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5 Escape Room Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your escape room resume must highlight your problem-solving skills. It should also showcase your ability to work under pressure. Demonstrate your track record of leadership and team collaboration. Employers want to see your knack for thinking outside the box.

All resume examples in this guide

In recent years, escape rooms' popularity has skyrocketed, and so has the demand for professionals in the field.

However, only a few can land a job different from acting or customer service.

Are you devoted to the art of puzzles in escape rooms, but can’t find a decent job?

Maybe you want to become an escape room game moderator and create new games and puzzles challenging the human intellect.

No problem! You are in the right place on the Internet.

Read the guide, take notes from the examples, and use the resume builder to create yours.

What you’ll learn here

  • How to describe your experience and skills to mesmerize recruiters
  • Why do need and how to build a top-notch summary
  • How to list education, projects, and other escape room resume sections
  • How to create resume sections that build trust

How to write an escape room resume

People say that success is 90% hard work and only 10% talent.

And it’s true!

If you want to become an escape room game moderator, you should provide evidence of:

  • Solid experience
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills
  • Admirable knowledge of games and puzzles

Moreover, you should show creativity and good customer service.

Remember that your job is focused on people.

That’s why verbal communication is vital when explaining guidelines and giving directions.

The most important of all is to prove you have a cohesive approach to how to write a resume:

  • Mention extraordinary experiences that signify creativity and back them up with quantitative data
  • Include sections like Projects / Languages / References to make the resume stand out
  • Show ability to work in a dynamic environment that includes people monitoring

Emphasize skills in various resume sections such as Experience, Summary, and Strengths.

Don't overlook management and operation!

After all, effective control of the escape room setting is critical to customer happiness.

Did you go to college?

What practical skills did you gain as a result of your experience?

Finally, personalize your escape room resume to the job description.

This step boosts your chances of employment by 50%!

Escape room resume formats

The resume formats listed below are ideal for an escape room resume:

  • A reverse-chronological resume lists your most recent employment first, followed by earlier positions. It could be your best option after a few years in a given industry.
  • Functional resumes are designed for job changers and highlight transferable skills and competence.
  • Because it is appropriate for all professionals, a hybrid resume combines the best aspects of both forms.

Here are some additional resume tips:

  • Select a resume font size of 12p and resume margins of 10'.
  • Use a one-page resume if you have less than ten years of experience, and a two-page resume if you have more.
  • Pay close attention to grammar and spelling.
  • Select the PDF format.
  • For best results, use MS Word resume templates

To smash the competition, and add references, languages, and projects.

top sections icon

Top resume sections for an escape room manager resume:

  • Fact-based Experience section supported by high-performance metrics and quantitative data
  • Attractive summary that grabs attention and destroys stereotypes
  • Evidence-backed soft and hard skills
  • Well-constructed Project section demonstrating self-motivation and creativity
  • References from previous employers and mastery of foreign languages
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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • What is your background in customer service/entertainment?
  • Do you have deep knowledge about escape rooms? Did you learn from practice or theory?
  • Did you have a passion for games, puzzles, or other activities that require problem-solving and creativity?
  • Are your former employers satisfied with your contribution to their company? Did you get along with your colleagues?
  • Did you participate in any projects? What are they, and did you achieve the objectives?
  • What are your long-term goals? Do you see your future in the escape room industry?

escape room resume header that stuns

A good Header section is worth tons of words.

However, 90% of the candidates jot down their names and contact information.

Unfortunately, this action is the first red flag!

That’s why they don’t receive a call for an interview.

To create an impressive escape room resume, follow the advice points listed below:

  • Write down your first and last name, making sure they match all your social media channels
  • Mention the position you're applying for, not your previous or unspecific one
  • Include your current location, phone number, and professional the email address
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile or project you are proud of to establish credibility

Take notes from these two examples and create a decent resume header!

2 Escape Room Resume Header Examples

Escape Room
Salt Lake City, UT
Escape Room Game Moderator
Salt Lake City, UT

The escape room resume summary you need to land a job

You create games and puzzles to challenge human intelligence and engage clients, right?

Surprisingly, the same is the strategy to build an escape room resume summary.

A well-structured and impressive introduction grabs the attention and builds trust.

It strikes employers right in the irrational System 1 of the brain and encourages them to continue reading.

But how to achieve such results?

Follow these tips and find out:

  • Bomb recruiters with high-performance metrics: extraordinary achievements and results
  • Mention admirable skills such as organization and customer service
  • Underline your attitude toward clients: mention feedback from the overall escape room experience
  • Include good teamwork and collaboration
  • Add your daily operations, responsibilities, and duties

Take notes from the examples below and write down an admirable escape room summary:

2 Escape Room Resume Summary Examples

Escape Room Host with some years of experience in the field. Good at customer service and managed client relations. Extensive knowledge of game and puzzle creation.
Hard-working Escape Room Host with 5 years of experience in the field. Excelled in customer service and built 100+ valuable relationships with clients. Applied innovative techniques in game creation that led to a 25% increase in visitors. Seeking a job as Escape Room Game Moderator to bring my experience into action and add value.

Escape room resume experience: You have what you need

You might say:

"Ugh, I don't have many interesting things to add. It's just an escape room!"

