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9 Teacher Assistant Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your teacher assistant resume must highlight your experience in classroom management and student engagement. Demonstrate your proficiency in supporting the lead teacher by detailing previous roles or relevant internships. Ensure to include specific examples of your ability to assist with lesson planning and grading. Skillfully convey your communication abilities, as well as your experience with educational technology tools that helped facilitate learning.

All resume examples in this guide

Talented teacher assistants stand out like professional basketball players.


Not only are they masters of their craft. But they’re also all about teamwork and supporting their MVP - the main teacher.

Many students felt disenfranchised by the school system after the sudden shift to online classrooms during the pandemic.

And ever since then soft skills have gradually become the most sought-after skills when it comes to assistant teachers.

But do you know how to display your social skills prowess on your resume?

Follow our thorough guide to:

  • Learn what to put on your teacher assistant resume, depending on who’s reviewing your application
  • Reference a real resume example and sample sections while writing your own
  • Master building a resume, even if you’re just fresh out of college

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Teacher assistant resume example

The best way to get the hang of resume writing is to examine a good example first:

The above teacher assistant resume works for a few reasons:

  • Highlighting Relevant Experience: Emphasizing classroom experience and the number of students assisted can provide a clear understanding of hands-on experience. For instance, "Skilled and motivated Teacher Assistant with 6 years of classroom experience. Helped 200+ students excel..."
  • Specific Achievements: Mentioning specific recognitions or impacts, such as "Honored for commitment and support in 2020" or "Increased students average grades by 2 points", can showcase tangible accomplishments in the role.
  • Language Proficiency: For teaching roles, showcasing language proficiency can be advantageous, especially if the role involves teaching a foreign language. In this resume, the mention of "master of English and Spanish languages" stands out.
  • Relevant Certifications: Highlighting specific certifications related to the role can bolster qualifications. In this case, the "Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)" certification is a valuable addition for a Teacher Assistant role.

Choosing a foolproof layout for your teacher assistant resume

Even if you have lots of experience to share, a bad resume format can ruin your chances from the outset.

To avoid getting filtered out by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • If you’re an experienced TA, the reverse-chronological resume format is your best option. It’s a recruiters’ favorite and it best displays your expertise.

  • A link to a portfolio with your work or a publication you’ve authored in the resume header will always make you stand out.

  • Which section you focus on most will depend on the type of TA job you’re applying for. If you’re a tenured TA, focus on the experience section and the summary.

  • It’s okay to make a two-page resume, provided you have a long work history. But it’s best to keep it short and fit the most important bits of information within the first page.

  • Finally, unless there are any special filetype requirements, save and send your teaching assistant resume as a PDF file. It will preserve the design and formatting of the document.

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The must-have sections on a teacher assistant resume:

  • A resume header at the top to outline your basic information and link to your portfolio

  • A resume objective (or summary) to highlight your achievements and career mission

  • A detailed experience section to showcase different aspects of your expertise

  • A skills section to describe other relevant and transferable abilities you have to offer

  • A certificates and education segment to provide an overview of your credentials

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What recruiters want to see on your resume:

  • If you’re applying for a preschool teacher assistant role, emphasize any prior work with children. Such as babysitting or caring for children with disabilities.

  • Aiming to become an undergraduate or a graduate teacher assistant? Then feature some of your publications and awards. Especially if they’re within the same academic field.

  • Some specialized and private schools demand more formal training from their teacher assistants. So, read the job ad carefully and add any relevant training you’ve undergone.

  • Demonstrate you have experience with blended and e-learning classrooms.

  • Principals and main teachers are searching for team players. Draw attention to cases where you’ve helped with lesson planning or test grading.

  • Administrative work isn’t all teacher assistants do. Teachers must be able to rely on you during class. Share how you’ve managed to keep class focused while dealing with unruly students.

  • Depending on the school, you may have to deal with diverse classes where multiple languages are spoken. In this case, list any languages you’re proficient in.

