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5 Prompt Engineer Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your prompt engineer resume must showcase your expertise in natural language processing and AI. It should demonstrate a proven track record of designing and optimizing conversational AI prompts. Don't forget to include specific projects where your skill in prompt engineering significantly improved chatbot performance. Present clear metrics to quantify your impact, solidifying your role as an expert in the field.

All resume examples in this guide

The world is engrossed in all AI has to offer.

There are many who fear being replaced by AI. But you set your sights on a newly-emerged profession - Prompt Engineer.

But how do you prepare for something that wasn’t even real just a few months ago? What kind of background do you need to have in order to apply?

More importantly, how do you write a prompt engineering resume?

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Keep reading to learn how to:
  • Tailor your resume to the job advertisement
  • How to relate your experience and skills to the position
  • Really stand out among other candidates

Pick the best format for your prompt engineering resume

You must keep one key aspect in mind at all times. Companies also struggle with identifying the type of professional they’re searching for.

In a sense, no two job descriptions are alike.

Yet, all available positions have two things in common. The candidate must be:

  • Familiar with AI and automation tools
  • A problem-solver at heart who has the patience to search for a solution to a specific problem

What does this mean for your resume?

As long as you have the skills and professional background required in the ad, you’re all set for your new career.

Let’s start with the resume format.

You may be tempted to ask ChatGPT to help you out. But you still need to pass the tests of ATS software recruiters use. So, you’ll still need to do some editing yourself.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you. We compared how various ATS tools evaluate different resumes. Everything from the file type to the fonts used.

The main conclusions in our research are:

  • Fonts: Many guides point to particular fonts. The truth is that all the popular Google fonts are accepted by the ATS tools.
  • Length/Columns: It’s preferable to fit everything in one page. But you’re still free to use double or single columns, so long it makes sense for your resume.
  • Color and Design: Your choices here are as limitless as is your imagination. The ATS software won’t sanction you, but recruiters will appreciate a stylish resume.
  • Section Headings: The tools keep track of certain keywords, such as “education” and “experience”. That’s why you need to name the sections appropriately.
  • File Format: Both PDFs and MS Word files are valid. But we recommend saving your resume as a PDF, because it best preserves style and formatting.

Currently, almost all the available positions demand several years of related experience.

So, when it comes to resume layouts, it’s best to rely on the traditional reverse-chronological resume format.

But if you’re switching careers and have little to no experience, use the hybrid resume format.

This one provides enough space to share both any:

  • Relevant experience you may have
  • Transferable skills, courses and side gigs you’ve done
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Pro tip

Regardless of your professional background, you must show you have the necessary:

  • Drive for learning new things
  • Patience
  • The curiosity of a hacker

Add your most relevant business profile in the resume header

Given the novelty of the position, it’s vital you hint at your expertise as soon as possible. A good way to do it is to directly address the topic in the resume header.

There are two ways you can do this:

  • By elaborating on your current job title
  • By attaching a business-relevant social media account

The general outline of your resume header would look something like this:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your current job title or the one listed in the job ad
  • Your location
  • Your professional email address
  • Your phone number
  • Business social media accounts and relevant platform profiles - GitHub, Kaggle, PromptBase, StackOverflow, LinkedIn

What business profile you choose to add depends on the type of prompting you’ll be doing. If you have several, list no more than two.

In the end, your resume header should resemble the one below:

Hayden Weber
NLP and Prompt Engineer
Brooklyn, NY

Build a strong Prompt Engineering resume summary

Once you've pointed at your expertise in the header, you’ll need to continue with a positioning statement.

The resume summary is the perfect section to explain what makes you the perfect candidate. For this purpose, make sure you cite:

  • How many years of relevant experience you have. Even if it’s from side gigs or projects for large brands.
  • Any transferable and technical skills, as well as supporting certificates
  • Related professional achievements, prizes or published papers

We know it’s a lot of information to fit within one small paragraph. But there are two reasons for this name-dropping:

  • It’s a quick way for hiring managers to get to know you at a glance
  • The ATS software will pick-up job-related keywords faster because they’re closer to the top of your resume

A paragraph of 5-6 sentences is more than enough to make your case. Take a look at the resume summary samples below for some inspiration:

Graphic Designer and 3D Artist with 5 years of experience in creating immersive Web3 art projects and UX/UI designs. Skilled in working with Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, ZBrush and Figma. Collaborated with the XYZ team for the creation of their decentralized metaverse brand, XYZ, on Decentraland. Active contributor for the Midjourney and Stable Diffusion category on PromptBase. Seeking to apply current skills and knowledge as an Image Prompt Engineer at ABC Company.
An MIT Computer Science graduate with 2 years of experience in designing and deploying ML-based solutions for AI at Amazon and Google. Specialized in Python, PyTorch, R, Keras and TensorFlow. Active Kaggle contributor and author of over 4 white papers. Certified Google Data Engineer and AWS Data Engineer. Seeking to apply current knowledge and skills as a Prompt Engineer and Researcher at ABC Company.