And you are wrong!

Since 2013 escape rooms have gained immense popularity thanks to the people like you who promote and innovate.

The idea is to show recruiters how you managed to succeed in this industry by providing:

  • evidence of your creative genius: the creation of puzzles and games,
  • sign of teamwork and positive feedback from other employees and employers
  • exceptional customer service, organization, and leadership skills

But could you implement all of the above in your escape room resume!?

Thankfully, we have some tricks in our sleeve for all of your issues.

  • Use high-performance metrics like revenue growth, feedback from clients, engagement
  • Support every statement with power words, resume action verbs, and quantitative data
  • Provide evident results and achievements

Follow the tips above and land your dream job in the escape room set!

Escape room resume experience examples

Company Name
New York, NY
Company Description
  • Established long-term client ties and collaborations with many businesses
  • Organized games and puzzles and gave guidelines to clients daily
  • Devised a novel marketing technique in game creation
  • Applied an innovative organizational approach

The first candidate looks like a questionable and unreliable candidate who has no idea how they achieved this.

They present vague and non-specific data that might confuse recruiters.

On the other hand, the second applicant is a go-getter!

They listed their achievements to support their expertise and added numbers that build trust!

It’s just 10 out of 10!

Escape Room Game Moderator
Escape House
New York, NY
  • 100+ long-term client ties and collaborations with 10+ different businesses
  • Organized 10+ games and puzzles and gave guidelines to 100+ clients daily
  • Devised a novel marketing technique in game creation that attracted 500+ new clients
  • Applied an innovative organizational approach that increased our team's productivity by 33%
pro tip icon
Pro tip

Don’t be afraid of numbers. Imagine that the recruiter is the examiner, and you are an undergraduate doing everything to pass the exam. When you offer specific and valuable answers, you get a higher grade. Your resume is not different from a completed exam paper waiting to be evaluated!

Escape room resume soft and hard skills

You've got 3 options: 

  • Focus on human-oriented skills that help you reach high-performance metrics
  • Concentrate on abilities related to the creation of complex games and puzzles that engage clients
  • Do both

Unsurprisingly, you should utilize both soft and hard skills to achieve your goals.

If you are great at managing people and marketing, you should be pro in organization and leadership.

These skills are interconnected and bring value when delivered in a package.

top sections icon

5 hard skills for your resume:

The strengths section will help you give further explanation of your abilities.

We advise you to mention skills you can support with a specific example or quantitative data.

If you are good at time management, you should mention that you always leave time for a good rest.

Get it, right?

Take a look at the following samples and start working on yours:

Daily operations hide 100+ problems, but I got used to them, and takes me almost no time to solve them.
Provided guidelines and held valuable discussions with 100+ clients, which helped me build trust.
Game Creation
Created 10+ complex games that required great mental work, which earned me respect from colleagues.

Escape room resume project section

Who knew escape rooms could be a source of charity donations?

Of course, it can.

Being a self-motivated individual with strong values and goals, you will succeed.

All you need to do is to implement experience, creativity, and life philosophy into a SMART goal.

All the advice points mentioned for the Experience section are valid here.

Carefully analyze the sample below and create your escape room Project section!

The Escape Project
New York, NY
Collaborated with 3 widely known influencers to build and promote a chilling escape room game and puzzle.
  • Attracted 5,000 clients across the USA
  • Gathered 200,000 likes across all social media channels
  • Donated the prize money ($20,000) to charity

Education: you’d better add it

Other escape room resume guides will tell you:

"You don't need to add education! Focus on experience!"

However, if you listen to them, you might miss a massive opportunity.

Do you have a Bachelor of Arts, Communication, or Game Theory?

If yes, include it immediately!

Thus, you provide evidence for recruiters that you have specific skills, such as

  • Knowledge of games
  • Communication
  • Creativity

Moreover, you can add bullet points to show extraordinary accomplishments in the resume education section:

  • Present the acquired skills
  • Demonstrate positive personality traits by providing feedback from professors
  • Highlight high-performance metrics related to teamwork to give a sign of solid communication skills
  • Highlight your inner desire to build games to challenge people's minds

Languages on the resume: Hidden opportunities

Many bilingual or trilingual candidates forget to add their knowledge of foreign languages.

And this is a big miss!

Over 2 billion people combined speak English and Spanish as their primary languages.

Clients prefer to communicate with native speakers because they feel more confident.

And speaking English and Spanish gives you an incredible advantage over the competition!

Remember that escape rooms provide value through experience.

And when you know how to facilitate clients, you are more likely to win them and the recruiters!

References that present you as a go-getter

References from colleagues mean 3 things:

  • you are a go-getter who knows is a master of puzzles
  • colleagues respect you as a professional
  • you have positive personality traits: people recommend others when they like them

Don't lose this opportunity!

Add references on your resume to stand out!

Key takeaways

  • Create a solid introduction by building a professional header and well-structured summary
  • Underline strong expertise in the Experience and Project sections
  • Emphasize games and puzzles mastery, communication, organization, and management
  • Include references and My Philosophy section to build trust in recruiters
  • Back every statement of your resume with actions verbs, power words, and quantitative data
escape room resume example

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