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Updated on 2021-08-10

Guide to Writing a Powerful IT Project Manager Resume

If you’ve ever looked into advancing your information technology (IT) career, you’ve probably noticed two paths.

The first path leads to technology specialization and the second leads to management.

If you have a knack for business processes and enjoy motivating others, becoming an IT project manager is the perfect next step on your career path.

As an IT project manager, you’re like a head chef of a 5-Michelin star restaurant. You have to move forward with precision to ensure that implementation is seamless.

You know the world of IT, but you also bring business smarts to the table to lead your team to an optimal project outcome.

To get there, you need to develop the best IT project manager resume.

We will help get you there.

The definition of a ‘good’ IT project manager is a moving target. As economic and business factors change, the role of project manager adapts to meet new needs and to solve new challenges.
- Bob Wourms,What Makes a Good IT Project Manager: Five Keys for Success

This guide will provide you with:

  • 7+ IT project manager resume samples and examples designed to win jobs
  • Strategy for a winning IT project manager resume that makes recruiters take notice
  • How to summarize your experience and make you an attractive candidate
  • Skills that will prove your ability to lead IT projects
  • Why certifications can make a huge difference

This guide will help you confidently present yourself for your next great career opportunity.

Informational Technology (IT) Project Manager (PM) Resume Examples