Tailor an outstanding prompt engineering experience section

Here is where you may struggle a bit. Especially if your professional background isn’t ML-related. Or, at least, tech-related.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this guide, some companies aren't certain of the job criteria themselves.


Because this isn’t a tech job, strictly speaking. As such, the KPIs are slightly different. You must be able to ask very accurate questions and understand nuance.

Concentrate on examples from your work history where you excelled at skills such as these.

For instance, if the job is focused on text-based prompting, your language skills and master of the English language will come in handy:

“Mentored more than 60 children on the autistic spectrum on how to recognize and express different emotions, based on the language cues.”

Soon other types of prompting, such as audio and video will be available. If you’re graphic designer, a composer or an actor, you can lean on your past projects:

“Developed 249 sounds and character voices through voice/speech synthesis for XYZ’s Path to the Future Game.

Both examples:

  • Lead with an action verb, specific data and challenge that had to be overcome
  • An ability to work well with context, technical methods and human feedback

Тo write your own experience section entries, follow the sentence structure in the samples above. For each entry you include on your resume, don’t forget to add:

  • The company name and location, along with a short description of your employer’s business operations. For freelance projects, state what the project was about.
  • Your full job title
  • The dates of your employment (or project involvement)
  • 3-5 bullet points which highlight your most-relevant work accomplishments

Then, use the following sample to frame and format your experience section correctly:

Hayden Weber
Senior NLP Engineer
Eduai LTD
Brooklyn, NY
An educational technology start-up, focused on making AI technology accessible to individuals of all ages. The company provides certified courses and training.
  • Reduced the costs of running ML solutions by $2.5 million in 2020 by optimizing the currently used software infrastructure.
  • Boosted revenue by $5 million by designing and introducing a low-tier membership plan for private users who wish to train on select skills.
  • Negotiated and signed over 40 corporate training contracts with various companies within the financial and banking sector, following the introduction of Eduai's automation and AI-related courses.
  • Written and published 6 white papers on the benefits of incorporating AI and automation tools in business.

Draw special attention to your education

You may not be a Computer Science graduate, but having an academic background is still important. It proves your:

  • Ability to research, analyze and provide well thought-out feedback
  • Knowledge of a particular niche, industry, science which may be relevant for the role

Imagine for a second a hospital experimenting with prompts for medical research. A technical person may be able to set up the tools needed for everything to run.

But the project also needs a medical expert to steer the research in the right direction.

So, when building the education section, remember to add the:

  • Name of your degree
  • Name of your college, university or issuing institution
  • Duration of your course
  • Location of your alma mater (if applicable)
  • Relevant major or minors which directly relate to the role

Have a look at the example below to see the general outline of this section:

Hayden Weber
BA Language and Mind
Department of Linguistics, New York University
New York, NY

Feature your relevant Prompt Engineering skills

At this point, you may be wondering what would constitute prompt engineering skills?

It all depends on the specific job description and the type of prompting you’ll be doing. In any case, you should strive to create a balanced skill section.


Because most of the available positions require candidates to walk the fine communication line between humans and machines.

So, you’ll have to prove you are both tech-savvy and socially adept.

Hard skills are easy to scan for and because of that ATS tools are configured to check for them first. After you get vetted by the software, you’ll surely win over recruiters, too.

We’ve prepared a list with the most popular prompt engineering hard skills. But it’s by no means comprehensive because the industry is continuously developing.

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Must-have 50 technical skills for prompt engineer

  1. Basic programming skills
  2. Python
  3. PyTorch
  4. TensorFlow
  5. R
  6. SQL
  7. MySQL
  8. Postgres
  9. Scala
  10. Java
  11. MongoDB
  12. C+/C++
  13. JavaScript
  14. APIs (including backend APIs)
  15. Cloud platforms
  16. Modern caching
  17. Load balancers
  18. GPT
  19. DALL-E
  20. Midjourney
  21. Stable Diffusion
  22. Bing AI
  23. BERT
  24. Discord
  25. NLP
  26. Knowledge of LLMs
  27. Ability to refine LLMs according to a specific business niche
  28. High familiarity of LLM architecture and operation
  29. Ability to work with multi-layered data sets, frameworks and existing ML libraries
  30. Data collection and analysis
  31. Machine learning models
  32. Unit testing
  33. End-to-end testing
  34. Ability to design, create and understand high technology documents
  35. UX
  36. Ability to build and lead teams
  37. Metaverse
  38. AR/VR
  39. Image synthesis
  40. Audio synthesis
  41. Voice synthesis
  42. Code synthesis
  43. Fine-tuning
  44. Research
  45. Troubleshooting
  46. Debugging
  47. Running and analyzing tests
  48. Statistical analysis
  49. Design, develop and implement custom prompts
  50. Project management

Soft skills, on the other hand, are trickier to evaluate. Yet, there is a way to quantify them.

