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5 Uber Driver Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

When crafting your Uber driver resume, you must highlight your commitment to customer satisfaction. Proving your reliability with strong attendance and punctuality is key. Your resume should also clearly showcase your navigation skills and familiarity with local traffic laws. Include any experience with ride-sharing apps to demonstrate your proficiency with technology.

All resume examples in this guide

You are an experienced Uber Driver but don’t feel confident adding it to a resume?

Unfortunately, many people are just like you.

Let’s put it simply:

“In work there is no shame; shame is in the idleness”

Hesiod, ancient Greek poet

What matters the most is your approach to the job.

We will teach you how to build an Uber Driver resume that will make an impression as if you are a senior software engineer.

Follow this ultimate 2022 guide and learn tips and tricks that will skyrocket your career.

After that, you should try the resume builder for maximal results.

What you’ll learn here:

  • How to describe your work as an Uber Driver in a resume
  • How to include experience that will mesmerize recruiters
  • How to write a memorable and attention-grabbing summary
  • What other resume sections will fit the Uber Driver resume emphasizing your positive personality traits

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How to Write an Uber Driver Resume

If there is one thing you should embrace to win every job is CONFIDENCE.

Your resume is nothing more than a way to show a strong attitude towards your previous work.

You help people get from point A to point B, thus saving travel time and providing a comfortable ride.

 Such a mindset you need to be successful!

As you might know, Uber is facing a lawsuit from dozens of women over sexual assaults.

It might sound generic, but we live in a dangerous world.

That’s why you should prove you provide safety to passengers.

Moreover, many candidates underestimate soft skills like communication, time management, and problem-solving.

Unsurprisingly, these abilities describe you as more than just a driver but a professionalist.

Positive personality traits, as mentioned above, play a huge role.

Show that you are a responsible and self-motivated individual.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Show that you can solve a conflict with passengers easily
  • Provide evidence for positive feedback and references
  • Prove you always arrive on time and never dumb clients

Also, every section of your Uber Driver resume should be tailored to the job description.

Read the full guide and learn how to write your resume perfectly.

Uber driver resume formats

There are 3 main resume formats when it comes to industry expertise and years of experience:

Do not forget to:

If you want your resume to stand out, you should add References and Languages.

top sections icon

Top resume sections for an Uber driver resume:

  • Cohesive Skills and Strengths sections that underline both soft and hard skills
  • Your experience backed up with facts and measurable data
  • The summary section that will grab recruiters’ attention
  • Speaking several languages is always an advantage for you
  • References from previous employers give evidence of positive feedback
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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Are you a skilled and safe driver with an excellent driving score? Do your clients recommend you to others?
  • What are the valuable skills you acquired while driving an Uber?
  • What are your personality traits? Do you think passengers describe you as a trustworthy individual?
  • Is money the only reason you drive an Uber? If not, what else?
  • What are your plans? Where do you see yourself in terms of career?

Uber driver resume header you can see nowhere else

The resume header is equal to every other section and should be taken seriously.

You can't make any good impression by just putting your name and occupation on the top.

To reduce the mistakes, you should take notes from the following tips:

  • Include your first and last name and check your grammar and spelling. A simple mistake will make you look foolish
  • The resume headline should contain the position you are applying for, not the current one: it’s irrelevant to write “Uber Driver”
  • Phone number, email address, and location are a must
  • You can include LinkedIn or other social media profiles that will make you look reliable

Look at the following examples and master building the resume header.

2 Uber driver resume header examples
Uber Driver
Los Angeles, CA
Chair Car Driver
Los Angeles, CA

Uber Driver resume summary recruiters won’t ignore

Most people freak out when building a Summary section.

It turns out it’s hard for candidates to summarize the most vital information about themselves.

Others say that they have nothing crucial to include.

However, such statements are absurd.

You need a step-by-step pattern.

Here are the most vital points you should take into account when building your Uber Driver summary:

Emphasize the years of experience in the transport industry

Include acquired skills, duties, and responsibilities

Add an extraordinary achievement/situation that builds respect in recruiters

End up by mentioning what job you are looking for next

Do you feel more confident now?

Go through the following examples and learn what to add and remove from your resume summary.

2 Uber driver resume summary examples
Uber Driver with some years of experience in driving. Excellent communication and customer service. Always remain calm in stressful situations.

No quantitative data. No action verbs. No specific data.

Unfortunately, this applicant won’t stand out from the competition.

Most probably, recruiters will stop reading after the first sentence.

Polite 5-star Uber Driver with 5 years of experience in the transport & logistics industry. Safe driving, excellent communication, and customer service. Always remain calm in stressful situations and successfully resolved 30+ arguments between passengers.

