How to Write an International Resume for a Job Abroad

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Mar 31, 2023 2 min read

Do you struggle to create a resume for an international company?

Many people face trouble with international resumes, so we wanted to offer resume tips and help you make an ideal resume to stand out.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What an international resume is.
  • The sections you need to add to a resume.
  • If you should adjust the length or translate your resume.

If you use this guide, you can make your resume stand out and secure an international job. You need to understand the main points and apply them to your resume if you want to succeed.

What is an international resume?

An international resume refers to a resume you make for another country.

For example, if you live in England, any resume you create to secure a position outside of your home country counts as an international resume format.

You still include essential information, such as your education, but you adjust the information based on the country’s standards.

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Specific sections for an international resume

If you want to master the international resume format, you must understand the necessary sections.

While you need to include the standard information about your certifications and work experience, you must add the following sections to offer more information.

Language skills section

As you work on your international CV format, you need to include a language skills section and mention it in your summary and resume objective.

Countries want to know if you speak other languages to communicate with companies, so mention any additional languages you speak.

Specific skills/software knowledge

Creating a functional resume includes mentioning unique skills and software knowledge. Do some research and see what skills and software the country expects you to understand.

The skills and knowledge you need in an international resume format vary, so see what other countries expect from someone in your industry.

Personal info (header sections)

When you create a resume in the international CV format, you may need to include personal information. Some countries want you to have your name, birth date, and even a picture.

Include a header section with action verbs to make yourself stand out while you personalize your resume.


Although the US prefers one-page resumes, some countries want longer ones. Make sure you look up resume templates for the country to determine the expected size.

Using Enhancv’s resume builder you can choose between A4 and Letter Size style.

If you have too much experience and information to cover, you need to try a combination resume or reverse chronological resume to meet the length requirements.

Should I translate my international resume?

Whether you translate your resume depends on the circumstance. If you plan to apply for a company where everyone speaks English, you may not need to translate it.

Usually, international companies will tell you what language they require on resumes.

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Pro Tip

If you plan to work as a translator or speak another language, you should write a resume in that language.


As you create an international resume, remember the key sections. Doing so will help you figure out how to craft your resume and if you need to translate it.

If you need help creating a resume for an international position, you can try Enhancv’s resume builder to craft the perfect application.

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