How to grab principal’s attention with your teacher assistant resume experience

The experience section makes up the larger part of your resume, regardless of how long your work history is.

If you’d had the opportunity to be an instructional assistant at various different schools, be selective about the information you share.

If the job description requires the perfect candidate to be more involved in classroom activities, point to past positions where you’ve actively helped handle the teaching process.

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, the educational landscape changes rapidly. So, keeping your resume relevant is vital.

Listing a past position from a decade ago won’t do your application much good.

Also, don’t add more than 3 bullets in each experience entry, but make sure you show how the scope of your abilities has expanded over the years.

If the length of your work history falls somewhere between the 5-7 year mark, you can add more bullet points. But limit them to no more than 1-2 for each entry.

Don’t forget to talk about both the in-class and administrative side of your role.

But if you have no more than 3 years of professional experience, emphasize other work with kids you’ve done.

For example, volunteering as a face painter at a festival or working as a children's entertainer.

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Pro Tip

One way to stand out among other candidates is to specify the teacher-to-student ratio of your classes. This will put your achievements into context without having to reference the size of your classes in each bullet point.

All things considered, how impactful do you think is the following experience section sample?

Liana Bullock
Teacher Assistant
Brooklyn Preschool of Science
Helped with lesson planning, student feedback and parent-teacher meeting.
  • Increased the student enrollment rate.
  • Improved student engagement.
  • Facilitated a lot of parent-teacher meetings.
  • Helped students with experiments.

It doesn’t pack a punch, does it?

Liana has made quite a few mistakes while writing this particular entry:

  • While she has used the description field to outline her duties, she hasn’t managed to stray away from the to-do list style of writing in the bullet points.
  • Consequently, Liana has missed the opportunity to share some of her career milestones. Yes, the applicant states she was responsible for the increase in student enrollment, but no actual proof is provided.
  • The last bullet point is rather ambiguous and it can potentially lead to a misunderstanding. Liana hasn’t specified the type of experiments in question or why they are being conducted.
  • None of the listed achievements have been quantified. This means that principals will have to take Liana’s word for her claims, instead of referencing data.

We helped Liana rewrite the entry. The upgraded version reads as follows:

Liana Bullock
Teacher Assistant
Brooklyn Preschool of Science
Brooklyn, NY
The school's mission is to engage students' curiosity about the world and foster a love for science and knowledge.
  • Increased the student enrollment rate by 9% by aiding teachers with student feedback analysis and integrating the insights into the curriculum.
  • Improved student engagement by during lessons by counseling and working one-on-one with 5 students with behavioral issues.
  • Facilitated more than 30 parent-teacher meetings to accommodate busy parents who couldn't participate within the initially alloted time, as well as alleviate the head teacher's workload.
  • Founded the Young Scientist Club for students who are interested in applied science, where they can conduct safe and age-appropriate scientific experiments.

How to quantify impact on your resume

Now that you’ve seen how important data is, let’s talk about which aspects of your job can be tied to numbers.

Before you start building your resume, consider the following questions:

  • How have you added value to your workplace in the past? Is your impact limited to the classroom or you’re involved in other areas of school life, too?
  • In what ways have you supported the main teacher? Did you help reduce their workload? How about being proactive by helping a struggling student improve their grades?
  • Show how you’ve supported the main teacher while at work. How did you ease their struggles? How about being proactive and providing ideas and suggestions?
  • How do you ensure the students are engaged with the lesson? How do you ensure students don’t fall back in class?
  • Were there any ongoing issues you’ve managed to solve? How did you tackle the challenge and what happened afterwards? Flaunt your problem-solving skills.
  • How many students did you have to oversee on average? What was their age range? Was it a diverse classroom? Were there any special needs students?
  • How do you foster a sense of community in your students?
  • What is your overall impact on your students’ graduation rate?

