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Tableau Resume Examples & Templates for 2021 [+ Writing Aid ]

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-05-26

Every business wants a piece of that data intelligence pie, and that’s exactly why Tableau professionals are in such high demand.

There is, however, one problem. Everyone and their dog thinks they know a thing or two about data.

Because people love beautiful charts, graphs, numbers — it makes us all feel like data analysts in a way.

That’s why so many people think they can do the job. Of course you, as a Tableau developer, know better.

You know how much work goes into creating truly insightful dashboards, managing multiple data sources, administering Tableau users, and so much more.

But if your resume doesn’t show how professional you are, it’ll get lost in the pile of generic resumes from hobbyists and data enthusiasts.

Are you ready to get your next great job in business intelligence with your Tableau resume? Read on.

What this Tableau resume will teach you

  • Explore 8 Tableau resume examples and analyze what makes them good or bad;
  • How to leave an impression with recruiters that you’re the Tableau professional they need;
  • How to write an attention grabbing Summary that is tailored specifically to the job you’re applying for;
  • How and where to properly list technical and soft skills on your resume so that recruiters won’t toss your resume out when they see it;
  • What are the most important sections in your Tableau resume and how you should write them.

Tableau resume sample

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How to write a Tableau resume that gets you interviews

The problem with most Tableau resumes is that they are awfully generic.

You might have very advanced experience in configuring and using Tableau solutions, but if your resume looks like you’re just drawing pie-charts on command, you won’t get too far.

Anyone can draw pie-charts, especially in a business environment. That’s the baseline.

Just like a well-presented data visualization tells a story of business, your Tableau resume should tell a story of how good and versatile of a Tableau professional you are.

Recruiters, just like any other people, love good stories

And every section of your resume should be a part of this story.

Which are the top sections of a proper Tableau resume

  • Properly formatted Header section with relevant and convincing profile links
  • Concise, attention-grabbing Summary tailored to the job you want
  • Neatly framed Experience section to make your resume top priority with recruiters
  • Technical Skills section with the most relevant and demanded skills for the job
  • List of certifications to strengthen your resume

By skillfully combining different aspects of experience with Tableau, business analytics, and data management, you make recruiters understand that you’re that one candidate they need.

Here’s what recruiters want to see in Tableau developer resumes

  • Portfolio that features your excellent skills in visual reporting
  • Business-driven approach to creating and analyzing visual data
  • List of relevant technical and soft skills needed for the job
  • Education and certification sections or equivalent working experience
  • Engaging and efficient work history

The best layout to demonstrate your Tableau experience is the standard