters.

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Best hard skills for your delivery driver resume

  • GPS navigation proficiency
  • Knowledge of traffic laws
  • Vehicle maintenance skills
  • Use of delivery software
  • Knowledge of first aid and CPR
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Knowledge of DOT regulations
  • Hand truck proficiency
  • Knowledge of vehicle inspection procedures
  • Understanding and operation of truck lift gates
  • Vehicle repair skills
  • Use of warehouse equipment (pallet jacks, conveyor belts)

While creating your delivery driver resume, it’s important to underscore your driving skills as well as your soft skills. Identify what sets you apart and include those skills that will attract a potential employer’s attention.

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Best soft skills for your delivery driver resume

Now that we've got the skills sorted, let's move on with the education and certifications needed.

How to list your education and certifications on your resume

Most delivery driving jobs ask for no more than a high school diploma, but if you’ve picked up additional certificates, or diplomas, or have gone through more training—list those as well.

Don't overlook the education section on your resume. Make sure to include the name of your high school, the years you attended, and its location. It's also crucial to highlight any significant achievements from your time in school. If you have higher education or are working towards a degree, make sure that's on there too.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Portland State University
Portland, OR
  • Studied contemporary marketing strategies and digital marketing trends.
  • Participated in a collaborative project on consumer behavior analysis.
High School Diploma
Lincoln High School
Portland, OR
  • Graduated with honors
  • Captain of the debate team, leading to a regional championship

Including your driving license could be what draws a recruiter to your application. If you hold a Class A, Class B, or Class C CDL (Commercial Driver's License), you're already ahead of the game.

Any certifications related to driving can enhance your resume profile and show employers your initiative in expanding your skill set beyond traditional education. Here, we recommend 5 certifications that are valuable for delivery driver roles.

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There are dozens of certifications that you can earn as a delivery driver. But, some are more effective than others. That’s why you shouldn’t include certificates other applicants might have. Try instead to get a few of the more difficult ones.

How to write your delivery driver resume summary or objective

When delivery companies and retail businesses start going through piles of resumes, a sharp summary or objective on yours can really help it pop. Highlight your delivery skills and your knack for reliable service to catch their eye. Both a resume summary and an objective are there to grab the recruiter’s attention quickly and show that your skills and experiences are just what they're looking for.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

  • Objective statement: Keep it short, about 3 sentences, focusing on your career goals and why you're interested in this job. It's perfect if you’re just starting out, thinking about a career shift, or coming back after a break.
  • Summary: This should be a quick snapshot of your biggest professional wins and relevant experience, about 3 to 5 sentences long. It works best if you’ve got solid experience in the field.

Want to see what they look like in action? Take a look at the examples below:

Seasoned driver with over 10 years of experience, skilled in various aspects of delivery operations. Actively engaged in ensuring timely and secure deliveries. Seeking a position as a delivery driver at FedEx.

The summary introduces a driver with over ten years of experience but lacks specific examples and vibrant language that would make it compelling. It mentions general skills in delivery operations without detailing any standout achievements or moments that highlight the driver's capabilities. To truly capture the interest of a potential employer like FedEx, the summary needs more detailed examples and a more energetic tone to reflect the driver’s dedication and fit for the role.

Seasoned delivery driver with 10 years of experience, managing over 500 routes annually with a 99% on-time delivery rate. Expert in optimizing route planning and enhancing delivery efficiency while consistently delivering great customer service. Also skilled in coaching new drivers to maintain the company’s standards. Eager to bring this expertise to a delivery driver position at FedEx.

You can see the difference, can’t you? Let’s break down 3 reasons why it’s a better example:

  • Relevant experience: With 10 years as a delivery driver, managing over 500 routes each year with a 99% on-time delivery rate, the summary effectively shows the candidate as a seasoned expert. This experience directly relates to the demands of a high-paced delivery role.
  • Quantified achievements: The candidate doesn’t just state their experience. They quantify it, emphasizing their success in maintaining an impressive on-time delivery rate and their capability to handle a large volume of routes.
  • Strong intent: The summary states the candidate’s desire to transition their extensive delivery driving experience into a specific role at FedEx. This demonstrates a targeted career direction and a strong commitment to contributing to the company.

In case you're new to the delivery driving field and seeking your first position without prior experience, here's an approach to consider.

Recent graduate with expertise in GPS and route management, eager to optimize navigational efficiency as a delivery driver. Committed to improving delivery timeliness, demonstrating reliability and precision in a fast-paced logistics environment. Enthusiastic about becoming part of a big company such as FedEx.

Additional sections for a delivery driver resume

Make your delivery driver's resume more personal. Add additional sections that show off your personality, so employers can see what makes you different.

  • Volunteer work: Including any volunteer experience, particularly in roles that involve customer service or logistics, can be a great addition to your resume. It shows your willingness to take on extra responsibilities and your commitment to community involvement.
  • Language skills: If you speak multiple languages, mention this. Being multilingual can be a huge advantage in delivery roles that involve interacting with a diverse range of customers.
  • Passions: Share your hobbies and interests outside of work, like playing sports, getting out into nature, or getting creative with some art.
  • References on your resume: Include recommendations from past employers or colleagues who can vouch for your delivery skills and strong work ethic. These endorsements can make potential employers more confident in your abilities and character.

Key takeaways

  • Choose a resume layout that sends the right message and fits your current career situation.
  • Be specific about your experience, achievements, and future goals in your summary or objective statement.
  • When talking about your previous jobs, use real numbers and examples to show how you've made a difference.
  • List your soft and hard skills, but make sure to give examples that show these in action.
  • Don't forget to include any certifications and endorsements that fit what the job ad is asking for.
  • Think about adding some extra sections to your resume to give it a personal touch and really show how you'd fit in with the company culture.

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