How to craft a teacher assistant resume with no experience

For anyone switching careers or just graduating from college, building a solid experience section is hard. But there are ways to get noticed:

  • Reference any children related work you’ve done or any experience you have with the education industry.
  • Highlight relevant majors and minors when listing your degree. Move the education and certificates section closer to the top of your TA resume.
  • Opt for the functional resume format, if you’re a college grad. This layout will accentuate your skills by bringing them to the forefront.
  • Use the hybrid resume format, if you’re changing your career path. The layout allows you to give a balanced overview of your abilities and any relevant experience you have.

Listing your hard and soft skills on your resume

Speaking of balance, show principals you’re a well-rounded paraprofessional. Shine the spotlight on both types of your teaching assistant skills:

  • Hard skills: Including these near the top of your resume will help principals get to understand your tech background much faster.
  • Soft skills: Demonstrate your work ethic and approach to education by discussing your social talents.

Once you’ve finished writing the experience section of your resume, review the bullet points one more time.

If your achievements delve more into the tech side of being a TA, concentrate on your social talents when filling out the skills section.

By contrast, if you think you haven’t talked about your hard skills enough, describe your technical prowess in more detail.

After you figure out which skills you’ll share, simply:

  • Think of situations where your talents have made it possible to achieve your goals. Your examples can include tackling a challenge or completing a course.

  • Provide an account of the situation and what actions you’ve taken to handle it.

  • Explain what was the outcome.

  • Reference any relevant and important data, pertaining to the results of your work.

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Key hard skills for your teacher assistant resume

How to show off your certifications and education on your resume

Every teacher, regardless of the school, must set an example for their students. As such, your education is as important as the experience section on your teaching assistant resume.

For tenured paraprofessionals it’s best to list only your highest level of academic achievement:

  • State the name of your degree and the issuing institution
  • Add the dates of course completion
  • If relevant to the offered role, cite a paper or a book you’ve authored

But if you don’t have much experience or your academic background is slightly different from what is demanded:

  • Provide the name of your degree, along with the name of the university or college
  • List the date you obtained your degree
  • Detail job-relevant majors or minors
  • Cite your GPA
  • Feature an internship or an academic achievement you’re proud of

If you need an example education section for reference, use the sample below:

Liana Bullock
BA in Psychology - Child & Adolescent Development
Southern New Hampshire University
  • Majored in Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence and Behavioral Issues in Childhood and Adolescence.
  • Counseled 20+ students with low self-esteem and self-isolation issues while interning at Oliverian School for troubled teens.

But your degree isn’t the only thing that can get you ahead of other candidates. Certificates are another good way to show you’re continuously honing your skills.

Just remember - before you add a certificate on your resume, check the date of validity.

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Best certifications for your teacher assistant resume

How to compose your teacher assistant resume summary or objective

Writing a resume objective or summary isn’t mandatory, but it’s preferable. Because this is your best chance to share your personal teaching approach and to appeal to principals.

But be wary of the slight difference between the two.

If you’re an experienced instructional assistant, craft a powerful resume summary:

  • State the amount of experience you have working as a TA
  • Describe your top 1-2 career milestones
  • List some of your top skills
  • Mention any special qualifications you have

But if you’re new to the education industry, it’s best you write a convincing resume objective:

  • Reference your degree and any internships you’ve done
  • Chronicle a key academic accomplishment, if possible
  • Include a good mix of your core hard and soft skills
  • Reference any education-related certificates you have

Now, take a look at the following elementary teacher resume objective sample and see if you can spot the mistakes:

Liana Bullock
Personable and friendly teacher assistant, seeking a similar position in Brooklyn, NY. Good at conflict resolution and managing students with behavioral issues. Helped get students engaged in classroom activities.

