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Top Physical Education Teacher sections that make the best resume

  • Header
  • Professional summary
  • Experience (with numbers & results)
  • Relevant skills
  • Education
  • Certifications

How to write a Physical Education Teacher resume experience section

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Physical Education Teacher Resume Experience Section Checklist:
  • Use at least 3 and no more than 7 bullet points per position;
  • Make your experience sound relevant to what you’re applying for;
  • Combine responsibilities, results, and critical situations that you’ve handled well;
  • Show that you’re willing to take up on challenges;
  • Include numbers in any form you like.

Use the examples below to build your own experience section!

Work Experience
Physical Education Teacher
ABC School
08/2019 06/2021
  • Achieved 90% pass rate in the New York State Physical Education Assessment
  • Developed a successful after-school program that helped students improve their athletic skills and fitness levels
  • Collaborated with school administration and community partners to organize a city-wide youth sports tournament that involved over 300 participants
  • Used technology such as heart rate monitors and fitness trackers to enhance the students' learning experience and provide personalized feedback
  • Mentored and supported student-athletes in their academic and personal development
Work Experience
Physical Education Teacher
XYZ Academy
08/2017 06/2019
  • Designed and implemented a new curriculum that incorporated mindfulness practices and yoga into the Physical Education program
  • Organized and coached the school's first-ever girls' lacrosse team, which went on to win the state championship in its second year
  • Led a group of students on a week-long backpacking trip in the White Mountains, focusing on teamwork, leadership, and outdoor skills
  • Implemented a system of student-led warm-ups and cool-downs that improved the class's focus and energy
  • Developed and maintained positive relationships with students, parents, and colleagues, resulting in high levels of satisfaction and retention
Work Experience
Physical Education Teacher
ABC Primary School
January 2019 December 2021
  • Developed a new program for the school's after-school sports club, resulting in a 50% increase in participation among students.
  • Received positive feedback from parents and colleagues for engaging students in physical activity and promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Implemented technology tools, such as heart rate monitors and fitness trackers, to enhance students' learning experience and track progress.
  • Organized and led the school's annual Sports Day, which attracted over 500 attendees and raised £1,000 for charity.
  • Collaborated with local sports clubs and organizations to provide students with opportunities for extracurricular sports activities.
Work Experience
Physical Education Instructor
DEF Fitness Center
June 2016 December 2018
  • Increased client base by 25% through effective marketing and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Designed personalized fitness programs for clients, resulting in a 90% satisfaction rate and a 15% improvement in overall fitness levels.
  • Coordinated and supervised fitness challenges and events for members, including a charity run that raised £5,000 for a local hospital.
  • Developed and delivered training programs for new fitness instructors, ensuring consistency in teaching and high-quality service for clients.
  • Maintained a clean and safe gym environment, adhering to health and safety regulations and protocols.
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Show off real numbers that display your accomplishments in past roles. Instead of listing out your responsibilities as Physical Education Teacher, talk about the measurable impact you made to their business. Did you boost their revenue? Increase customer retention? Mention your proudest points on your resume.

Action Verbs for your Physical Education Teacher Resume

Action verbs will make your [Job Title] resume sound relevant and professional. They will also help you make a strong first impression. Make sure to use them whenever possible!

Top Physical Education Teacher Skills for Your Resume

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Writing a skills section that stands out:
  • Check the job advert for keywords that you can use: this will help you pass ATS;
  • Focus on relevant and valuable skills that will support your application;
  • Make sure to include both hard and technical skills, leaving soft skills for other sections of your Physical Education Teacher resume;
  • Don’t list skills you don’t have.
Top skills for your physical education teacher resume

Sports-specific knowledge (rules, techniques, strategies)

Fitness assessment and program design

Safety and injury prevention

Equipment maintenance and repair

CPR and first aid

Class planning and organization

Coaching and teaching techniques

Physical conditioning and training

Sports officiating and rules enforcement

Event planning and management


Communication and interpersonal skills

Leadership and decision-making

Motivation and encouragement

Problem-solving and critical thinking

Adaptability and flexibility

Patience and empathy

Positive attitude and energy

Time management and organization

Collaboration and teamwork

Conflict resolution and mediation

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Add a Talent Section to your resume, where you can pick your top 3 soft skills and describe how you used them to complete a project or balance departmental communication.

what to write in your resume header
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Checklist: a strong Physical Education Teacher resume summary:
  • Use adjectives that highlight the character traits you’re most proud of;
  • Mention 1-2 of your biggest achievements;
  • Add keywords from the job advert to increase your chances of passing ATS;
  • Keep the recruiter’s attention by going for short sentences.
resume Summary Formula icon
Resume summary formula:
Resume Summary Formula: [Adjective] [job title] with [number] years of experience in [industry], a proven ability to [relevant, measurable skills], and a strong background in [relevant context of your work experience] seeks a position as [the job title you’re applying for].
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Read the job description carefully and understand what the hiring company is exactly looking for. After that, write your summary accordingly while highlighting your potential and ability to be the best at that job.

Physical Education Teacher Resume: How to Choose the Right Format

The content of your resume is necessary for showcasing your expertise, skills, and education. Great formatting, on the other hand, is essential for highlighting your attention to detail, creativity, and ability to stand out.

There are three basic resume formats to choose from:

Which one of these you choose depends on a couple of things, but most importantly: the industry and your level of experience.

The reverse-chronological resume format, for example, is great if you’re a Physical Education Teacher with many years of experience and no career gaps. It doesn’t really matter if your company of choice is a multinational corporation or an early-stage startup – this resume format is considered to be a safe bet.

If you’re someone with little or no experience, however, we advise you to go for a functional skills-based resume format. It focuses on skills, competencies, and education, rather than experience. This makes it great for entry-level applicants, career changers, and graduate students.

And if you’re tired of traditional formats and want to go over the top when it comes to your application, the combination or hybrid resume format is here to help. Here, you can focus on both your experience and your skills, there’s even space for you to highlight your most spectacular personality traits. If you want to give a modern feel to your Physical Education Teacher resume, this resume format is just what you need. Add a ‘my life philosophy’ section for additional bonus points!

After choosing the right format for your Physical Education Teacher resume, it’s time to perfect the layout and style.

Looking for more ways to make your application stand out? Read this article!

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