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Sep 8, 2022 1 min read

To honor our National Liberation Day, we decided to remind everyone (including ourselves) what makes us proud Bulgarians.
[Продължи за българската версия]

For those who don’t know, Bulgaria is an ancient country dating its origins back to 681 A.D. It’s rich in history, culture, nature and goodhearted people which makes us so in love with it. We went back to our history books, talked to our friends passionate about the topic, and collected all the impressive facts about our home. We summed up the information and created the first CV ever representing Bulgaria’s greatest moments in time.

Enhancv Bulgaria: a CV To Make You Proud

English version CV

138 години от Освобождението на България! Нека на този ден си припомним какво сме постигнали и продължим делото на предците ни.

Честит 3ти Март!

Enhancv Bulgaria: a CV To Make You Proud

CV Българска версия

This is why we are proud with our past, but more important is what are we going to do about our future?

Feel free to share the CV, so that we spread our love for Bulgaria all around the world.

Special thanks to Martin Zashev and Maya Tsaneva!

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