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Sales Resume: Examples & How-To Guide ( 5+ Templates)

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Updated on 2021-09-14

Every other sales resume advice there is “Sell yourself” and “Show them the money”.

If that was so easy, then why 80% of resumes, sales included, aregetting rejected within the first 11 seconds?

Because recruiters are not that simple. They’ve seen thousands of sales resumes. They see through fake job titles, superficial quotas, and questionable side projects.

So how do you make your salesperson resume believable, engaging and effective at the same time?

For starters, don’t look for easy ways. We need to meticulously craft every section of your resume. And the work starts now.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a Sales resume:

 ✔ Choose the best sales resume template for your experience level

 ✔ Include technical and soft skills that reflect the job description

 ✔ The importance of crafting a sales assistant resume summary or objective

 ✔ Create a sales resume with no experience that can still showcase relevant skills

 ✔ The right and wrong way to put education on a sales resume based on your experience level

What Separates The Best Sales Resume From The Rest?

Every sales job gets hundreds of   and the hiring manager can only spend a few hours going through them all.

To get noticed in this pile of resumes, you need to rely on a resume that ticks off a bunch of boxes.

“A compelling and engaging story is an amazing tool not only for advertising, but also for closing the sale.”
- Solomon Thimothy, OneIMS inNine Simple Tips To Optimize Your Sales Pitch For Conversions on Forbes.com

First, it needs to be visually attractive and memorable. This ensures that the hiring manager will stop leafing through that pile of candidates when they see your sales resume.Check out:Should I Include My Photo On My Resume? [Expert Advice]

Second, your resume layout should be clear and scannable. But the sales resume template needs to do more than that. It should not only attract their attention, but also make content easier to grasp. Check out:Best Resume Layout: 9 Examples and Templates That Recruiters Approve

Here’s the most commonresume sections in asales resume outline:

  • Objective
  • Sales Experience
  • Education
  • Soft Skills
  • Technical skills
  • Interests
  • Achievements

Adding your sales experience inreverse-chronological order alone won’t cut it. You need to use special resume sections that make your key achievements stand out.

Check out:How to Create a Combination Resume (+6 Unique Hybrid Resume Examples)

Finally, your resume outline and template should naturally demonstrate your impact. 

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t just list sales responsibilities from past positions, mentioning yourresume accomplishments is going to have a far greater effect.

Plenty of those other hundreds of salespeople you’re competing with have had similar responsibilities. Only the best salespeople can show business impact.

But before we start diving into impact, let’s settle once and for all what’s the best layout for a sales resume.

Here’s what to consider when choosing the perfect sales resume layout:

  • Be sure it presents your relevant sales qualifications clearly
  • It should place your most important sales information at the top
  • It should be easy to read and catch your eye - you need legible 12presume font size
  • Use 10’’resume margins - that’s default for a great resume design
  • Use aone-page template resume length if you’ve got less than 10 yrs of experience. Otherwise, opt for a two-page resume
  • Pay attention to yourresume spelling - don’t lose your interview chances on a technicality
  • If you have sales awards and achievements, be sure to highlight them in their own section
  • It should work with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)
  • Be sure tosend it as a PDF

Check out how yourresume can stand out without leaning too much on thecreative side.

Like a great sales presentation, your sales resume layout should have a start, middle and end that is clear and has a great flow.

If you can do this, then you’re already well along the way of closing your new sales position!

For more information on the best resume formats, read our guide:The Best Resume Formats You Need to Consider (5+ Examples Included).

Sales Resume Header: First Impression Always Matters

Remember, competition is what sales is all about.

You’re always trying to get that sale before the competition does.

First impressions matter, no matter what you’re selling. Even yourself!

You don’t want your name, address and contact info to be the reason you’re not in the running, right?

A lot of salespeople don’t realize the importance of their sales resume header, so let’s talk about what you need.

A great resume header should include:

  • Resume Title - include your top sales experience, with your sales career goals and add something unique about yourself and any sales awards you’ve received.
  • Picture - It’s very common toinclude a photo for a sales or business development resume. Make sure it’s professional, as it will go a long way to give the HR department a good impression of you. You should always check your local rules about including photos on resumes as in some regions and with some employers it isn’t allowed.
  • LinkedIn - It’s hard to be a great salesperson today with the networking power of LinkedIn. You likely have an enormous network of great contacts there, so why not let the hiring manager see how connected you are!
  • Email - You should always include your email. Corporate HR departments regularly reach out via email for interview details.
  • Certifications - You might have a Certified Sales Person (CSP) certification. It is essential that you include this after your name in your sales resume header. It may be the difference maker between you and the others that get selected for the sales position.
Tony Washington CSP
CSP with 10+ in global technology sales


Tampa, FL
Gerry McGrath
Sales Professional


Beaverton, ORL

So, if you put yourself in the place of the sales manager reviewing your sales resume you can see where the wrong example above is lacking.

They’re going through hundreds of resumes that just have a name and basic title.

The resume header is the first impression your resume makes, so don’t leave them wanting more!

PRO TIPUnless you have a social media account, other than LinkedIn, that is devoted to your profession or field of work, it isn’t a good idea to include social media on a sales resume as it has no relevance to the position.

Sales Resume Summary: Tips On Turning Recruiters Into Fans

One often overlooked element of a resume is the summary.

The idea is to quickly give the reader some information about who you are and what your goal is. This enhances the rest of the resume by giving it valuable context.

So what’s the best way to go about this?

A good salesresume objective will highlight your desire to create Win-Win-Win situations that benefit your customer, your employer, and you as a salesperson.

A resume objective should be highly tailored to the sales job description. Look for keywords and make sure you clearly show how your experience overlaps with the needs of your potential employer.

Certified and award-winning sales professional with over 10 years of global corporate sales experience in the software and technology industries.
Salesperson with many years of experience in B2B sales.

Wow, when you see the two sales resume objectives, it’s obvious which isn’t going to make the sale!

The first example packs a powerful sales pitch in just 19 words!

It instantly lets the hiring manager know:

  • You’re certified
  • You’ve won sales awards
  • Have over 10 years of sales experience
  • Have worked on major global sales
  • Your experienced in software and technology sales

So you can see how much power the sales rep resume objective has in getting you noticed. Right?

A good salesman resume objective is actually serving a dual purpose - it shows what you have to offer as a candidate, but it also demonstrates your ability to align someone’s requirements with your proposition.

This is a key skill for a sales associate.

The resume header is the first impression your resume makes, so don’t leave them wanting more!Check out our head-turning guide on… headers:Perfecting Your Resume Header so You Get Noticed

For more tips on crafting an attention-grabbing resume summary, check out our guideResume Summary: How-To Guide (30+ Examples You Need To See).

Sales Resume Experience: The Best Way To Get The Job

Retail sales resume experience is all about hard numbers.

Make sure you clearly demonstrate what your impact was in past positions.

Focusing on this by citing hard numbers is far more effective than simply listing your responsibilities for each role. Have a look below at some great and not so great examples.