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7 Physical Education Teacher Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your physical education teacher resume must clearly highlight your expertise in developing and implementing diverse physical education programs. It should also demonstrate your ability to assess student progress and understanding of physical health concepts. In addition, your resume should showcase your proficiency in organizing sports activities and maintaining a safe and positive learning environment. Emphasize your strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with students, staff, and parents.

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Securing a job as a physical education teacher starts with a powerful resume. That's the way to get you the recognition you deserve from recruiters.


In the U.S., schools may use the Presidential Physical Fitness Test and FitnessGram to evaluate PE teachers. However, these tests barely scratch the surface, missing nuances like teamwork, sportsmanship, and patience.


A standout physical education teacher resume should be more than a list of previous jobs. It needs to spotlight the genuine, lasting impact made on students in a field where success goes beyond standardized testing.

This guide will help you:

  • Create a compelling resume that mirrors your dynamism and energy in the PE classroom
  • Find ways to better highlight your worth in the experience, skills, education, and summary sections
  • Incorporate real-world resume examples to resonate more effectively with recruiters

Ready to build a standout physical education teacher resume?

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Physical education resume example

This resume example shines because it:

  • Aligns precisely with the specific demands and expectations of a physical education teacher role;
  • Catches the eye with a clean, modern design and an appropriate resume format;
  • Uses a well-organized structure and comes with a logical flow. Thus, it makes it easier for recruiters to envision the candidate's career progression;
  • Incorporates keywords strategically to enhance the applicant's chances of passing through applicant tracking systems (ATS).

How to format a physical education teacher resume

Think of your physical education resume as a game plan for a sports match.

If you don't have a well-organized, clear plan, your team will run all over the place without direction. Similarly, a cluttered or poorly formatted resume can push interested recruiters away.

On the contrary:

An eye-pleasing physical education teacher resume is a great way to shape a positive impression. Design elements like spacing, font choice, and layout significantly affect readability..

Here are some essential formatting tips for perfecting your PE teacher resume:

  • Use a reverse chronological format: Adopt a reverse chronological format: Start with your latest position and work backward, highlighting relevant physical education roles.. This will save the recruiter's time and help them skim through your resume faster.

  • Add contact details to the header section: Ensure it has your name, job title, address, phone number, email, and LinkedIn profile.. Think of this as a captivating team banner that promotes you as the best candidate.

  • Critical sections: Essential sections: Sometimes, less is more when detailing a resume.. Focus on your experience, skills, certifications, and education. However, other resume sections such as specialized training, events, or workshops may also be effective.

  • Length: The sweet spot for most physical education resumes is 1-2 pages, depending on your expertise. If you're fresh out of college, one page should suffice. If you are a PE teacher with decades of experience, however, feel free to add a second page to showcase all your valuable experiences.

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Pro Tip

Stuck choosing an ideal format for your physical education resume? PDFs are the safer bet as they ensure your resume looks great everywhere. On the other hand, You can edit MS Word documents more easily — but they don't always open the same on different devices and software.

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The top sections on a PE resume:

  • Header: Displays your name and job title with essential contact details.

  • Summary: Captures your teaching philosophy and key PE teaching achievements.

  • Experience: Promotes your roles and contributions in the physical education field.

  • Skills: Highlights your teaching, coaching, and sports-related talents.

  • Certifications: Proves your qualifications and dedication to recognized standards.

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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • Expertise in crafting adaptable physical activity programs for all students.

  • Hands-on experience with fitness assessment and student progress tracking.

  • Demonstrated ability to foster teamwork and sportsmanship.

  • Skill in pinpointing and addressing individual student physical challenges.

  • Relevant physical education certifications showcasing specialization and commitment.

Need more help? Check out some of our most impressive resume templates to further enhance your job application.

How to write your physical education resume experience

The experience section offers recruiters a glimpse into your journey in the world of sports and education. It's where you'll highlight your work history and the genuine impact you've made in the lives of your students.

