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Solutions Architect Resume Samples & Templates [Guide for 2021]

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Last updated on 2021-08-10
Robert Foster
Junior Information Solution Architect

+359 88 888 8888



Boulder, CO
Junior Information Solution architect with over 10 years of experience working in the tech industry. Started out as a Python developer and made decent career progress up to mid-tier developer at Dice. On my way to becoming an AWS certified SA I was also an IT Business analyst, which now enables me to understand and follow business goals.
B.S. Computer ScienceUniversity of Colorado
2007 - 2011
Boulder, CO
4.0 / 4.0
Junior Solutions ArchitectBlanchette
2013 - 2015
Boulder, CO
Blanchette is a global IT services and solutions provider across various industries.
Working on a $9M services transformation for a Government Owned Corporation
Implemented ISO9001 quality assurance protocols
Managed servers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform instances using Chef Configuration management
Created security groups within AWS VPC and created policies to only accept traffic from specified IP ranges for a government agency
IT Business AnalystBernier
2016 - 2019
Boulder, CO
The Bernier is a business transformation consultancy, specialising in helping businesses get ahead of the curve and gain an extensive competitive advantage.
Gathered, analyzed, and formulated over 200 business requirements for software applications according to functional and project management objectives
Utilized data analysis to explain business issues and financial implications, recommended improvements to enable business units to improve processes
Supported sales to achieve 132% and 162% quota in 2017 and 2018
Expanded BI Audience by an additional 200+ users by offering new insights and features to the business
Mid-Level Python developerDice
2011 - 2016
Boulder, CO
Dice is the top recruitment engine for connecting the best tech talent with job opportunities around the world
Developed and executed various database queries Python-MySQL connector and MySQL database package
Participated in developing a proprietary Task Management System using Python and MySQL
Redesigned existing database structure in MySQL to remove redundancy & included references resulting into better performance
FirewallsDDoS protectionPenetration TestingAccess & Identity
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - AssociateAmazon Web Services, 2016
PCPP1The Python Institute, 2014
Open-minded, patient and empathetic. Can contribute to any conversation out of curiosity for the subject.
Keen learner
Fueled by inquisitiveness and passion to move forward. Learns quickly and effectively due to self-motivation.
Achieves best results when working in a fast-paced environment with other people. Extroverted and happy to help others.
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Applying to a new job with that Solution Architect Resume?

Does it scream that you're an expert communicator?

Is it creating enough trust to make some feel that you'd zero-in on any business or technical risks?

Hiring managers are looking for business results. Very few resumes have them. Are you standing out with results on your resume?

That's just a small part of what it takes to create a perfect Solution Architect Resume.

It takes much more than that to convince a hiring manager these days. Else, they won't spend more than 6 seconds to evaluate your resume, and you’ll be rejected.

And that's exactly what this guide(with sample Solution Architect resumes) is going to walk you through.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Look at solutions architect resume examples and identify good and bad sides.
  • Find out how to put certifications, skills and experience on your resume.
  • Understand the ingredients of an impactful resume header and objective.
  • Learn to write a SA resume that gets you noticed by top recruiters.

Solution Architect Resume Sample

Solution Architect Resume Samples

AWS Solution Architect Resume:

Java Solution Architect Resume:

Senior Solution Architect Resume:

Inspired? Great. Let’s move on and create a resume for you.

How to write a Solutions Architect resume

Given the breadth of knowledge and skills required for SAs, experience gains importance.

And, demonstrating this experience isn't just about writing your work history.

To get the experience right, you need to:

  • Show that you've mastered computing, storage, database and networking
  • Show with work history, skills and relevant certifications that your experience is perfect
  • You've consistently tested, failed and learned - extremely important

For entry level Solution Analysts, it helps if your resume has:

  • A relevant certification
  • One or more real world project(s)

Which sort of helps us identify important sections to include in your resume.

Top 5 sections to include in your Solution Architect resume

  1. A resume header that builds relevance
  2. Resume summary or a resume objective section
  3. Your work history in an experience section
  4. Resume skills
  5. Certifications

Select the right Solutions Architect resume template

While the Solution Architect resume templates you saw before looked good. There was more science behind that you probably didn’t notice.

What we had there was what you call as a hybrid resume template. You can read more abouthybrid resumes here.

Since listing a SA’s work history, skills and certifications gets very easy in this template - they’re the best for you.

Now that you got the template right, it’s time to dive deeper.

How to write a Solutions Architect resume header

Resume headers are small. Most of the time they’re only about your name, your contact and location.

But for a Solution Architect resume, they’re more than that.

Let’s walk through the shoes of a hiring manager reviewing a resume for AWS Solution Architect role.

2 Solution Architect Resume Examples(headers)

Alfred Riddle
Solutions Architect
3279 Felosa Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90046

Nothing special in the above example.

But imagine the same hiring manager going through this Solution Architect resume example.

