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How to Write a Agile Business Analyst Resume (Samples Included)

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Writing an Agile Business Analyst resume?

Every day, you face new problems that require you to adapt and be open to change.

You don’t function as interchangeable cogs within a system. And it takes a lot of creativity to do your work and be successful at it.

Not everyone can do that!

So, be honest.

You hate it when others can’t see your worth.

And things become even harder for you with all the competition you have.

What you lack to land your dream job is:

A stellar Agile Business Analyst resume that translates your work experience, problem-solving skills, and potential into a unique value proposition.

Your resume needs to show that you:

  • Have a strong work experience in agile business analysis
  • Helped your ex-employers succeed and achieve better results with your research and financial modeling skills
  • Have good communication, leadership, creativity, and technical skills that agile business analysts need

But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

We’ve created this guide specifically for agile business analysts to help them get the jobs they deserve.

This Agile Business Analyst Guide Will Teach You:

  • Choose the right resume format for an Agile Business Analyst resume
  • Write a Header Section That Sells Your Expertise
  • 7 Agile Business Analyst resume examples
  • Feature Relevant Experience in Your Resume to Excite Your Employer
  • 21 Important Skills to Show on Your Agile Business Analyst Resume

Agile Business Analyst Resume Samples

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How to write an Agile Business Analyst Resume

There are two resume formats you can use when making an agile business analyst resume:

  • Reverse-chronological layout
  • Combination layout

To know which one to use, you need to answer this question first:

Have you worked before — for a significant period — as an agile business analyst?

If the answer is yes, the right format for you is reverse-chronological.

Having relevant work history serves as a strong advantage in your resume. Because it will show that you can help the business implement practical solutions at low costs.

This format allows you to feature core skills such as planning and monitoring, business analysis, and requirement documentation.

And those skills will serve as a precursor to showcase how you ensured that the requirements were met before the implementation of the technical solutions.

But what if you’ve just decided to break this as a new role?

You won't have much experience to show. But still, that shouldn’t keep you back from landing an agile business analyst job.

A functional resume format is the best choice for you.

Because you’ll have the chance to fill the gaps in your employment history by focusing on communication and analytical skills instead.You can also point to the overlap in role requirements and deliverables between your current job and agile business analysis.

Here’s What a Recruiter Will Look for in Your Resume:

  • What relevant experience do you have as an agile business analyst?
  • How well did you perform while working for your ex-employers?
  • Do you have the skills to help their company grow and achieve better results?
  • How hiring you can change things at their company?

The Most Important Sections of a Business Intelligence Resume:

  • Resume header
  • Resume summary
  • Resume experience to show how you efficiently worked with IT and financial teams
  • 21 Soft and technical skills to establish you as a qualified agile business analyst
  • Resume education to make your resume stronger

How to Write a Header That Leaves a Good First Impression

This part of your resume won't have much influence on the recruiter’s decision, but it’s still essential to get it right.

The rule here is clear: keep it simple.

You should only include necessary personal information that’s related to agile business analysis.

That's because the header leads the way towards the next sections. It sets an anchor for the hiring manager for what to expect in the rest of the resume.

Check out this example:

Edward K Hughey
Agile Business Analyst
Tucson, AZ

As you may have noticed, the only thing that tells me that you’re an agile business analyst is the job title.

There’s no option for me to learn more about you without having to read your whole resume.

Now take a look at this example.

Edward K Hughey
Agile Business Analyst

+359 88 888 8888



Tucson, AZ

This header section has a LinkedIn profile and your email address.

Including such information to your header gives the recruiter more options to get to know who you are if they want to.

And even if they won’t visit every single profile they lay their eyes on, they’re only human. They’d love to have the option to know more about the person behind the resume when they want to.

Here’s the information to include:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Twitter Profile URL (optional)

Now that you’ve completed your header section, it’s time to work on your intro.

3 Agile Business Analyst Resume Samples — Summary

You’ll pass on great opportunities to have the career change you always wanted if you get this part wrong.

There are two introductory statements you can use:

  • Resume summary
  • Resume objective

But first, let’s understand which one you should choose.

The difference between the two intros is all about your work history.

Unlike other sections, your summary stays at the top of your resume page. It's the first thing the recruiter reads when reviewing your cv.

It’s your first chance to draw attention to your outstanding requirements management and communication skills.

Every word you type has to bring new information about how you helped your former employers translate customer needs into new services or products.

Agile business analyst with 8 years of experience working with many applications. I’m passionate about achieving growth by following the best practices I learned in my past job.

If you’re experienced in the job you're applying to, write a resume summary that highlights that.

Don’t leave room for any vagueness by using words like “best practices” or “many applications”.

I am an agile business analyst with a strong background in electronics and technology that can help you thrive.

This isn’t the best example neither because:

  • The summary starts with an “I”, and that gives the impression that the resume is all about what you want.
  • It isn’t showing how strong your analytical and communication are but instead gives vague promises.
  • It doesn’t reveal how you can help the recruiter’s company grow and what your roles are going to be.

Instead, site a few of the strongest skills and best tools you know how to use.

Expert agile IT project coordinator with 10 years of experience working at Cisco. I helped small teams outline problems, find solutions, and identify potential growth opportunities. Looking forward to using my strategic planning expertise at Microsoft.