Checklist icon
When creating this section, it's important to consider the following:

  • Limit each work experience to 3-5 bullet points, and try to maintain consistency by having an even number of bullet points for all jobs. (i.e., 4 bullet points for each position)

  • Focus on professional experiences to highlight the best qualities that help you excel in this role.

  • Whenever possible, incorporate data and tangible figures to quantify your impact more effectively.

  • Start each bullet point with a powerful action verb to strengthen your position. Instead of phrases like "helped with," use dynamic words such as "implemented," "organized," or "developed".

Physical education teacher experience examples:

Physical Education Teacher
XYZ Elementary School
Springfield, IL
  • Conducted a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Helped with the organization and planning of various sports-related school events.
  • Handled student record maintenance to ensure high class attendance.

This isn't far from being an ideal experience section that can get you hired. Here's why:

  • The bullet points fail to highlight any significant experience or concrete achievements. They're also generic and can't fit any specific job description.
  • All the duties in the example are vague and depth-lacking. They leave the hiring manager guessing what the applicant actually did on the job.
  • None of the responsibilities have been quantified, and that makes them less compelling.
  • The example doesn’t feature enough ATS keywords to pass through automated screening systems

Let’s make a few simple improvements to the above example and we’ll have this:

Physical Education Teacher
XYZ Elementary School
Springfield, IL
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive fitness program, enhancing student engagement by 20%.
  • Spearheaded collaborative team-building events, fostering a culture of inclusivity and sportsmanship.
  • Effectively managed accurate attendance records, utilizing a digital tracking system to streamline processes.

How to quantify impact on your physical education teacher resume

Numbers are an excellent tool for cutting through ambiguity, providing a clear picture of your achievements. They allow recruiters to perceive your importance within a context and to gauge your performance relative to others.

That's why turning experiences into measurable achievements is a must.

A few quantifiable aspects of physical education teacher roles include:

  • Higher participation: Did you contribute to a rise in students joining after-school sports clubs?
  • Improved benchmarks: How many students met or exceeded national fitness standards following your specialized training regimen?
  • Program implementation: Did you launch any new training programs or fitness plans? What impact did this have on student engagement?
  • Event organization: Were you part of a sports events organizing team at your school? How many events did you plan together? And how many participants were there?
  • Curriculum enhancement: Were you able to integrate any type of technology (i.e., fitness trackers or apps)? What positive impact did that have on your students?
  • Safety protocols: Did you implement new safety protocols in your physical education classes? How did it affect student safety and the injury rate?

How do I write a physical education teacher resume with no experience

It's challenging to land your dream job if you're just getting started as a physical education teacher. You may find yourself staring at a blank page, not knowing how to convey your worth without a professional track record.

The good news is:

Lots of entry-level applicants are landing physical education teacher jobs every day. And you can do that too! All it takes is understanding your innate strengths and finding a solid way to convey them on a resume.

Here are a few tips to help you best position yourself for any job, even without hands-on experience:

  • Create a strong resume objective: Use this to highlight your passion for physical education and convey your eagerness to contribute.
  • Emphasize educational achievements: Relevant PE coursework, projects, or honors are all valuable in the eyes of hiring managers.
  • Showcase relevant certifications: Certificates in coaching, fitness, and education can significantly boost your resume's weight.
  • Focus on transferable skills: Emphasize soft skills within a relevant context to bolster your application.
  • Include extracurricular activities: Participation in sports teams, dance groups, or fitness clubs showcases hands-on involvement in the field.

How to list your hard skills and soft skills on your resume

Physical education requires a blend of technical skills and interpersonal abilities. So, featuring both in your resume is an efficient way to prove your suitability for the role.

Soft skills are intangible attributes that reflect how you treat others and interact with them. Examples of soft skills in a PE role encompass positivity, patience, and motivation.

Hard skills, on the other hand, are technical abilities that you pick up through training and experience. In a PE role, those could be knowledge of sports rules and fitness assessment techniques.

Before we get more examples, here are a couple of golden rules to keep in mind when adding skills to your PE teacher resume:

  • List between 5 to 10 skills to your resume. It's tempting to list every skill you have on your resume. However, you should limit that to a maximum of 10 skills to let your most important skills shine.