The following candidate overcame the struggle to write about themselves.

This sample is the perfect fit for your resume profile.

It’s short, cohesive, and will influence the selection of candidates.

Uber driver resume experience: the ultimate advantage

Carefully read the following question and tell us what is better:

  1. 45-year-old candidate with a driving license since 21 but 2 years of doing it as a job
  2. 30-year old with 5 years of driving Uber and having a license since 23

You guessed it!

The second candidate is way ahead of the other.

Experience is the critical factor that influences candidate selection.

That’s why you should take the right approach and describe it perfectly:

  • Utilize proven facts, action verbs, and numbers to describe your duties
  • Describe a stressful/extraordinary/challenging situation that you handled well
  • Mention the soft and hard skills you mastered
  • Prove positive personality traits like self-motivation and responsibility in your statements

Underline time management, organization, and interpersonal skills.

Ask yourself similar questions and answer the best way possible:

Did professionalism and communication skills help me acquire new clients?

Did passengers recommend my service? 

Are there any interesting stories that emphasize my positive personality traits?

Use the tips above and list work experience on your resume.

Uber driver resume experience examples
Uber Driver
New York, NY
  • Achieved high Uber rider rating
  • Made a lot of loyal clients
  • Always arrived on time
  • Worked nonstop during the week

By reading the example, you should learn how NOT to list your experience bullet points.

Unfortunately, the applicant did not mention or underline any information.

That’s why the odds of getting the job are very low.

Focus on the following sample and try to apply the learned on your Uber Driver resume.

Uber Driver
New York, NY
  • Achieved a 5-star Uber rider rating
  • Made 70+ loyal clients that gave me positive feedback
  • Always arrived on time: 5-10 minutes after the request
  • Worked 90 hours per week and met 60+ new passengers daily
pro tip icon
Pro tip

Try to list bullet points that directly cross-reference your unique soft/hard skills. For example, having a 5-star driving score means you are self-motivated and capable of managing your time.

Uber Driver resume skills: it’s not just driving around

You live in a total lie if you think that driving an Uber doesn’t require any specific skills.

Admirable interpersonal skills are the main factor that defines high score drivers.

Moreover, you should be capable of making a decision fast and managing your time.

If you don’t list such skills, recruiters won’t be confident you have them.

Having physical and mental strength and knowledge of the vehicle will help you in stressful situations.

Remember to tailor your unique skills to the job description, otherwise you will miss the interview call.

top sections icon

Top 5 hard skills for Uber driver resumes:

  • Physical & Mental Strength;
  • Local Route Knowledge;
  • Basic Vehicle Maintenance;
  • Traffic & State Laws;
  • Mapping.

The strengths section allows you to affirm your statements.

For example, you might be a great storyteller.

Then, you could mention how you turn passengers into loyal clients with your stories.

Maybe you have never been late despite the traffic in the city.

Mention it as well.

Utilize resume action verbs and quantitative data to make a great impression.

Easily start and maintain conversation with passengers. They always tell me that I am a good company and enjoy the ride.
Always organizing all my activities, trying to optimize time and effort. As a result, I've never been late for a client's request for a ride.
Find it easy to feel the pain of others and give the advice to handle it.

Uber driver resume education section: hidden opportunity

Obviously, you don’t need any education to drive an Uber.

However, it’s a good idea to put your high school diploma or bachelor’s degree, if any.

After all, many well-educated individuals drive an Uber due to circumstances beyond their control.

Thus, you can emphasize the skills you acquired and indicate self-motivation

As an Uber Driver, you can:

  • Emphasize the soft and hard skills you excelled
  • Add references from professors and extraordinary achievements: successfully dealing with an intense situation
  • Prove self-motivation by writing down all the extracurricular activities you took part in


Don’t hesitate to be creative and write the perfect resume education section.

Languages on your resume open new doors

You don’t need to know 100,000 words and complex grammar structures to put language skills on your resume.

It’s more about the ability to communicate with passengers and manage your daily operations.

After all, driving as a service means meeting dozens of people from different nationalities regularly.

You should be capable of starting and maintaining a conversation, asking and answering simple questions, and understanding directions.

That’s why recruiters value the presence of language skills in your Uber Driver resume.

Key takeaways

  • Show how your positive personality traits help you gain loyal clients
  • Mention communication, time management, and decision-making skills backed up with examples and quantitative data
  • Tailor your Uber Driver resume to the job description
  • Demonstrate confidence in your job by writing down examples of intense situations you handled and high-performance metrics
  • Add references from clients and colleagues or any other form of proof of positive feedback
uber driver resume example

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