Liana graciously provided this example. She admits her first attempt at writing a resume objective could have been more convincing. Some of the mistakes she’s made include:

  • The paragraph reads more like a general request for a job than a resume objective.
  • Liana hasn’t stated how much practical experience she has or how it was acquired
  • She also hasn’t listed any relevant accomplishments to show why she’s a top candidate

After some editing help from Enhancv, Liana crafted the stellar resume objective you see below:

Liana Bullock
Personable Child Development graduate looking to fill the position of a Teacher Assistant at Kinder Prep Montessori Nursery & Preschool. Developed excellent classroom management, conflict resolution and mediation skills while interning at Brooklyn Preschool of Science. Increased student's lesson involvement by 25% by observing students, identifying their struggles and helping the head teacher adjust the lessons accordingly. Certified AMS Teacher.

Let’s look at another example. This time it’s for an elementary teacher resume summary and it was written by Cole Robins.

He wanted to wow principals with his diverse skill set. But do you think he managed to do it convincingly?

Cole Robins
Creative elementary teacher assistant with outstanding communication and classroom management skills. Good at working in diverse and multilingual classroom environments.


That’s because:

  • Instead of providing context and more details about his achievements, Cole has concentrated too much on naming the abilities he has to offer.
  • Plus, Cole hasn’t mentioned how many years of professional experience he has as a TA.
  • Finally, information about his education and prominent past employers is also missing.

We sat down with Cole to refine his elementary teacher resume summary. The final version of his personal statement read like this:

Cole Robins
Creative elementary teacher assistant with 5 years of teaching and counseling experience. Developed exceptional communication and classroom management skills, while working with special needs children and adolescents with behavioral and mental health issues at Oliverian School for troubled teens. Increased the school's popularity among parents by 81% by devising new educational plans to help children integrate better into society once their children leave school. Skilled in observation, evaluation and providing constructive feedback to students. Certified TESOL Specialist.

Other sections for a teacher assistant resume that will impress principals

If you still have some space left or you feel your resume is missing something, add an extra section! You can include:

How to boast you’re a published author on a resume

Colleges and universities need their TAs to be much more involved in the education industry. Hence, showing you're a published author guarantees:

  • You’ll get noticed by principals and professors alike
  • You’ll have the chance to show some personality, as well as the research topics which most interest you

So, leave some space near the education section, where you can list your publications. The box should be enough to:

  • Fit the name of your publication and the name of the publisher.
  • Remember to list your own name as the author.
  • Link to an online copy where your publication can be found.
  • Describe what your book or paper is about.

Here is a sample section you can use to build your own:

Battling Social Anxiety and Low Self-esteem During Adolescence
Workman Publishing
Liana Bullock
The book provides a more scientific overview on what happens to teens who struggle with social anxiety and low self-esteem issues. At the same time, it offers parents strategies and tactics which can help their children feel supported.

Key takeaways

In short, to build a top-notch teaching assistant resume:

  • Select a resume format which best compliments your education and experience.
  • Consider who’s going to review your resume before you start filling in your information.
  • Use the resume header to link to a portfolio or a paper you’ve published.
  • Build a powerful resume summary to highlight your expertise and your achievements.
  • Remember that the experience section should showcase your career growth.
  • Demonstrate the scope of your abilities by balancing out your skills sections with both hard and soft skills.
  • Pay close attention to how you frame your education and certificates section.

And this is how you get yourself hired as a teacher assistant!

Frequently asked questions about teacher assistant resume

What is the average length of a teacher assistant resume?

Based on internal analysis, on average, you want to keep your teacher assistant resume around 300 words and no longer than one page.

How many previously held positions to include on a teacher assistant resume?

On average, we see three previously held positions listed on a resume for that industry. Remember to keep jobs listed as relevant as possible for the job.

How many bullet points to list under the experience section on a teacher assistant?

Try and include at least six bullet points with quantifiable information under the Experience section on your resume.