By using the description technique listed in the experience section, you can link them to measurable results.

Take a look at the examples below to see how it works:

Explanation skills
Increased ticket closure speed by 80% by conducting frequent training for the design and marketing team on how to phrase and format requests.
Analytical skills
Boosted client's sales by $1.3 million per month, following the identification of a few sales bottlenecks and 47+ UX issues on their company website.
Drive to learn
Currently in training to become a Certified Google Data Engineer with 2023 being the estimated year of obtainment.

Luckily, social skills don’t vary too much between industries. But we’ve prepared another cheat sheet for you. This one is for the trendiest prompt engineering social talents:

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Crucial 43 soft skills for a prompt engineer resume:

  1. Communication skills - reading & writing, soon listening and watching, too
  2. Ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical people
  3. Mentoring skills
  4. Creativity
  5. Responsible
  6. Trustworthy
  7. Accountable
  8. Transparent
  9. Accurate
  10. Attention to detail
  11. Customer service
  12. Ability to understand user needs
  13. Ability to understand and implement user feedback
  14. Presentation skills
  15. Hacker spirit
  16. Organizational mindset
  17. Ability to explain clearly
  18. Ability to keep up with trend and technology developments
  19. Resourcefulness
  20. Security conscious
  21. Socially responsible
  22. Risk assessment
  23. Ability to predict future technology developments
  24. Collaboration skills
  25. Interpersonal skills
  26. Personability
  27. Analytical skills
  28. Critical thinking
  29. Team work
  30. Drive to learn
  31. Adaptability
  32. Flexibility
  33. Problem-solving skills
  34. Negotiation skills
  35. Time management
  36. Organizational skills
  37. Patience
  38. Efficiency
  39. Focus
  40. Multitasking
  41. Dedication
  42. Proactivity
  43. Out-of-the-box thinking

Append your prompt engineering certificates

While there are already courses offering guidance on how to start your engineer prompting career, there are no job-related certificates yet.

At the same time, if you’re working in tech, there are some very useful certificates. We’ve compiled them in a list below for your convenience.

For each certificate you list, remember to mention:

  • The name of your certificate
  • The name of the issuing institution (college, university, association, company, etc.)
  • Year of (estimated) obtainment
  • Expiration date
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Top 10 practical prompt engineering certificates for your resume

  1. Google Data Engineer Certification
  2. AWS Data Engineer Certification
  3. Azure Data Engineer Associate
  4. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics
  5. Cloudera Data Platform Certification
  6. Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer
  7. Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)
  8. IBM Certified Data Architect (Big Data)
  9. IBM Certified Data Engineer (Big Data)
  10. SAS Certified Big Data Professional

Include other relevant sections to get noticed by recruiters

Hiring managers want to see what makes you the exception when compared to other candidates. Adding extra sections to your resume is one such way.

You can stand out by sharing more about:

  • Publications and white papers you’ve authored
  • Memberships in industry-related associations
  • Conferences you’ve organized or presentations you’ve given
  • Relevant awards and prizes you’ve received

You may not have the right experience for the job. But your side gigs and active involvement in the industry will get you noticed.

Enhance your Prompt Engineering resume with a quality cover letter

The final way to impress recruiters is to complement your resume with an excellent cover letter.

Especially if you’re switching careers or you don’t have a professional tech background.

This is your chance to explain why you’re pursuing this new career path. And what you hope to achieve while working as a prompt engineering.

The cover letter can be divided roughly into three paragraphs:

  • Address the hiring manager recruiting for the position. Then, start off with your biggest accomplishments.
  • Display a wide array of transferable and tech skills in the second paragraph. Explain why these make you the best fit for the role.
  • End the letter by thanking the recruiter for their patience and consideration.

Key takeaways

  • Select the format which will best represent your work experience

  • Link to your most relevant business profile in the resume header

  • Name drop famous clients and past employers in the resume summary

  • Tailor your experience section to the requirements in the job ad

  • Balance out your social and technical skills

  • Mention noteworthy and relevant projects, prizes and publications

  • Supplement your resume with an outstanding cover letter

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