And that’s what you can see in the second example.

Not only does it communicate your competence by showing your management and analytical skills, but it also provides specific work details about your employers.

How to write a good summary:

  • Keep it short, on-point, and relevant to agile business analysis
  • Include your past successful project deliverables while providing details about how your business knowledge contributed to the positive results
  • Highlight unique agile business analysis skills related to IT, finance, accounting, marketing, etc (depending on the position you’re applying to)

How to write your agile business analyst resume experience section like a pro

The recruiter needs to feel that you’re the right applicant to analyze problems and provide affordable business solutions.

They also want to know that you’re able to lead teams into completing projects with your communication skills.

There are more than 30 alternative titles you can use as an agile business analyst — which can be overwhelming to your recruiter.

When writing your job title, make sure you use popular job titles that best describes your past roles.

For example:

  • Agile Product Manager
  • Agile System Analyst
  • Agile Functional Analyst
  • Agile IT project coordinator

Also, focus on the main tasks and responsibilities you handled in your previous jobs. Then, highlight the relevance between those duties and the role you’re applying to.

Reinforce your work history by featuring the best results you achieved while working for your past employers.

Once you assemble all this information, reorganize it into a nice looking layout.

2 Agile Business Analyst Resume Experience Samples

To make the most out of this section, focus on highlighting results instead of just listing your duties.

A recruiter won’t look at your resume and think:

“this candidate can analyze the business structure and implement new improvement systems.”

That’s a low-resolution representation that they explain to their peers when asked about the hiring decision.

But deep down, they’ll perceive you for the value you add to the business after you’re hired.

They want to know how that can help them grow and achieve better results with your analytical skills. And they want to be sure that you’ve done it before.

That’s where accurate numbers come into play.

Agile Business AnalystCisco Systems
06/2009 - 07/2019
San Jose, CA
Company Description
Built an API-driven publishing service that delivered high performance.
Responsible for clearing performance bottlenecks in Mercurial for large-scale deployments.
Increased staff retention.
Improved the customer service process.
Identified cost-effective business models.
Improved process efficiencies.
Developed a new production plan.

The first example shows no details about how each task can help the company find new solutions to serve its clients a better experience.

It just sites meaningless non-job-specific duties that workers with different roles can perform.

Agile Business AnalystCisco Systems
06/2009 - 07/2019
San Jose, CA
Company Description
Started sales incentive and employee engagement programs that increased staff retention by 40%.
Introduced a customer service process that reduced churn by 40% and customer compensation costs by $1.1 million.
Developed a more efficient production plan that increased department sales volume by 8% in 24 months.

Usually, hiring managers go through dozens of files before making their final decision. It isn’t helpful to them that you list 10 bullet-points for each job you had in the past.

Besides, they probably won't read them all once they see how long they are.

Especially if most of the tasks from the list aren’t specific to agile business analysis.

But to leave you with one important thing to remember — relevance is key.

If something doesn’t help sell you to the recruiter, it’s only going to do you damage.

21 Important Skills to Show on Your Agile Business Analyst Resume

Agile business analysis is a complex role.

It doesn't have many repetitive tasks that you can memorize and repeat every day.

This section has to promote you as the ultimate problem solver.  Because creative thinking is crucial for an agile business analyst’s daily duties.

You need to show that you always look at the world with fresh eyes when presented with new problems.

Since you'll do the majority of your tasks with small teams, you need to be a leader to make strong decisions. But at the same time a team player to care enough about your peer’s opinions.

To take this a step further, feature some of the important technical skills that help you execute your daily tasks.

Let’s break down the skills into four major dimensions:


  1. Ability to work in teams and individuals with different roles.
  2. Listening and feedback consideration.
  3. Collaboration.
  4. Verbal communication.
  5. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

6 Tips for Writing a Compelling Agile Business Analyst Education Section

Most agile business analysts get into this role after occupying another position. Thus, this section isn’t going to be your best shot at landing agile business analyst jobs.

Especially if you’re not a recent graduate looking for an entry-level job.

But still, your background has to meet a certain degree of relevance to appeal to the hiring manager.

If you’re an entry-level candidate, education will save you from having an empty resume. It can be a great replacement for experience since you don’t have so much expertise in the field.

  1. Start with showing your highest most recent degree.
  2. Include your other degrees in reverse-chronological order.
  3. Mention your university location, program duration, and graduation year.
  4. Add any awards or honors you received during your time at university.
  5. Only include your GPA if you’re a recent grad and it’s higher than 3.5.
  6. Avoid featuring your highschool information or any other irrelevant study courses.

Key Takeaways

When crafting your agile business analyst resume, here are the key points to remember:

  • Relevance is key to landing your dream job. Tell your recruiter that you’re exactly what they’re looking for by demonstrating how you can help them overcome their challenges.
  • Your work history section is your strongest selling point. Use it to show your expertise and how you can meet your recruiter’s needs.
  • Keep it simple. Avoid using jargon words or including unnecessary details. Your employer has dozens of other resumes to deal with. Wasting their time might not leave the best impression on them.
  • Most hiring managers are dying to find the right candidate, and they’re not working against you. Show your value throughout your resume. And don't forget to make it clear how you can help their company achieve further success.

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