Alfred Riddle
AWS Certified Solutions Architect

+359 88 888 8888



3279 Felosa Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90046

What now stands out and makes the hiring manager keep reading your resume beyond a few seconds is:

  1. Mention of “AWS certification” in the title that builds relevance
  2. A portfolio link that shows you write blogs, which also gives an insider look at your personality, your communication skills and your knowledge.

You need an impactful Solutions Architect resume summary

Don't write a resume summary because you think it would look good.

Instead, understand what the recruiter wants from a Solution Architect's resume summary.

Which can actually lead to a formula that you can always use to write an amazing summary.

Here's what any hiring manager wants to see in a good Solution Architect's summary:

  • # of years as Solution Architect
  • Is he or she certified?
  • Your focus area(e.g. middleware) and industry

Before we get to the Solution Architect resume summary formula, let's take a look at a few samples.

2 Solutions Architect Resume Samples -  Summary

A DevOps certified expert with 5+ years of experience working in the IT field. Looking for a new challenge in my professional career.
AWS certified solutions architect with 10+ years of experience in software architecture. In-depth experience with TOGAF, CISSP and Open CA in Middlewares and Data Warehouse for Financial Services.

Now that you've gone through them, you can already feel how to write it. But in case if it's not enough, use the formula:

“[Certification] Solutions Architect with [# of years] of experience in software architecture. In-depth experience with [Frameworks/Process] with [Focus area] and [Focus area] for [Industry].”

Replace the information in “[]” with what’s relevant to you and you’ve got yourself an impactful resume summary.

What’s the best way to put experience on a Solution Architect resume?

Let's keep the momentum going on with your resume experience section.

Avoid listing your current job duties as bullets in your resume experience. That's not going to help.

Rather, follow the STAR method. It's about using Situation, Task, Action and Results as a way to show your experience.

The samples below show STAR in action with wrong and right experience examples.

2 Senior Solution Architect Resume Samples - Experience

Senior Solutions ArchitectTrimble Inc.
07/2017 - 11/2019
Los Angeles, CA
Facilitating discussions with business and technical stakeholders
Providing technical leadership for the IT implementation team
Spoke at several conferences about AWS integration in business
Managed multiple integration projects relating to Mindtree-Magnet 360 acquisition
Senior Solutions ArchitectTrimble Inc.
07/2017 - 11/2019
Los Angeles, CA
Designed and implemented HIPPAA compliant healthcare application deployed to on premises cloud based on Kubernetes inside intranet.
Led development team of 7 engineers
Improved server response time by 30%
Managed multiple integration projects relating to Mindtree-Magnet 360 acquisition

Balancing the soft and tech skills on the experience section, as well as showcasing actionable results speaks volumes of your past work.

Now that you mastered experience on your resume, let’s go over the one thing most often overlooked by applicants.

List your top solution architect certifications and skills

Would you focus on applications, software or cloud? Depending on your specialisation as a solution architect, the following certifications can make your resume stand out in the eyes of the recruiter.

Top 15 Certifications to Include in a Solutions Architect Resume

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect (Amazon Web Services)
  • The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification
  • CISSP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSIP-ISSAP)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure SA Expert
  • Red Hat Certified Architect
  • Google Professional Cloud Architect
  • ITIL Master certification (Axelos)
  • CTA (Salesforce)
  • CITA-P: Certified IT Architect
  • Certified SOA Architect
  • Dell EMC Proven Professional Cloud architect training and certification
  • Virtualization Council Master Infrastructure Architect certification
  • EC Council Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA)
  • Professional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification
  • The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA)

However, each certificate you obtain is just the first stepping stone. Solutions architecture is all about practice on the playcourt, rather than citing theories from textbooks.

A piece of paper won’t tell you how to figure out tricky situations. What if the cost of a solution error results in millions of dollars company loss, only realised half a year later?

Damn good solution architects get feedback from others and apply it the next time around.

That’s one way to adapt and build your repertoire of soft skills (or superhuman abilities).

Let’s look at what to cherry pick on your resume.

Top 19 Skills to Feature in a Solutions Architect Resume

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Analytical mind
  3. Project management
  4. Resource management
  5. Collaboration
  6. Team leadership
  7. Evangelism
  8. Negotiation
  9. Influence
  10. Risk management and identification
  11. Loyalty
  12. Cloud: Azure, AWS, Open Stack
  13. TDD, CI/CD
  14. Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  15. Languages: Java, JS, Kotlin, Swift, Python
  16. DevOps
  17. Computer and operating systems
  18. Network administration

A great balance between soft and hard skills will demonstrate you are a good fit to work in  cross-functional teams, such as the nature of the solutions architect job is.

And that’s how you craft a winning Solutions Architect resume

So now you know how to create your own winning resume. Before you do, let’s summarise:

  • Choose a hybrid layout if you are changing positions or have occupied multiple roles in your previous company;
  • Make sure you connect your experience with the impact you made;
  • Show you are both technically competent, and that you own people skills;
  • Get rid of the buzzwords in your resume - focus on your actions;

Looking to build your own Solutions Architect resume?

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