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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-08-10

Would you say “I don’t always test my code, but when I do, I do it in production” ?

I hope not, but when it comes to your DevOps resume, that’s exactly what you’re doing!

Unfortunately, there’s no build pipeline that can take care of your resume and push the one that’s best.

Because it’s a role that demands broad skills, writing a DevOps engineer resume is indeed a challenge.

So, we did the hard work for you.

We wrote 100s of emails and asked everyone involved in hiring DevOps, and wrote this guide based on what we learned.

With this guide, we’ll show you:

  • What we learned after talking to people hiring for DevOps
  • Adding what makes your resume better than 99% of applicants
  • How to improve job interview conversions with a high quality resume
  • How to demonstrate that you’re the one for the job

Let’s start by looking at a few DevOps resume examples

3 DevOps resume examples

3 DevOps resume templates

Senior DevOps Engineer Resume

Junior DevOps Engineer Resume

AWS DevOps Engineer Resume

The question that you still have is...

How should I write a DevOps resume?

We hope those resume examples got you inspired.

But to write a good DevOps resume, you need to take a few steps back.

You need to look from a recruiter's perspective on what they value the most in a resume.

You then have to focus on presenting your information in a way that it is easy for a recruiter to scan.

And then, your resume will be tweaked to reflect you as a person.

That’s it!

What do recruiters value the most in a resume?

Most recruiters and tech leaders valued impact over everything else in a DevOps engineer resume.

Some value real impact so much that they exclusively filter “tricky pony” DevOps resumes and toss them in the bin.

And the way most hiring managers do that is by looking at the resume experience.

Skills and tooling familiarity are of secondary importance.

Overall, the resume has to scream culture, as DevOps is all about reflecting your knowledge and experience with DevOps practices and methodologies.

And note that most recruiters will use keywords to map relevance between who you are and what the role needs.  

So, the right resume:

  • Has the right keywords placed in it
  • Builds a story of what you’ve done
  • Describes the technical work you’ve done in a brief, yet comprehensive manner
  • Would reflect the impact you made
  • Contains your skills and certifications

Perfect, but what should be your DevOps resume layout?

The best resume layout for DevOps

We’ve already found the answer for you!

Given the diverse experience, tooling, skills, certifications, etc. we usually see in a DevOps professional - you have two options:

  • Follow a reverse chronological format
  • Follow a hybrid resume that follow the reverse chronological layout but also highlights your skills and personality

We’d highly recommend building your resume using second layout if you are considering a career change.  

And because you need to display a sharp focus on culture, show diverse skills and highlight the impact you made. Other layouts, like a functional one, don’t make a cut for a DevOps resume.

How to write a DevOps resume header

The header of your resume should primarily contain your name, job title, experience, contact, email, and location (not your full address).

It’s important that you make it look tidy and share only the required information in this section.

If you have a certification like DOL, DSOE, CDA, DTE, CASM, CAPO etc.,  you should mention that in the header as well.

Remember to be concise.

Example of good and bad DevOps resume headers

Maria Garcia
Junior DevOps Engineer
3111 Baker Avenue, Fort Worth, TX, Texas