  • Prioritize relevant skills. You should always stick to the most pertinent skills based on the job description. For instance, if the offer emphasizes team sports, start with core skills such as coaching and training programs.

top sections icon

Best hard skills for your physical education teacher resume

  • Sports Rules & Techniques

  • Fitness Assessment

  • Coaching

  • First Aid & CPR

  • Sports Equipment Operation

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

  • Curriculum Development

  • Athletic Events & Tournament Organization

  • Healthy Nutrition

  • Physical Therapy

  • Drills & Training Programs

  • Kinesiology Principles

  • Tech Equipment (e.g., Fitness Trackers)

  • Aquatics Instruction

  • Dance & Rhythmic Movement Techniques

  • Outdoor & Adventure Activities (e.g., Rock Climbing, Kayaking)

  • Classroom Management

  • Sports Equipment Maintenance

top sections icon

Best soft skills for your physical education teacher resume

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Pro Tip

You can make your resume more impactful by weaving your skills throughout various sections. For example, instead of adding "leadership" as a skill, try to showcase the projects you managed in the summary or experience sections. This helps you provide more context around your talents, making them more tangible to recruiters.

How to list your certifications and education on your resume

A dedicated education section is a non-negotiable in your resume.

When scouting for top physical education teachers, many schools emphasize a degree in the job requirements. Education serves as evidence of your knowledge and readiness to foster a healthy and active learning environment.

Here's what to include when featuring your degree:

  • Type of your degree

  • Major

  • University/College Name

  • Graduation Year/Duration

  • GPA (only if it’s high enough to bolster your job application)

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
University of Florida

Certificates serve as a unique selling point to help you stand out from the crowd. Recruiters recognize that candidates showcasing relevant certificates demonstrate proactivity and a genuine commitment to professional growth.

Aside from that, an additional certificate also reflects credibility and in-depth experience in the job.

The best way to list your physical education certifications is to:

  • Only Highlight certificates that align closely with the job description;.
  • Include the certificate title, the acquisition year, and the granting organization.

Here are the best certificates to embellish your PE teacher resume:

How to write your physical education resume summary or objective

When crafting your resume, always remember that headhunters are always busy. That's why you need a resume summary that focuses only on relevant, attention-grabbing details.

The summary section for your physical education teacher resume is your spotlight moment. It captures all the highlights of your PE teaching career and offers a condensed version of your proudest accomplishments.

A job-winning resume summary for a physical education teacher must:

  • Feature notable accomplishments, like boosting student athletic participation or innovating new sports programs.
  • Highlight soft and core physical education teaching skills.
  • Touch on your expertise in promoting physical health and well-being.

Let’s take a quick look at these two summary examples:

Physical education teacher with some years of experience teaching in schools. I enjoy sports and believe in the importance of fitness. I worked with children of various ages and managed some school sports events. I’m looking for a teaching opportunity in a good school environment.

There are three mistakes to watch out for::

  • General duties without highlighting any achievements or specific impacts

  • Many vague claims that don't provide specifics about the candidate's qualifications or experience

  • Emphasis on personal convenience rather than how the candidate can contribute to the school or institution

Licensed physical education teacher with over 7 years of experience emphasizing holistic fitness programs and student engagement. Adept at integrating technology into lessons, fostering teamwork, and promoting lifelong wellness habits. Successfully boosted active participation by 30% through inclusive athletic initiatives. Excited to apply innovative teaching approaches at Sunnydale Elementary School..

What about a physical education resume objective?

A physical education teacher's objective delves into aspirations and passions. It's an ideal option if you're just stepping onto the track or considering a career shift. This section focuses on your drive and potential as a physical education teacher.

An effective resume objective must:

  • Spotlight your most outstanding soft and core skills
  • Highlight your educational background and relevant coursework
  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to the profession

Additional sections for a physical education resume

Another strategy to enhance your PE teacher resume is to incorporate additional sections.