Teacher Assistant resume examples

Explore additional teacher assistant resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Role

Special Education Teacher Assistant

The Special Education Teacher Assistant role is heavily influenced by trends in special education and personal assistance. Applying effectively requires a resume highlighting experiences with different teaching strategies such as individualized instruction or behavior management. Emphasize adaptability and patience skills with examples showing their importance in child development. Avoid not highlighting these key skills. Mention experiences directly related to the special education assistant role like working with individualized education programs or special education teaching methods. Don't simply list skills, provide examples of how these skills improved student performance or growth. Always follow a 'skill-action-results' pattern.

Beginner Teacher Assistant

As a Beginner Teacher Assistant, it's important to highlight your experience with different teaching techniques to show agility dealing with a variety of classroom situations. Remember to shed light on your skills like managing a classroom, engaging students, and fostering teamwork which can make your application stand out. Also, include experiences like volunteer work or internships that relate to the teaching assistant role. Instead of merely mentioning skills, depict how you used them to improve situations, using a 'skill-action-results' technique like, 'improved student engagement by modifying my teaching style' or 'encouraged good teamwork by applying....'.

Daycare Teacher Assistant

As a Daycare Teacher Assistant, it's important to emphasize your experience with child care practices like teaching manners and hygiene, as these are skills daycares look for in applicants. Be sure to mention your patience, creativity, and communication skills, connecting them to real-life situations where they were crucial. Your educational or volunteer background related to the role, such as having credits in early childhood education or experience with child care providers, should also be stressed. Instead of plainly listing your skills, demonstrate their positive impacts. For instance, mention how you introduced creative learning methods that enhanced kids' engagement or encouraged better communication. The sequence of skill-action-results is key.

Preschool Teacher Assistant

As a Preschool Teacher Assistant, it's crucial to highlight your experience with child development practices, literacy skills, and conflict resolution when applying for jobs. It's important to demonstrate traits like patience, creativity, and good interpersonal skills, providing examples where these have been put into use. Draw attention to your relevant education or hands-on experience, such as child development training or time spent in a preschool setting. Instead of merely listing your skills, describe how they've had a positive effect--for example, how your innovative storytelling techniques boosted literacy skills or how your conflict resolution strategies improved group dynamics. Remember, discussing your skills in terms of 'action and results' can make a big difference.

Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

As a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant, leaning on your ability to teach basic skills like reading and math is key. It's equally important to shine a light on your creative, patient, and adaptable side in your resume, offering specific examples when these abilities were essential. Be sure to also highlight any background in early childhood education or experience as a volunteer at a kindergarten. Lastly, illustrate how your skills have led to positive changes, for example, improving reading skills through personalized sessions, by using a 'skill-action-results' method.

Elementary Teacher Assistant

When applying for the Elementary Teacher Assistant role, remember to highlight your competence in teaching basic academic concepts and your ability to manage large groups of children with patience and organization. Instead of simply listing your skills, illustrate how you've employed these to better a situation or enhance a pupil's performance. Emphasize your relevant experience like a degree in Education or time spent as a teacher's aide. Always use a 'skill-action-results' format, such as 'Effectively managed the classroom during a teacher's absence' or 'developed an organization system that boosted learning outcomes'.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

When applying for the Graduate Teaching Assistant role, highlight your deep understanding of the subject aligned with your studies or research. Show instances of time management, adaptability and handing pressure successfully from the past. Your academic and research background is essential, spotlight any tutoring experience closely related to the role. Share instances of how your skills contributed to your growth or helped others, using a 'skill-action-results' method to clearly show your effectiveness.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant job is heavily influenced by changes in the education industry. When applying, it's important to emphasize not just your knowledge but also your experience with the relevant subject. Highlight skills such as multitasking, adaptability, and handling pressure. Share examples where these abilities have been challenged. Be sure to focus on your history that's related directly to the position, such as strong academic performance, tutoring experience, or mentorship roles. Instead of merely listing skills, illustrate their direct impact, such as how you balanced studying while helping with coursework or devised a new method that improved results. Adhere to a 'skill-action-results' approach.
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