Sections like "events" and "strengths" allow you to present a well-rounded image of your qualifications. More importantly, they enable you to stand out by spotlighting distinct aspects of your career.

Consider adding the following sections to enrich your resume::

  • Athletic Achievements: Include personal sports milestones to spotlight your practical experience.
  • Sporting Events and Competitions: Highlight participation and leadership in relevant school athletic events.
  • Industry Expertise: Showcase any specialized training or certifications you've acquired throughout your career.
  • Strengths: Mention unique standout attributes that you possess, such as leadership or adaptability.
  • Affiliations: List memberships in physical education or educational professional groups to show your involvement.

Key takeaways

  • Tailor every section to highlight your expertise and passion for physical education;

  • Use the reverse-chronological format to clearly display career growth and recent accomplishments;

  • Emphasize quantifiable achievements to paint a clear picture of your role's success;

  • Highlight a mix of hard and soft skills to promote yourself as a well-rounded and competent candidate.;

  • Showcase relevant certifications to underline your commitment and expertise in physical education teaching;

  • Include additional sections such as “athletic achievements” or “events” to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Physical Education Teacher resume examples

Explore additional physical education teacher resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Entry Level Physical Education Teacher

If you're an Entry Level Physical Education Teacher, it's good to talk about your sports background. Show that you know a lot about different kinds of sports and physical activities. Talk about any experience you have teaching or coaching, even if it wasn't a paid job. If you studied physical education or something similar, mention that too. Most importantly, talk about how your skills and experiences have helped students.

By Role

Elementary Physical Education Teacher

When applying for an Elementary Physical Education Teacher role, emphasize your expertise in fostering physical development and health in children through creative activities. Highlight any related training or certifications. Show how your skills have positively influenced students' overall physical development and well-being, such as improving agility with regular fitness classes or boosting coordination with customized training programs.

New Teacher Health Physical Education

The role of a Health Physical Education teacher has its roots in health science and physical activity disciplines. Therefore, trends in health & fitness research can often affect teaching practices in this field.

For a successful application for a Health Physical Education teacher position, you should:

  • Highlight any understanding of different health science and physical activities. Knowledge of different games, exercises, diet plans is extremely important. Ensure you include examples of how you've applied this expertise in a practical setting.
  • Don’t just list your qualifications. Show how you’ve used them to achieve positive results, for example, 'improved student fitness levels with…', or 'promoted healthy eating habits through…'. Conform to the 'ability-action-results' sequence.
  • Include voluntary or training experience in relevant fields. Prior experience working with children or in fitness can be very beneficial, so highlight these on your resume.

High School Physical Education Teacher

As a High School Physical Education Teacher, it's essential to have a lot of practical experience. You need strong skills in creating and teaching physical education programs, as well as deep understanding of different sports and physical activities that are suitable for high school students. Instead of simply stating these abilities and experiences, it's much better to give examples of how you've used them to improve the students' physical health and team spirit.

First Year Physical Education Teacher

Being a First Year Physical Education Teacher requires diverse knowledge in sports and health education field. Understanding the modern education framework, as well as emerging trends, is crucial.

Here are key tips when applying for a First Year Physical Education Teacher job:

  • Advertise your background in health and fitness. Comprehensive training in different sports disciplines, personal fitness certifications or a degree in physical education provides a strong base. Don't just list, but demonstrate how these areas impacted your students' performance.
  • Preparation for implementing different teaching methodologies is invaluable. Skills with varying pedagogy like direct teaching, cooperative learning, or task teaching should be highlighted. Showcase how these methodologies helped in your previous engagements.
  • The ability to connect with students of diverse backgrounds and fitness levels is vital. Your resume should highlight your experience and tactics in managing a multicultural and diverse talent room successfully.
  • Mention your first aid skills and certifications- these reassure employers that student safety is your priority.

Certified Physical Education Teacher

As a Certified Physical Education Teacher, highlight your certificates and extra training. Stress your abilities to create and carry out physical education programs. Show your talent in managing various students with different skill levels. Demonstrate how your teaching impacted student health habits, fitness, and involvement in sports.
physical education teacher resume example

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